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who moved your cheese ?

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cumfy · 11/04/2011 13:56

Do you have a favourite product that has disappeared ?

Bodyshop Jojoba Oil Shampoo. Gone forever.:(

OP posts:
Kirisox · 11/04/2011 22:12

The croissants that came as a dough in a tin that you twisted and it popped open, and then you baked them.....

mmmmmchocolate · 11/04/2011 22:18

OMG! Potato puffs!! I had forgotten all about them!

ballstoit do you mean the dark green herbal essences in the old style bottle? If so you can sometimes find them in the pound shop.

I miss fairy Jasmine bath bomb from Lush. I have never brought a thing from one of their shops since out of protest Grin It was purple, full of lilac glitter and smelled like heaven. I picked one up on eBay a while back but won't allow myself to use it, I just smell it from time to time!

There was also a body scrub by the barefoot doctor called something like damn sexy body scrub. I smelled like jelly and made my skin as buff as a new boot. I would pay lots for a jar of that :(

sausagesandmarmelade · 11/04/2011 22:19

I loved the Body Shop protein rinse conditioner. They got rid of that one too.

caughtinanet · 11/04/2011 22:20

Not discontinued but no longer stocked by major supermarkets - does anyone know where you can get Heinz Frito tomato sauce ?

My DCs love it but it disappeared a few months back.

Gemsy83 · 11/04/2011 22:20

Anyone remember Carousel chocolate/candy selection? My nan used to have some every christmas- loved them! Also from my youth I really miss Two Dogs- was a bit like Hooch but zingier!

Gemsy83 · 11/04/2011 22:21

I also remember on my 6th birthday have a tub of KP 'Cheese' (as opposed to chocolate) dips- they were lush, first and last pot I ever had!

chopchopbusybusy · 11/04/2011 22:28

Fudgegirl, I remember the coconut tobacco. Was almost certainly banned at the same time as the sweet cigarettes

MissAnthrope · 11/04/2011 22:30

Fish n Chips crisps were divine

Fuse bars
Romantica (ice cream cake type job - can still get it in Spain et al)

Bottleofbeer · 11/04/2011 22:30

Pilsbury cheese and ham toaster pockets.

Gemsy83 · 11/04/2011 22:30

Also showing my age again but does anyone remember when Lush was Cosmetics to Go and was only purchasable via their catalogue?

flowersinherhair · 11/04/2011 22:43

missanthrope I miss fuse bars too....I would kill for one! No one I talk to even remembers them! :(

TrillianAstra · 11/04/2011 22:43

I'm sure you can still buy some of these.

What about vice versas? Like minstreals but some were white with dark insides and the others were dark with white insides.

RustyBear · 11/04/2011 22:44

Mmmmchocolate - you can stop boycotting Lush Fairy Jasmine is back...

flowersinherhair · 11/04/2011 22:47

Yes I remember Vice Versas.....yummy.
Another one for me is picled onion Space raiders, I know you can still get them but they have changed since I was young.....:( they just dont taste the same.

Hassled · 11/04/2011 22:47

Mike - you need to find your local Chinese supermarket. They have the next best thing to Doll noodles.

I miss Pears soap too - not that I used it. I just liked to know it was there.

I miss those Frys chocolate bars - not the all-mint jobbies, the ones where each chunk was a different colour/flavour. Am I making this up?

nenevomito · 11/04/2011 22:52

peanut yorkies

Magnum Ego - the one with amaretto biscotti and fruit middles


DarkSkies · 11/04/2011 22:53

kirisox - you can still get croissants in a can- in Sainsbury - Pilsbury is the make.

It was Burtons that made the Fish 'n' Chips (and Burger 'n' Chips, and Chicken 'n' Chips)

nenevomito · 11/04/2011 22:54

I remember fuse bars.

and Sprira's - the amazing Spira, you could put them in your can of pop and use them as a straw.

They don't make em like that any more!

AlmightyCitrus · 11/04/2011 22:56

caughtinanet Booths supermarkets apparently sell heinz frito. They are oop north though.

RustyBear · 11/04/2011 23:02

Hassled - no, you're not making it up - Fry's Five Centres was one of my favourites, but apparently the machine that made them broke down in the early 90's & sales weren't good enough to justify replacing it.... Sad

chopchopbusybusy · 11/04/2011 23:02

Hassled, you're not making it up they were called five boys.

CardyMow · 11/04/2011 23:03

GUARANA boosts. In a green wrapper. Only sold 2002/2003. . Spira. Also Tab clear, a clear coke drink that was ace. Ambrosia chocolate rice pudding. Saw me through many a night babysitting when I was a teenager (mid-nineties). Burtons fish 'n' chip crisps. Fuse bars. Vice versa's. Jolly ranchers that were sold in the petrol station when I lived in Scotland - I now can only get them from an internet import sweetie company.

WRT the space raiders - Iceland are doing them 12 bag multipacks for £1. But you're right, they aren't completely the same, but it's near enough for me!

cumfy · 11/04/2011 23:03

What happened to Dark Mars bar ?

They were gorgeous.

OP posts:
ResurrectionByChocolate · 11/04/2011 23:10

Cabochard perfume (by Gres). Wash and Go enriched shampoo (suspect the enrichment ingredient was found to be toxic).

Rindercella · 11/04/2011 23:15

A cheesey topped salad filled roll I used to buy from M&S in the early 90s. Since they stopped selling them, M&S sandwiches have never had quite the same appeal to me.

Clinique Quick Eyes in Khaki. They still do Quick Eyes in Khaki. But....It. Is. Not. The. Same. I miss the proper eyeline with a powder smudger at the other end.

Toffee and mallow eggs. Why discontinue perfection? Confused

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