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What's the best sleb secret you know part 2!

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HolyGuacamole · 16/07/2009 21:17

Argh, went to post and it was full!

Mrs Mattie, does the boxer have a lisp?

OP posts:
hf128219 · 17/07/2009 15:09

I am very pleased to see this thread. Ponders what can I tell you without me being taken to court....

llareggub · 17/07/2009 15:11


BitOfFun · 17/07/2009 15:11

5 was totally unfanciable - he looks like he was born without a functioning penis.

JohnDory · 17/07/2009 15:11

what is all the number stuff

BitOfFun · 17/07/2009 15:13



EachPeachPearMum · 17/07/2009 17:36

BoF- I was 7... I wasn't particularly interested in his penis!

HolyGuacamole · 17/07/2009 18:13

I always liked number 3's son, well not now but a few years ago he was quite nice......huh?

OP posts:
caron234 · 17/07/2009 18:23

aaarrrggh i cant work out the 10 actors thing, please help me. even dh is stumped.

caron234 · 17/07/2009 18:23

have got it now!

UnquietDad · 17/07/2009 19:26

2's grandson is in Robin Hood.

Owls · 17/07/2009 21:58

arrrggh. Ok I give up. Worked most of it out I think but who are DW and SS? Help please. Please. Please help me......

HolyGuacamole · 17/07/2009 23:06

A long running series......not dear wife but......

OP posts:
MrsMcCluskey · 18/07/2009 13:58

is there a doctor in the who-use??!!

MrsMcCluskey · 18/07/2009 13:58

is there a doctor in the who-use??!!

Owls · 18/07/2009 20:31

Ah thank you Mrs M and Holy. Ok I am getting confused. Right so Doc W. But what about SS? I've even just googled that in connection with DW (saddo alert) but couldn't see anything that made any sense. Mind you there is so much DW stuff out there. Mind boggling.

margotfonteyn · 19/07/2009 11:31

Who's the poster with lots of letters and numbers in name who is the afficionado on Royal family gossip?

Because the front page of the News of the World (as seen on Sky website newspaper front pages, obviously I don't normally read it...) is all about KM's mad uncle in the South of France. Hilarious.

Strangely it hasn't made any of the broadsheets. But do you think it is true?

hf128219 · 19/07/2009 13:21

The NOW story is brilliant. I definitely think it is true.

margotfonteyn · 19/07/2009 16:01

He does sound awfully common, doesn't he?

Should be a hoot at the wedding, if there is one.

BitOfFun · 19/07/2009 16:20

Well I can't see Waitie getting hitched now...

hf128219 · 19/07/2009 16:26

I agree re the forthcoming nuptials being scuppered. They just can't afford this sort of scandal. Look at randy andy and Koo.

BitOfFun · 19/07/2009 16:29

Koo looked quite innocent in comparison.

hf128219 · 19/07/2009 16:37

True! This story has the ability to destroy her chances of marriage. The NOW has been trying to find dirt for a long time - and my they have succeeded.

margotfonteyn · 19/07/2009 17:15

It doesn't seem to have been reported anywhere else though. Do you think they have put an injunction or something on it?

BitOfFun · 19/07/2009 17:39

Is this the big story you have been hinting at, hf?

UnquietDad · 19/07/2009 19:40

owls - SS played a 1980s companion.

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