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What's the best sleb secret you know part 2!

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HolyGuacamole · 16/07/2009 21:17

Argh, went to post and it was full!

Mrs Mattie, does the boxer have a lisp?

OP posts:
BitOfFun · 24/04/2010 23:12

Entirely possible. Intruder made free with the kitchen and rustled up a pancake...

hf128219 · 24/04/2010 23:19

She loves a pancake.

UnquietDad · 24/04/2010 23:22

Does she like them tossed?

I have no idea if I am saying anything that makes sense.

hf128219 · 24/04/2010 23:31

No, her dh likes them out of the mix.

RibenaBerry · 25/04/2010 07:30

Well, the online front page story in NOTW today is about a Nolan sister having breast cancer. V sad.

Super I...

BigBadMummy · 25/04/2010 11:30

UQD Put AC's full name (she being SG's wife) and "pancake" into Google....

All will be revealed.

Do the same with the name and Derby County.

You will then be in the know

I think it has Super-I written all over it.

If that Kid Creole story is true then it is just too good.

AnnieBeansMum · 25/04/2010 12:05

I don't understand this thread in the slightest. I have just read a pretty big chunk of it and cannot fathom out who half the people are. Is there any reason why you can't simply put their names in???

Thediaryofanobody · 25/04/2010 17:31

Annie because the lawyers would be calling.

jenduff · 25/04/2010 18:52

BigBadMummy thanks I just did that and now I understand

SixtyFootDoll · 25/04/2010 22:27

AC photgraphed in the DM in a cheap offy!
They are gagging to print this story, tee hee!!
Oh and her rings are back on now!! Damage limtation>

AnnieBeansMum · 25/04/2010 22:31

[smacks head] Of course, the lawyers...hadn't thought of that. Far too innocent, me.

BigBadMummy · 25/04/2010 22:32

oh they are. The DM are clearly following her or how would they have got that pic.

THey are raising her profile with rubbish stories before they hit her with the whammy of the rest of it coming out later in the week.

Nowt wrong with cheap booze though

SixtyFootDoll · 25/04/2010 22:34

cant wait......>>
Live by the sword etc"!!

DeborahDevonshire · 25/04/2010 22:37

I have looked at the pancake rumours, and they all date from 2006! Surely this would have been in the papers by now if true.

suitejudyblue · 25/04/2010 22:39

DM mods aren't doing a very good job with the comments, I bet the ones hinting at more juicy stuff to come don't stay on there for long.
Do any of you read the blind items on Digital Spy ? They've had to take their thread down for fear of legal trouble.

copperjar · 25/04/2010 22:42

The rings are on the wrong finger this significant, or just because she has 'mysteriously' lost weight?

SixtyFootDoll · 25/04/2010 22:47

thye are on the right finger, her hand is turning the wheel?

copperjar · 25/04/2010 22:49

You're right, my mistake.

BigBadMummy · 26/04/2010 07:21

suitejude Moneysavingexpert had a similar thread (Gawd knows why!!) but that has been taken down too.

suitejudyblue · 26/04/2010 21:31

Moneysavingexpert has gossip threads ?? I need to get over there now.

hf128219 · 26/04/2010 22:35

Oh yes - they are very fiery. There is talk of ISA's and variables They even talk in code

lottiejenkins · 27/04/2010 14:36

Star today

BitOfFun · 27/04/2010 15:13

Ah. Jolly good then.

SixtyFootDoll · 27/04/2010 18:52

Damage limitation?

hf128219 · 27/04/2010 19:02

I think they've gone Portuguese.

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