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Hop on up it's Dry January thread #2

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MyGhastIsFlabbered · 10/01/2021 17:43

Shiny new thread to carry us onward through January

OP posts:
OhioOhioOhio · 07/02/2021 22:15

My goodness op. I've just looked those things up. You are doing so well to have brought us this thread whilst organising your head with so many other things.

PeacheyPeach · 07/02/2021 22:51

Evening all xx wow the stress that you ladies have been experiencing yet have had the strength to start something like dry Jan and keep up with it when it could be so easy to carry on as before xxx
Shows what amazing people you are xxx
Another day down and another day were NOT drinking has become the normal for me. It feels so great , a couple of months ago I would have been arguing with myself all day about whether I was going to drink in the evening or not . That voice has gone!!!

MyGhastIsFlabbered · 08/02/2021 17:02

Thanks @OhioOhioOhio. Honestly, getting the diagnosis was such a relief - I had something I could use rather than just being 'highly strung'. I'm not saying it's been a walk in the park but it was good to know there genuinely was a psychological label for the way I was. I had to really fight for the diagnosis though. The more I read about it the more everything makes sense. And that makes things easier.

I spoke to my GP earlier and slipped into the conversation that I hadn't drunk since New Year's Day. He literally told me I was amazing! So go me!! Go us!!

OP posts:
KittytheHare · 08/02/2021 19:31

Good for you Ghast, being able to wow your doctor - I'm longing for the day when I can do this to mine!

I've been feeling a bit rubbish the past few days, physically really tired and a bit achy despite getting good sleep. Also my mood's been a bit low, or rather super grumpy. I seem to be coming out of this now, and feeling a bit better. Wondering if this is PAWS I've been experiencing?

Hopefully the worst of it is over, day 35 now.

Hohofortherobbers · 08/02/2021 20:06

@peachypeach you're right, the voice has gone! A Fri and Sat night doesn't even seem a struggle now. Do you think it will be a whole new challenge when we're all allowed out again?

teelizzy · 08/02/2021 21:15

@Hohofortherobbers I do think there's a new set of challenges once life becomes a little less restricted. I would quite often buy a bottle of wine on my way home from work - really not a habit I want to return to.

I didn't do much midweek socialising (I'm in my late 40s and work full time plus DH travelled a lot for work) in the Before Time.

Had a productive working day but missing daily exercise as it's too icy on the roads and paths to run safely.

PeacheyPeach · 08/02/2021 22:15

@hohofortherobbers I hope that when we are able to I can enjoy a civilised glass of something with my friend but that's it. I want to be able to be a social drinker in social settings not just sat midweek in my Pjs constantly drinking!

teelizzy · 09/02/2021 07:57

Good morning all!

Well after 6 weeks my scales are finally heading in the right direction.

Background- I was about 2st overweight and started to diet in late August and lost 10lb but realised I was never going to shift the rest unless I drastically reduced my alcohol intake. I think sleep is also closely related for me.

I've now lost a stone so am halfway.

I know it's slow but my goal is to get the excess weight off and keep it off. Which means resetting a number of habits but most of all self care - ie I owe it to myself to enjoy the benefits of moderation, regular exercise, restful sleep. Not because I want to please others but because I'm worth it.

My biggest challenge this time is to hold on to this mindset and not let it slip like I have done in the past.

Hugs to all. This is a really supportive place and I'm glad to have found it.

PeacheyPeach · 09/02/2021 21:19

@teelizzy I have about 2 stone to lose as well Its amazing how much weight I put on starting from the first lockdown. I find drinking in the evening always leads to terrible food choices for me and just general overeating throughout the day. The amount of calories I must have consumed over the past year must be ridiculous. I can't wait to see some of this weight shift as its so depressing !!!

MyGhastIsFlabbered · 09/02/2021 23:09

I need to lose at least 3 stone too. And my sweet tooth is going nowhere it doesn't help that DP is a runner who can eat pretty much anything and stay slim.

OP posts:
TSBelliot · 09/02/2021 23:19

Two stone here too. I have out in 6lbs since stopping drinking. This is partly life style due to sedentary ways of spending days on Teams but I am cooking instead of drinking and boy is my sweet tooth back

teelizzy · 10/02/2021 07:05

Hello all. @TSBelliot I have a terrible sweet tooth and love crisps.

My mother has struggled with her weight all her life and while she worked hard not to transfer her issues to her kids I've always had issues with body image and felt big and gross. Which is ridiculous given that until I had DD2 my BMI was in a perfectly healthy range. I'm a natural 12/14 and it took me a long time to recognise that being any thinner would be unhealthy.

I think what I'm trying to articulate is how I get to self care for me.

I also do a sedentary job and cooking nice food is one of the few things I can still do. Can I suggest having a look at Anna Jones recipes - they are not diet or vegetarian per se (though a lot of them are meat-free) and they are generally really tasty.

teelizzy · 10/02/2021 07:07

@MyGhastIsFlabbered I hear you re men's ability to shed weight - DH is not only pretty much able to take or leave alcohol as chooses, when he sets his mind to it he can lose pretty easily.

teelizzy · 10/02/2021 07:14

@PeacheyPeach likewise. I didn't dare go near the scales from March to July and then realised I had to get things in hand as I just felt so gross and none of my clothes fitted.

The one thing that has helped is exercise - I found at the very beginning that unless I got out and walked/ran for an hour each day my mood was so low and I my productivity was on the floor. It takes a while to feel the benefits but the headspace is immediate.

teelizzy · 10/02/2021 07:15

How are you doing @KittytheHare? Feeling ok?

KittytheHare · 10/02/2021 09:01

Hi @teelizzy, feeling a bit better thanks. I definitely had a bit of a slump, physically and mentally but seem to have shaken it off more or less. I’m blaming PAWS!

Also I still struggle with insomnia, and unlike others never bounce out of bed in the morning, despite my af existence. My other gripe is that I’ve still not shifted any weight, but I’m mainlining sugar at the mo, so not exactly a mystery.

But I’m still af at day 37, which I’m pretty happy about! I have 100 days as a goal in my head, and after that I’m possibly going to give moderation a go. I’ve ordered that mindful drinking book that someone mentioned upthread, and I’m determined not to go back to my old ways!

MyGhastIsFlabbered · 10/02/2021 16:20

It's not fair is it @teelizzy? I need to give myself a good talking to about losing weight but I'm trying to be gentle with myself and tackle one thing at a time.

OP posts:
teelizzy · 10/02/2021 17:58

@MyGhastIsFlabbered from what you've said you've got plenty to be going on with so one thing at a time.

About to knock off work and cook dinner. Need a walk round the block first and have checked in here as the wine witch is just around the corner....

teelizzy · 10/02/2021 17:59

@KittytheHare whoop whoop day 37. Well done.

SantaMonicaPier · 10/02/2021 19:14

I drank last weekend and it really wasn't worth it. Reminded me what it was like focusing the weekend around when I could start drinking. Back on the wagon I think.

Humphriescushion · 10/02/2021 19:16

Hello all, just checking in to say hello. Have not had a drink yet, may this weekend but will see how i feel. Dont particularly want to drink atm which is a new departure for me for sure! Hope everyone is doing ok?

PeacheyPeach · 10/02/2021 20:44

Hi all xxx regarding the weight issue with me I'm trying to be patient and kind with myself , I'm working on eating for health aswell as weight loss because the past year I've just filled it with rubbish! Its so frustrating when it takes longer to come off than it has in the past but I guess that's the perils of being in your 40s maybe my metabolism is slower!!!
Hope you are all ok x I'm still over having a drink I'm hoping this feeling lasts to be honest!

TSBelliot · 10/02/2021 23:58

Teelizzy just eating crisps at the moment! Yum. Will have a look at the cook - cheers

Hepzibar · 11/02/2021 07:50

Day 42 and it almost feels like it's normal not to drink. Pretty pleased with myself.

Can identify with the weight issues. A big part of doing DJ initially was to loose weight. I only bought scales a few weeks in so can't say what my starting point was, but it was 2/3 stone overweight. Since I've been weighing in, the scales haven't really moved which is disappointing. I know I need to start moving more, my lack of exercise is shocking.

The good news is that a couple of people who haven't seen me for a while have asked if I've lost some weight, and my clothes are not as tight, so possibly going in right direction despite the scales.

Sleep is still hit and miss and still getting mild headaches and some random aches and pains.

However, without doubt my mental state is much better, feel like a normal person (if such a thing exists ).

100 days is next goal.

MyGhastIsFlabbered · 11/02/2021 16:50

Yeah I think I'm getting out of the habit of drinking now. Sober is starting to feel like the new normal. Probably won't last but I'm going to ride the wave while it does! I'm actually having to look at the app to work out which day I'm on - day 40 yesterday!!

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