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who moved your cheese ?

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cumfy · 11/04/2011 13:56

Do you have a favourite product that has disappeared ?

Bodyshop Jojoba Oil Shampoo. Gone forever.:(

OP posts:
CalamityKate · 19/04/2012 16:35

Nutty Bars :( :( :(

MadameMessy · 19/04/2012 16:45

MMMMMM I loved 54321 bars :)
I have this lipbalm type thing, coconut flavour, from primark of all places, they don't have in Dublin anywhere anymore. If anyone has it in a primark near them tell me? They also had a blusher/ bronzer combo, like the benefit one, that was great. They've stopped all their cosmetics here actually. :(

Selki · 19/04/2012 17:00

I'm with you there AbigailS !

Kathkiddingme · 19/04/2012 18:18

Oh my goodness, just saw the post about Cosmetics to Go!

I used to get this bubble bath from there which was purple with sparkly bits in and had some kind of witchy name. Made me feel SO mysterious when I was 17!

Lush is rubbish in comparison.

Alicadabra · 19/04/2012 19:31

Pacers were the first thing I thought of when I saw this thread title. Glad to see others share my love. They were fab. (Wonder whether I'd still like them today though...)

ellenjames · 19/04/2012 20:52

luckily, or unluckily Grin, living in the back end of nowhere that is Lincolnshire i am sure I can get most of these things mentioned still!

helenlynn · 19/04/2012 21:20

Birdall's gravy salt. You only needed a tiny bit but the gravy's not the right colour without it.

helenlynn · 19/04/2012 21:20

And it was always hard and you had to pare off flakes with a knife. An essential part of cooking Sunday dinner.

Flightty · 19/04/2012 21:36

I'm not even pregnant and this thread is making me want to cry Sad

Oh gosh

The memories

I cant think of a product but I would kill to see Chris off cbeebies doing Hugo Monkey one more time. Stuff of legend.

Flightty · 19/04/2012 21:39

Oh but did you know you can still buy Grape Nuts? Just in case anyone else loves them Smile

and they don't have the little cut out football players on the back, now, like in 1975. But they taste the same.

BigHairyFlowers · 19/04/2012 22:15

Flightty don't cry, is for you..

woodlysmum · 19/04/2012 23:10

Boboli cheeseburger pizza

Clearaschristal · 19/04/2012 23:30

Bodyshop cologne spray and body cream in bergamot. Discontinued because the Italian bergamot was too expensive. Stumbled on this eight years ago as a new product. The effect on men was amazing!! Please bring it back Bodyshop I would pay a fortune for it if you did.

Flightty · 20/04/2012 07:37

Bighairyflowers I just got up, logged on and watched that. THANKYOU Grin

Oh I can start the day happy!

echt · 20/04/2012 07:54

Boots aftersun lotion. Its smell reminded me of every holiday I ever had as an adult.
Then they "improved "it with insecticide or some such shite.

Body shop cream blusher in a tube. Max Factor is as good, but the lid cracks long before the blusher is even part used. Boo too.

SarahStratton · 20/04/2012 09:09

We have Peanut Kitkat Chunky up in Lincolnshire. Grin

There is the odd advantage to living up here. Not many, but there's a few.

Fluttershy · 21/04/2012 20:30

Gipsy Creams. Spira. sigh

TheSoggyBunny · 21/04/2012 22:20

M&S fruit sherberts circa 1985 that were pure sherbert inside, a big yummy chunk of the stuff. They changed em to be more like everyone else's sherbert lemons.

Never had anything remotely as good since.

Trio, wheat crunchies, and fireball gobstoppers.

Studio line. Hair gel. Just for the smell.

Fireandashes · 21/04/2012 23:21

TheSoggyBunny I loved those fireball gobstoppers, but the original ones with the crumbly cinnamon centre (Red Devils?) rather than chewing gum

Cresta pop - "it's frothy man"
Savoury Straws crisps - I remember the cheese ones and I think there was a second flavour in a red packet? Something a bit spicy?
Avon lipglosses - I had a set of three: strawberry, grape and chocolate. Delicious.
Cheese & onion ringos - the original 'denser' texture absolutely coated in 'crisp dust'
Ice Magic - flavoured chocolate syrup (I remember toffee, orange and mint) in a squeezy plastic cone which set in seconds when poured over ice cream

FashionEaster · 21/04/2012 23:37

Palmolive Soft and Gentle Stick Deodorant - brilliant antiperspirant, never irritated the skin or left any residue/white marks on clothes. All subsequent deodorant does at least one of the three.

WishingRLwouldFuckOff · 21/04/2012 23:48

aero bars in the blue wrapper that was white chocolatey bubbley bit with milk chocolate around it.

lemonpuff · 22/04/2012 04:17

Walkers Beef and Onion, Steak and Onion is NOT the same!!!!

lunar1 · 23/04/2012 14:24

crunchy cheetoes, you can still get them in america. I really need an american friend who can send them over! last time i had some was when ebay trialed wantitnow and someone posted them to me.

TygerTyger · 23/04/2012 21:05

What has happened to Ben and Jerry's chocolate macadamia? Used to be able to get from Sainsbury and now can't get it anywhere!

LadyClariceCannockMonty · 24/04/2012 10:13

Fireandashes, God, I loved Ice Magic! It was a serious treat in our house, and the cause of much excitement and wonder. Smile

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