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What's the best sleb secret you know part 2!

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HolyGuacamole · 16/07/2009 21:17

Argh, went to post and it was full!

Mrs Mattie, does the boxer have a lisp?

OP posts:
UnquietDad · 24/04/2010 13:19

"Flashing knobs!"

RibenaBerry · 24/04/2010 13:24

On a completely unrelated note, there's a story in today's [cough] DM about Alex Curran not wearing her wedding ring...

hf128219 · 24/04/2010 16:36

She lost it. That's where the missing invoices come in.

noddyholder · 24/04/2010 16:52

She won't be needing it when tomorrows NOTW comes out

BigBadMummy · 24/04/2010 16:53

Exactly. I wouldn't want to be in that house tonight, they are as bad as each other.

hf128219 · 24/04/2010 17:02

Do you think it is the savage beast?

BigBadMummy · 24/04/2010 17:03

Savage Beast?

hf128219 · 24/04/2010 17:05

Or the common one? You know the one that's been dipping his wick.

BigBadMummy · 24/04/2010 17:13

I am lost HF

I am talking about SG and a very very young girl who is pregnant. At the same time his wife AC is playing away with KC at DC FC. He has asked for a DNA test on his own DCs.

DeborahDevonshire · 24/04/2010 17:20

Lol at that summary BBM

BitOfFun · 24/04/2010 17:23

Kris Commons?

Robbie Savage?

Or Carlton Cole.

Quite possibly all three. At once.

hf128219 · 24/04/2010 17:23

KC = Common. There's another been caught offside too.

herbietea · 24/04/2010 17:30

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

hf128219 · 24/04/2010 17:32

What the Hustler mentioned and Route 55?

BigBadMummy · 24/04/2010 17:35

oh yes, I get it now! Sorry. yes, that is who I meant. The Common one shagging the AC, wife of SG, not the Savage one, dont know anything about him.

We heard it last night from a source very close to those concerned. I poured scorn over it but allegedly it is all true.

Is there truth to their youngest not being SG's? IF that is true it is just too sad.

It is all sad tbh.

jenduff · 24/04/2010 21:24

am fascinated but bewildered

UnquietDad · 24/04/2010 22:38

Is the Common one the name of a very famous Common in London? "You can be slow or fast but you must get to the line"?

Or am I overthinking that?

hf128219 · 24/04/2010 22:39

UQD - put away your A to Z!!

UnquietDad · 24/04/2010 22:51

Not him then.

BitOfFun · 24/04/2010 22:51

The reason why SG kicked off at that Manc DJ in Southport was because he put a track on called 'Annie he's not your daddy' by Kid Creole about 4 times.

hf128219 · 24/04/2010 22:58

Followed by 'Who's that coming over the missus mountain'

BitOfFun · 24/04/2010 23:00

'Is it a gangster, is it a gangster?'

hf128219 · 24/04/2010 23:02

I love that bit! Dirty slut.

BitOfFun · 24/04/2010 23:05

Only as grim as all the Huyton crew they both hang round with. Narsty.

hf128219 · 24/04/2010 23:07

Link to their burglary do you think?

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