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Do your teens have single or double beds?

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dreamingoaholiday · 21/06/2023 22:01

DS needs a new bed. He's nearly 15 and adult sized (6' and broad). 

At that age, I really wanted a double bed, just because it seemed grown up. 

I don't think it's occurred to him to ask, but as he's adult sized, I imagine he'll be more comfortable in a double.

But is it appropriate? Am I overthinking?! 

What do your teens sleep in?

OP posts:
KnittedCardi · 21/06/2023 22:19

And then they get to uni, and sleep in singles, often with company!

DJT86 · 21/06/2023 22:20

My daughter has had a double bed since 5 years old. There was the space so why not and actually otherwise you just spend more money keep buying beds

KohlaParasaurus · 21/06/2023 22:22

A double if there's space in the room, for all the reasons mentioned above.

watcherintherye · 21/06/2023 22:24

5'12 at 14 so he's going to be tall so will want the space to stretch out

Do you mean 6’? Grin

heartofglass23 · 21/06/2023 22:25

Doubles but they can make them themselves.

Bumblebee2022 · 21/06/2023 22:25

Only one of my teens has a room big enough for a double and they have one. I’d be looking to future proof the room- if a bed lasts around 10 years, I’d be assuming that within 10 years he might have a partner wanting to stay over, so makes sense to buy a double, rather than a single now and a double in 5 years or so.

PaigeMatthews · 21/06/2023 22:26

What a weird question. Why would it be inappropriate?

my ds had double beds at 10 and 12 as we moved house and they both now have big bedrooms.

WateryDoom · 21/06/2023 22:26

Youngest son has a King size. He inherited bedroom from older brother who left home when he was about 8. He's now 18 and about 6ft 3" . He would hate a single bed.

Sarfar45 · 21/06/2023 22:27

My son has a double, he does share the bed with the dog though!

FussyPud · 21/06/2023 22:27

Everyone has a double bed, 11 through to 42.

EmeraldFox · 21/06/2023 22:27

DS got a double at 16, he's 5ft 10. If he needs a new bed I'd let him decide. I let DS decide at age 11 and he chose a single after a warning that I wouldn't upgrade it for at least five years.

justasking111 · 21/06/2023 22:28

Doubles here when they outgrew bunk beds. Always with storage. Very useful for guests especially when they brought girls back from university.

FussyPud · 21/06/2023 22:28

KnittedCardi · 21/06/2023 22:19

And then they get to uni, and sleep in singles, often with company!

All the uni accom my daughter looked at had doubles. I suspect the universities have finally cottoned onto the fact their students like to fuck! Grin

RoyKentFanclub · 21/06/2023 22:29

Mine have been in a king and a double since they were 4 and 2. They’re now 18 and 16

Kabbalah · 21/06/2023 22:30

Dottiespotty · 21/06/2023 22:16

Small double beds here
big enough for two for the odd night and plenty of space for one. Keeps more floor space .

Yep me too. Got mine from John lewis.

thatsn0tmyname · 21/06/2023 22:31

My 11 year old has a small double

yut · 21/06/2023 22:31

My eldest (nearly 13) has a king as we upsized to a super king and it seemed a shame to go to waste. When we do youngest's teen "makeover" for his room we will get him a double. And yes they will cope just fine when/if they go to uni...

yut · 21/06/2023 22:31

(Rooms are plenty big enough)

NationMcKinley · 21/06/2023 22:32

My 16 year old and 13 year old both have doubles. Their bedrooms are big and they’re both tall. They had bunk beds before so when they moved onto their own rooms 4 years ago it made sense that they had double beds to future proof. Makes perfect sense I think!

We’re in London so by the time they can afford to move out they’ll be proper adults, possibly with partners so a single bed would be daft.

Batalax · 21/06/2023 22:34

Mine have doubles but they didn’t need new beds, just wanted doubles, so they had them for Xmas/birthday presents.

If I was a new parent I’d buy doubles from the beginning if I had room, for all the reasons listed above

ditalini · 21/06/2023 22:37

Single for space reasons. Same reason we have a double rather than a king.

I had a double from age 5-12 and then swapped for a single because I wanted the space in my room more than I wanted the space in my bed.

Chasingsquirrels · 21/06/2023 22:38

Ds1 had a double from around 11 (my old one).
Ds2 got a double last year at 16, having had bunks.

StillWantingADog · 21/06/2023 22:40

I hope I can get mine doubles when they’re that sort of age but when I was growing up (I’m 45) it was almost unheard of for teenagers to have doubles. Either at home or at uni. In my circles anyway.

SabrinaThwaite · 21/06/2023 22:42

I wouldn’t bother with a small double if you have space for a proper double.

WellTidy · 21/06/2023 22:43

15yoDS has a king, but that’s only because we were upgrading our bed and would otherwise have been getting rid of our king. It seemed silly to do that rather than give it to D’s. He was only 10yo at the time though, and it seemed huge as he’d previously been in a single.

I haven’t found it great for sleepovers though. I didn’t want to make him share his bed with a friend/relative, and I didn’t know how a friend/relative would really feel about that. Or their parents (if it were a child). So when there are sleepovers, it just means there is less floor space than there would have been of bed had a single or double.

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