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Do your teens have single or double beds?

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dreamingoaholiday · 21/06/2023 22:01

DS needs a new bed. He's nearly 15 and adult sized (6' and broad). 

At that age, I really wanted a double bed, just because it seemed grown up. 

I don't think it's occurred to him to ask, but as he's adult sized, I imagine he'll be more comfortable in a double.

But is it appropriate? Am I overthinking?! 

What do your teens sleep in?

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Tex81 · 21/06/2023 22:45

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ItsReallyOnlyMe · 21/06/2023 22:45

If you want him to stay at yours with his partner in a few years time please do get a double! I think single beds are only for children (and perhaps old people's homes).

WellTidy · 21/06/2023 22:46

StillWantingADog · 21/06/2023 22:40

I hope I can get mine doubles when they’re that sort of age but when I was growing up (I’m 45) it was almost unheard of for teenagers to have doubles. Either at home or at uni. In my circles anyway.

Same for me. A uni friend had a double bed at home, and it opened my eyes to the fact that people had very different things to what I was used to!

HalliwellManor · 21/06/2023 22:48

We are moving soon and my DD10 has asked for a double bed in her new room,so I said yes.She understands she will have less room and is fine with it.She said she prefers a double so she can spread out more.

Spendonsend · 21/06/2023 22:49

Singles. There isnt space for a double. If he had a double room id get a double bedm

Hersetta427 · 21/06/2023 22:51

Why the need to mention your DC’s height when a single is the same height as a double !

if it make you feel better though DD is 15, 6ft tall and in a single !

Starlightstarbright1 · 21/06/2023 22:52

My 6ft Ds is in a single - no room for a double

ProudThrilledHappy · 21/06/2023 22:54

If he has the space in his room why not? DS14 is bigger than me and I wouldn’t want to sleep in a single bed anymore, Iove a good starfish sleep!

NeverendingCircus · 21/06/2023 22:54

MonkeySeeMonkeyDoMonkeyDont · 21/06/2023 22:03

When ours needed a new bed we got him a 4ft small double.


Snowtrails · 21/06/2023 22:55

A single is perfectly fine for a single person ! Less washing too.

caringcarer · 21/06/2023 22:57

When both my son's needed new beds at 16 and 18 I bought them doubles as plenty of space in their rooms. Eldest took his with him when he got his own house. I think he has it in his spare room still.

MrsJamin · 21/06/2023 22:57

My DSs are taller than me, I'd hate to sleep in a single, so why should they? Sleep is super important to health and wellbeing so I'm not sure why you'd keep them in a single if you have the space and money for a double. They really felt the difference to be in a wider bed.

Probationnotontarget · 21/06/2023 23:01

Mine all have doubles - DS has a king as it was a bargain buy.

Don’t see an issue.

daysleepers · 21/06/2023 23:03

Our children have small doubles. Couldn't see them in singles when they are adult sized. Especially boys .. seems uncomfortable

TrueScrumptious · 21/06/2023 23:07

Surely some must share with a sibling and have single beds. I’ve never known a teen have a double bed, even if there was space.

Sotiredmjmmy · 21/06/2023 23:08

Mine went from cot beds to double beds and was one of the best decisions we’ve made - although their future partners may not agree when it comes to them having to share!

MillicentTrilbyHiggins · 21/06/2023 23:09

Singles. I'm not sure their rooms are big enough for doubles. I mean, they'd fit in the rooms, but wouldn't leave a lot of space for anything else.

thaegumathteth · 21/06/2023 23:10

Ds (16) has a double but Dd (12) has a single because she's chosen the smallest bedroom and a double wouldn't fit. She does have another room she could use but she likes small rooms apparently 🤷🏻‍♀️

familyissues12345 · 21/06/2023 23:12

Two sons, aged 14 and 19, both have a small double bed. Both got them at about 11-12 years old (due to needing new beds at that point)

DS1 is planning on buying himself a standard double at some point as it's a bit cosy when his girlfriend stays

Rightnowstraightaway · 21/06/2023 23:14


I had a single in uni digs too so didn't have a double until my mid 20s.

Nat6999 · 21/06/2023 23:15

Ds had a single mid sleeper until he grew out of it. He then got a double bed, he is 19 now & moving into a flat with his partner, they are getting a king size bed as ds is 6'3" & needs something longer.

AngelasAirpods · 21/06/2023 23:16

Single. They can learn to sleep anywhere. I hate all the washing of doubles and more. Plus gives them more room for their things.

Snipples · 21/06/2023 23:16

Our 5 year old has a small double which is the perfect size for her and she loves it. Makes story time easier too as there's somewhere for me to sit. Planning on getting one for our 3 year old shortly too.

Rightnowstraightaway · 21/06/2023 23:18

The people who say they couldn't sleep in a single - I don't get it. I have a super king but with my partner, that still only gives us a single bed's worth of space each?! Do you all have beds bigger than super king?!

TeenLifeMum · 21/06/2023 23:20

Dd has a single because she wanted a hanging egg chair and there wasn’t space for that and a double bed.

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