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Alcohol support

Hop on up it's Dry January thread #2

999 replies

MyGhastIsFlabbered · 10/01/2021 17:43

Shiny new thread to carry us onward through January

OP posts:

BooksMusicSnacks · 19/02/2021 11:10

You're doing ever so well @MyGhastIsFlabbered. And well done to the original DJ'ers on Day 50!

Day 3 here (again), feeling fine, relieved to be back off it again.

I tried to tot up the units I had in February til the 16th and I'm horrified with myself. 76 units. That sounds like a lot - it is a LOT. It is remarkably easily done for me though, which is why I need to stop. Kind of seems like I've undone the good of Dry January :-(

I feel so ashamed writing that down but like I need to admit it out loud.

For me, this is clearly a marathon, not a sprint …


TSBelliot · 19/02/2021 11:23

But Books - look at it with the dry Jan. 76 units over seven weeks in total = just under 11units a week. Your distribution may be off but that shows the impact of the dry periods.

Stay dry the rest of Feb and your feb unit total would be 19 - only just over the recommendation. That surely shows the impact of your dry spells?


TSBelliot · 19/02/2021 11:25

And obviously I do understand we aren’t meant to drink all our units and more in one go but it helps me to see the impact of carrying on versus stopping in neat figures.


BooksMusicSnacks · 19/02/2021 12:24

"We aren't meant to drink all our units and more in one go" - I think that memo has bypassed me for 25 years! Sadly in fact it was probably a badge of honour at times. No more. And you're right, without the dry spells it would be higher, just shows the importance of awareness and insight - and doing something about it!


Haggisfish · 19/02/2021 15:24

@BooksMusicSnacks I have a unit counter and I have drunk 67 units in feb. It is so easily done.


TSBelliot · 19/02/2021 16:21

The memo bypassed me for a bit more than that too!


MyGhastIsFlabbered · 19/02/2021 16:29

I always saw drinking all my units in one go as a challenge! I have wine in the fridge and my goal is just one glass tonight. I have a COVID shift tomorrow morning and don't want to feel like shit.

OP posts:

teelizzy · 19/02/2021 19:32

Day 1 for me again after caving twice this week because DH wanted some wine. Both nights woke with The Fear at 4am with a side order of self-loathing. I feel so stupid, especially as I had a 7am call this morning.

However have fended off the wine witch tonight with a Nogroni (Aecorn, tonic water and angostura bitters with ice). She normally slithers off around now if I don't start drinking so checking in here for the support.

Well done to everyone at day 50 and counting and to everyone who's climbed back on the wagon.

Have a great, headache free weekend!


teelizzy · 19/02/2021 19:37

@BooksMusicSnacks I think about shame as being one of the wine witch's weapons - for me its part of a negative spiral of feelings which I've often used as justification for drinking. Well done on day 3.


OhioOhioOhio · 19/02/2021 19:44

I haven't drunk since New Years Eve. The wine witch arrived tonight and brought all of her friends. If I wasn't doing the 100day challenge I'd have completely given up. Any tips?


SnoopyMcLoopy · 19/02/2021 20:11

I really could have crumbled tonight. Long stressful day at work. But, I have March 5th as my end date and that will have been 8 weeks, so I managed to bat away the wine witch with a lime, soda and bitters.

I also missed the memo about not drinking all the units in one go 😫

Well done all - not sure how many of you have done this dry malarkey before (only second time for me) but everyone is doing brilliantly, and a few blips along the way is fine when you look at the bigger picture 😀


MyGhastIsFlabbered · 19/02/2021 20:38

I'm kind of still annoyed about having wine last week. I've lost my run and feel like a failure. So I've decided to see how I do with moderating so I can pretend I only intended to stick with Dry January.

I had a chat with a counsellor from drinks coach today and he said that cravings (any craving not just alcohol) only last about 25 minutes so to try to distract yourself for half an hour and see if it's passed.

OP posts:

teelizzy · 19/02/2021 20:41

@OhioOhioOhio ah yes the cackling circle of witches. Mine was saying "Hey it's Friday!"

Well it is, so what? I'm going running tomorrow morning and looking forward to waking up with a clear head rather than running off a hangover.

Distraction - DD1 and I groomed the dog (labradoodle pup who legs it as soon as you get the brush out so it's a two person job). WW appears to be allergic to dog hair as she's cleared off.

In the past I've found HAT helpful - am I hungry, anxious, tired? Plenty of ways to address all of those things that aren't a drink.


OhioOhioOhio · 19/02/2021 22:01


It wasn't so much craving for wine but more an easy way of having a lazy evening after a busy week. I've cleaned the living room and will go for a bath. That should solve the problem. I'm pleased I have the 100 day challenge because I'd have caved otherwise.


PeacheyPeach · 20/02/2021 00:24

Hey everyone 50 days dry cannot believe how fast its gone!
@ohioohioohio well done on sending the wine witch and her mates off!!
@myghastisflabbered please please don't feel like a failure the fact that you've not been necking all the wine again and moderating is all part of it as well .


OhioOhioOhio · 20/02/2021 10:59


Thank you. I'm glad I didn't have a wine. I feel a sense of hope about my future that I wouldn't have if I started filling my Friday nights with alcohol again.


MyGhastIsFlabbered · 20/02/2021 18:22

@OhioOhioOhio I'd also say that dating is a lot simpler if you don't drink on dates. Maybe I'm just a slut but I had a lot of one night stands that I would never have had if I hadn't been drunk. I didn't necessarily plan them to be one nighters but I got taken advantage of (& sexually assaulted) because I was drunk

OP posts:

MyGhastIsFlabbered · 20/02/2021 18:24

Also there was wine in the fridge last night and I spent ages debating whether I would have some or not. I wasted too much headspace - it was simpler when I was AF! Going to finish the bottle tonight and that's it at least until next Friday.

OP posts:

Hohofortherobbers · 20/02/2021 20:29

Just got my day 50 notification too, great milestone my friends!!


OhioOhioOhio · 20/02/2021 21:53

Thanks op. I couldn't consider dating until I've shifted at least 3 stone. I agree though! And the wine voice is exhausting so I'm pleased it's mostly gone. I was thinking of starting a 100 day exercise challenge starting from Monday. I thought I'd try 100 days of walking 3 miles in my living room.


PeacheyPeach · 20/02/2021 22:34

Since starting dry Jan I've done some form of exercise most days I'm not saying I've turned into Joe wicks or anything, its a simple walking /aerobics programme on YouTube . It makes me feel hopeful that I can shift this wine weight but I know if I was still drinking every evening there no way I could do it!!


OhioOhioOhio · 20/02/2021 22:44


That's great. Are you able to recommend anything from YouTube?


MyGhastIsFlabbered · 20/02/2021 22:59

I'll join you on the exercise front @OhioOhioOhio or try to at least

OP posts:

OhioOhioOhio · 20/02/2021 23:02

Thanks op. I'm planning to start from Monday. I think there are a few 3 mile YouTube walks to pick from. I'm just getting fatter and fatter. I feel though that I've to add something to the af days now though. On the blue becks tonight. It's hit the spot til day 100!


PeacheyPeach · 21/02/2021 00:24

@ohioohioohio I do Leslie sansone she has lots of videos on YouTube. You can do 1, 2.Or.3 miles I started on one mile for a few weeks and am working my way up nothing to intense !!

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