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Alcohol support

Hop on up it's Dry January thread #2

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MyGhastIsFlabbered · 10/01/2021 17:43

Shiny new thread to carry us onward through January

OP posts:
OhioOhioOhio · 11/02/2021 23:10

I came back to say hi. Lovely to hear you are all doing so well. I'm snacking on crap all of the time but I'm not even remembering to think about the wine witch which is great. I miss the ceremony of wine but nothing else. Think ill have a tipple over a couple of days after 100 dry days but then get back on the wagon. I think.

PeacheyPeach · 11/02/2021 23:14

It's a amazing isn't it how the habit that seemed so entrenched now seems to have been broken for lots of us. The thought of sinking a bottle of wine on my own seems pointless to me. I just couldn't be bothered now!

Hepzibar · 12/02/2021 07:30

Peachy totally agree.

I am a bit apprehensive about when restaurants open, we have dinner out a couple of times per week and obviously it always included wine. I don't believe I will ever over able to moderate, and I'm not sure I want to anymore. I have brainwashed myself into believing that wine is like drinking poison.

OhioOhioOhio · 12/02/2021 08:11

Yeah. I keep thinking about the shit people speak and the glorious sleep you get when af.

PeacheyPeach · 12/02/2021 11:22

@hepzibar when it comes to eating out maybe if you have a plan about dribking that might help you stay focused. So perhaps have a set evening were you know you are going to have wine, and then the other evenings maybe have a tonic or sparkly water or some thing xx

PeacheyPeach · 12/02/2021 11:24

@ohioohioohio i cant get over how much money I've spent over the years as well. Thats been an eye opener how much money I've saved or been able to buy nice things that I wouldn't normally have the spare money for !!

MyGhastIsFlabbered · 12/02/2021 12:31

Normally by now I'd gleefully be thinking about the wine I'd be having tonight. If it was right in front of me I doubt I could resist but I'm not bothered enough to buy any. I'm still very much focussed on 100 dry days.

OP posts:
thenightsky · 12/02/2021 14:01

[quote PeacheyPeach]@ohioohioohio i cant get over how much money I've spent over the years as well. Thats been an eye opener how much money I've saved or been able to buy nice things that I wouldn't normally have the spare money for !![/quote]
My shopping bill has gone down by about £20 a week! Blush

OhioOhioOhio · 12/02/2021 15:00

Yeah I'd be thinking about Saturday night wine by now too. It's weird isn't it. I don't at all miss that phase of fog or the restless sleep. I've also noticed a difference in my food shopping. Especially because when you nip out for wine you were not wanting to buy you never just buy wine, there is other crap too.

OhioOhioOhio · 12/02/2021 15:01

I can't see a place for alcohol in my future but equally can't imagine never drinking again.

MyGhastIsFlabbered · 12/02/2021 15:24

I can't imagine never drinking again so I'm not thinking that far ahead. I'm looking at 100 days then I'll review again. I'm definitely not ready to moderate yet, but that could change in the future. Small steps everyone.

How are our moderators doing?

OP posts:
Humphriescushion · 12/02/2021 16:47

People are doing so well, i am a bit in awe of those going for 100 days, that will be such an achievement. I am a little bit tempted this evening but will hold off and see how i feel later, the feeling normally passes so fingers crossed.

TSBelliot · 12/02/2021 17:00

As a moderator I am meant to be going on until the end of the month but I am going to have a drink tonight. Happy half term celebration. I understand the poor logic of celebration = booze but though happy to be making better choices I would still drink the same if it wasn’t so costly on health and purse.

I am in awe of the people who are leaving it behind or still don’t want to drink. I do recognise I have drank less in 6 weeks than in any 4 days from 2020 so it’s a victory but feel like it needs active management.

PeacheyPeach · 12/02/2021 17:06

@tsbelliot that's amazing that you are getting to grips with moderating as well. This is part of the re learning process also. I'm looking forward to the time when I can do the

PeacheyPeach · 12/02/2021 17:10

@ohioohioohio i always ate such rubbish dinners as well. Would feed the family lovely nutritious food and then I would eat later on in the evening with DH and it would either be a takeaway ( which has contributed yo the weight gain) or a sandwich and chips followed by bowl of nuts or large bar of choc. It was like I just couldn't be bothered No wonder I was walking round like a sluggish slug

OhioOhioOhio · 12/02/2021 18:48

At 3pm today I wrote that I couldn't see a place for alcohol in my future but... the wine witch just arrived. Oh well.

OhioOhioOhio · 12/02/2021 19:39

Yeah the money alone is a thought. My interest in nice meals has increased too.

MyGhastIsFlabbered · 12/02/2021 20:45

Ride it out @OhioOhioOhio

OP posts:
SnoopyMcLoopy · 12/02/2021 21:21

Everyone seems to be doing well with abstaining and moderating this month. I'm going to stay dry until March 5th which will have been 8 weeks. I'm even thinking I could do 100 days but only if lockdown were to continue long enough. I cannot imagine soft drinks in the pub or at dinner with friends. For now though, sobriety feels completely normal.

OhioOhioOhio · 12/02/2021 21:25

So when you lot say, 'moderate'. What do you actually mean?

Haggisfish · 12/02/2021 21:36

For me, moderate means not drinking more than I know is good for me/I want to, which in reality would be 250ml wine or 3 units in some other way. If a bottle of wine is open near me, I will finish it, or leave the smallest glass of wine in it.

Haggisfish · 12/02/2021 21:37

I’m doing shit, just to make my position clear! I managed dry jan which I was so chuffed about but am now straight back into my old habits. Sigh! I know I can do it though, so I also have to accept my drinking is a choice, at some level.

PeacheyPeach · 12/02/2021 21:46

@ohioohioohio for me moderating is having a drink with friends, and it being a nice social drink, if we go out for a meal and I fancy having a drink just having a glass not having to order a whole bottle to myself. And also not sitting in my front room every night drinking. My worry is once I get the taste of drink again will I just go back to old habits. For now I don't have the desire to even drink so I'm keeping to AF .

OhioOhioOhio · 12/02/2021 22:10

One of my main life improvements is that I don't think I look so haggered. That's mostly what is keeping me motivated at the moment. Still not sure about moderating or abstaining completely.

SantaMonicaPier · 12/02/2021 22:39

I'm thoroughly back on the wagon. Had some pink nosecco with tonic and the holy grail of gluten free AF lager, really good! Feel fab knowing I will have energy tomorrow with zero guilt. We all need to do this differently, for me I needed to drink last weekend to realise I'm really not bothered by it and happy to go AF for longer.

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