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What song do you want played at yoir funeral (as the last song)

288 replies

Whatifthegrassisblue · 23/06/2023 12:40

Just that really. What song do you want to be remembered/known for?

OP posts:
Phillipa12 · 23/06/2023 12:41

The acoustic version of Wings by Birdy.

YouJustDoYou · 23/06/2023 12:42

Flogging molly, "If I ever leave this world alive".

MadamClench · 23/06/2023 12:43

The Parting Glass. Emily Kinney version

DappledThings · 23/06/2023 12:43

Razzle Dazzle Rose - Camera Obscura

DumboLives · 23/06/2023 12:45

Monty python - always look on the bright side.

Mydogisamentalist · 23/06/2023 12:45

The 59 Sound - The Gaslight Anthem

Deadringer · 23/06/2023 12:45

Let her go, by passenger.

SiobhanSharpe · 23/06/2023 12:45

Cheeseburger in Paradise -- Jimmy Buffet.
It's most uplifting. And might raise a smile or two.

spiderlight · 23/06/2023 12:45

Vespering - Thea Gilmore.

Blamethecat57 · 23/06/2023 12:46

Anything by The Smiths.
If I was being obtuse because the children didn't look after me. "Heaven knows I'm miserable now".
If I died a good death "there is a light and it never goes out"

NooNooHead1981 · 23/06/2023 12:46

Very depressing answer, as I guess I'm feeling short changed by life with certain health issues and chronic conditions, so I'd choose "La Tristesse Durera" ("The Everlasting Sadness") by the Manic Street Preachers. The first line is "Life has been unfaithful, and it all promised oh so much"...

It's actually a song about an army veteran with his memories of the war, and how he had to pawn his medals to pay bills (so in reality, it's actually totally irrelevant to me lol).

I'm sure if I think of a happier song, I'll be able to post it! That answer was a bit morose...!

RobertsRadio · 23/06/2023 12:47

The Laughing Policeman

Cherryblossoms85 · 23/06/2023 12:48

Wake me up by Avicii

PinkArt · 23/06/2023 12:51

The Show Must Go On

LlynTegid · 23/06/2023 12:53

No idea as to what I would like played as my body leaves the church, but I'd like Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer to be played.

Ohmylordnotagain · 23/06/2023 12:53

Honey (i miss you) by bobby goldsboro it so utterly ridiculous and schmaltzy everyone who knows me would smile as they know i love cheesy country and western music.

GalileoHumpkins · 23/06/2023 12:54

I know it's Over by The Smiths, wonderfully miserable.

jonnytightlips · 23/06/2023 12:55

Tonight we fly -The Divine Comedy, it sums it upSmile

shadowchancesassy · 23/06/2023 12:55

This one.

EllieQ · 23/06/2023 12:56

Amazing Grace, on bagpipes - a beautiful hymn, and a reference to Star Trek (Scotty plays it at Spock’s funeral).

NooNakedJacuzziness · 23/06/2023 12:56

The Rainbow Connection - Kermit's version

PlainOldEmmaJane · 23/06/2023 12:57

Im going for cremation rather than burial, and want (I’m a) firestarter by the prodigy. Horrify those who have no humour, hopefully get a chuckle from those who know me well.

Whatifthegrassisblue · 23/06/2023 12:58

Loving these 💞

OP posts:
FiveShelties · 23/06/2023 12:58

My Mum died last month and her and Dad were always dancing, I had The Last Waltz played as the final piece of music. It was really upsetting but absolutely the right choice.

I would have Bat out of Hell for mine.

Mumoftwoboysaged4and5 · 23/06/2023 12:59

‘Haha your dead’ by Greenday - it should hopefully raise a few eyebrows 😁

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