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To consider dumping this very lovely, intelligent, and hot, man because he persists in calling me 'baby'

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PainteditRed · 06/04/2011 14:51

It just makes me cringe. I have told him I don't like it.

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SequinsAndSparkles · 06/04/2011 15:20

My DH calls me babe, baby etc and I love it Grin But then again I also can't wait for Kate Middleton to become a princess and I also like playing Barbies with DD. Starting to think I don't belong on here Grin

PainteditRed · 06/04/2011 15:21

Still no excuse for using such a horrible term of affection. ugh.

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PainteditRed · 06/04/2011 15:22

A friend calls her husband 'Munchkin'. Why oh why (head in hands)

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Mumcentreplus · 06/04/2011 15:22

I call people babes generally...and I call my DH honey,baby,babes and even occassionally Darling!...kill me Grin

d0gFace · 06/04/2011 15:27

My dp used to call me babe at the start, it was soon replaced by something else when I started making names up for him :)

shrinkingnora · 06/04/2011 15:31

Painteditred - judging by your typo of desperate's name at 15:04 I would say you need a good shag Wink Grin

VinegarTits · 06/04/2011 15:39

let be honest OP, if he were really that lovely, hot and intelligent you would give shit what he called you

do you really even like him?

Chil1234 · 06/04/2011 15:42

YANBU..... If you're already finding your exciting new man's got irritating habits at this stage, imagine how you'll feel a few years down the track when you discover all the other annoying things he does. Trust your instincts.... 'baby' is the tip of the iceberg.

BTW... I turned down an offer of a date with a man once because he rearranged the contents of the coffee table far too precisely. Marked him down as a 'nit-picker'... brrr!!!!

VinegarTits · 06/04/2011 15:49

i dumped someone after a 2nd date because they didnt polish their shoes, make of that what you will Grin

VinegarTits · 06/04/2011 15:50

oh and my first post should say wouldnt give a shit

steamedtreaclesponge · 06/04/2011 15:51

If you've told him that you don't like it and he persists, YAdefinitelyNBU. Why waste your time with someone who doesn't listen to you or respect your wishes?

GabbyLoggon · 06/04/2011 16:02

Ignore it or grasp it close to your buzzoom and learn to love it.

FunnyBumbleBee · 06/04/2011 16:08

I once dated a man who called me babydoll. He didn't last long. Yuck!

SpringchickenGoldBrass · 06/04/2011 16:09

Just because he's attractive, available and a nice human being doesn't mean you have to date him, or have sex with him, if you don't particularly want to. Firstly, few people are attracted to everybody they encounter. Secondly, it's not actually terribly nice to keep seeing someone just in order not to be single, if you don't actually want to have sex with that person.
It sounds like neither you nor he are bad people, just not suited to one another, so it;s probably best to dump him kindly but firmly and move on.

reelingintheyears · 06/04/2011 16:11

Buzzoom??? Grin

nijinsky · 06/04/2011 16:13

YANBU. Its cringeworthy. And would make me worry he can't remember my name.

nijinsky · 06/04/2011 16:16

...or it would give me an irresistable urge to break into Justin Beiber's "BABY, BABY, BABY" in a sickly sweet teenage tenor whenever he said it.

missslc · 06/04/2011 16:16

I'd love to be called sugartits now and again.

AliSheedy · 06/04/2011 16:17

I've been with my gorgeous, intelligent, witty, charming and generally fabulus husband for 10 years, despite the fact that he regularly calls me...(wait for it)...


AliSheedy · 06/04/2011 16:17

fabulous, even

HHLimbo · 06/04/2011 16:23

"this very lovely, intelligent, and hot, man" - Do you really think that, or do you just think thats what you should think?

If you dont fancy him that much, sure, why bother with a relationship?

Or you could start calling him "foetus", "my little toddler", etc. Could be a laugh Grin

jeckadeck · 06/04/2011 16:49

YABU. I've never understood why people get so het up about these obviously joke names.

thesnowmanleft · 06/04/2011 17:28

AliSheedy - does he spell it 'hun' or 'hon' if the former, you have to leave him I'm afraid Grin

janajos · 06/04/2011 17:32

My husband calls me babe, poppy, all kinds of things that aren't my name - if you like/love him, does it matter?

PainteditRed · 06/04/2011 17:33

So how would you deal with a text, after three dates

'Baby bum, have I told you how hot you are baby I just want to lie with you for eternity. Just picked X up from school with a bump to the head, want o give you kisses baby xxxx'

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