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Chip Butty/Sandwich/Roll….

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BathshebaKnickerStickers · 16/06/2023 20:31

I can’t even begin to describe how my husband and I have just had a conversation in which we discovered that neither of us has ever put chips in a sandwich/roll/butty….

I always thought I was a little unusual in this but he thought that was perfectly normal. I’m from Central Scotland and he is from NE Scotland.

Are we unusual to have never done the chips/bread product thing..?

OP posts:
therealmccoy1234 · 16/06/2023 20:34

I weep at the thought of how many years you've missed out on the joy of a chip butty 😥

grimmers44 · 16/06/2023 20:34

Total weirdos, sorry.

BathshebaKnickerStickers · 16/06/2023 20:36

The face that we have managed to find each other in the true miracle of love…

24 long long years together and we just discovered this tonight…

OP posts:
DeflatedAgain · 16/06/2023 20:39

Chip sandwich is the bomb

mrsfollowill · 16/06/2023 20:40

Grin really odd to me! I went to school in NW (Lancs) and a 'chip barm' was the standard senior school dinner (along with 10 Benson and Hedges)- we got allowed out back then so flocked to the local chippies. I was very perturbed when I visited Sheffield Uni and it was called a 'chip butty'. I've lived in Yorkshire for 30 odd years now so chip butty rules.

ScottBakula · 16/06/2023 20:41

You are both very strange !

My staple Friday night dinner is chips ( proper spuds washed, unpeeled, and cooked in a chip pan ) 2 or 3 fried eggs and at least 2 rounds of bread with proper butter . On the side ketchup and mayo .

Highlandhome · 16/06/2023 20:41

I'm from NE Scotland and whilst I do indulge occasionally, I wouldn't say a chip butty is a big "thing" there 😂

Findyourneutralspace · 16/06/2023 20:42

You’re obviously made for each other! A chip barm is a thing of joy though. Maybe that’s your next date night.

off · 16/06/2023 20:43

ScottBakula · 16/06/2023 20:41

You are both very strange !

My staple Friday night dinner is chips ( proper spuds washed, unpeeled, and cooked in a chip pan ) 2 or 3 fried eggs and at least 2 rounds of bread with proper butter . On the side ketchup and mayo .

Ah, the joy of hot, melted butter trickling down your arm… 🤤

Coronationstation · 16/06/2023 20:43

But do you do salt b sauce or salt n vinegar?
I can’t stand the texture of chips and bread but it’s quite common where I’m from in north England

PinkPrincessPhilo · 16/06/2023 20:43

I haven’t don’t this either, OP.

Potatoes don’t belong in bread.

ScottBakula · 16/06/2023 20:44

@off oh yes !

ScottBakula · 16/06/2023 20:47

@Coronationstation no salt and vinegar or brown sauce for me. I occasionally puch the boat out and have beans too 😛

WeAllHaveWings · 16/06/2023 20:48

Why haven't you had one? Is it just because you never had the opportunity, just don't fancy it or are you both insanely healthy eaters?

Chip butties were very much a staple food when I was in my teens and out with friends (after ice skating!) and we couldn't afford a fish/sausage or whatever supper - usually eaten later at night at a bus stop! Cheap and warm, spectacular on a cold night and better than just chips alone.

These were the days there was a BK, McDs, KFC in every town, before everyone drove everywhere and the days when teens didn't take all their friends back to their parents and order in take-a-away and had access to so many choices.

I have never tried chips and cheese - the thought of it is even 🤮

bibbityboppityboo · 16/06/2023 20:48

I'd never had a chip sandwich or a crisp sandwich until I met my DH! He'd cringe if he saw me type sandwich - he calls them butty.

Better with lots of butter and salt! Absolutely delicious.

Also - a chip shop scallop sandwich butty. Divine!

PrincessHoneysuckle · 16/06/2023 20:49

Wtaf I genuinely don't understand how you have never done this

Leapintothelightning · 16/06/2023 20:49

NE Scotland here, I have had it but not a thing done on the regular I don't think!
When I was doing my exams I always went to the shop up the road and got chips and cheese on a roll but I've never done it since 😂

Moltenpink · 16/06/2023 20:49

…come on England, give us a goal

mrsfollowill · 16/06/2023 20:50

Drenched in salt and enough vinegar to flavour but not wet the bread. Also these days tomato sauce (preferably from a tomato shaped sauce bottle) is the way to go. Yes to butter trickling down your arm- @BathshebaKnickerStickers - it's funny when you keep finding out random things after so many years together.

Bonjovispjs · 16/06/2023 20:50

Aww, I feel sad for you 😢 chip butty with curry sauce is the best 😋

chipsandpeas · 16/06/2023 20:51

wtf from scotland and never had a chip butty, i call bullshit

Puffalicious · 16/06/2023 20:53

I agree that it's not a super popular thing here- Central Scotland. We call it a roll and chips and I have had one on the occasion, but not loads. If I did when younger, needs to be HP sauce and salt and vinegar.

notprincehamlet · 16/06/2023 20:53

You've never lived until you've double carbed

YouAndMeAndThem · 16/06/2023 20:54

Yeah I'm from NE Scotland too and it's never been a thing here. My parents are English and they're more accustomed to this growing up but not since moving up here.

BathshebaKnickerStickers · 16/06/2023 20:54

Genuinely neither of us has ever bought or made chips in any form of bread. DH just keeps muttering “it’s not a thing” now.

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