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What have you got on top of your fridge ?

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Softoprider · 22/05/2023 11:12

A nice plant perhaps or some well placed cake tins ?? Or are you like me and shove anything and everything up there and wonder why your kitchen does not look stylish.
I have just cleaned the fridge out (I know) and removed all the junk from the top. I don't want to put it back there. Please give me some ideas Mumsnet!

OP posts:
Caramelsmadfuzzytail · 22/05/2023 17:16

Dust and a fire blanket. They may also be a pic of my oldest child, but as the thing is taller than I am I'm not sure.

Willmafrockfit · 22/05/2023 17:16

sandwich grill
cake tin
broken citrus juicer

Tarkan · 22/05/2023 17:19

A big plastic basket full of all the bits for my food processor, hand mixer, biscuit cutters and various other small but awkward shaped things.

Also a stand mixer and a bamboo steamer.

KohlaParasaurus · 22/05/2023 17:33

Two empty plastic boxes, with lids, that would take up too much space inside the cupboard, four large foil trays that I rescued from a buffet because I thought they might be handy for taking food to a future buffet, and a few part-used packs of Torq energy gels, probably several years out of date, from when my husband used to do long bike events.

Lorrymum · 22/05/2023 17:35

Box of Christmas crackers, box of candles and dust.

universityhelp · 22/05/2023 17:40

We have some plastic crates with spare teatowels, table cloths (don't normally use), oven gloves, napkins etc. I think there's a cake tin up there too.

Pestispeeved · 22/05/2023 17:42

I'm not quite sure, the first aid kit and boxes. Climbed on the stool took a photo and I'm still not quite sure.

BloodandGlitter · 22/05/2023 17:43

A tub full of rat bones that I'm currently soaking.

orangeclubsarebest · 22/05/2023 17:46

A cat. He sleeps up there.

Zarataralara · 22/05/2023 18:01

Softoprider · 22/05/2023 12:25

I would encourage the cat up there but she is nearly 18 and would struggle unless I supplied steps..............

Or a lift. A small platform that the cat could step onto, then via a pulley system fitted to your ceiling you raise the cat to the top of the fridge. Cat steps off onto luxurious padded fridge top of course. Cat rings a bell when process is to be reversed. Simples.

i have a bare fridge freezer top.

Wineismybestfriend · 22/05/2023 18:03

Potato’s, porridge and cereal 🤣🤣🫣

stormelf · 22/05/2023 18:05

I have a fridge freezer next to a 1960s larder unit that are the same height. They have three baskets on top for lunch box bags, light bulbs, spare tin of formula milk. Nothing exciting really

CherryRipe1 · 22/05/2023 23:32

BloodandGlitter · 22/05/2023 17:43

A tub full of rat bones that I'm currently soaking.

What the hell!!?? Are you a goth or biology teacher perhaps? 😨

Beezknees · 23/05/2023 05:42

Nothing. I didn't realise people keep things on top of their fridge. It looks messy to me!

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