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What have you got on top of your fridge ?

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Softoprider · 22/05/2023 11:12

A nice plant perhaps or some well placed cake tins ?? Or are you like me and shove anything and everything up there and wonder why your kitchen does not look stylish.
I have just cleaned the fridge out (I know) and removed all the junk from the top. I don't want to put it back there. Please give me some ideas Mumsnet!

OP posts:
GonnaGetGoingReturns · 22/05/2023 11:51

Nothing! Old cats years ago used to like to go there but current and previous cats don’t want to…

Augend23 · 22/05/2023 11:54

Microwave. I have to stand on a stool to reach it but I only use it once every couple of weeks.

Sunnydayz · 22/05/2023 11:56

Kitchen roll on a kitchen roll holder

A stack of tea towels and an oven glove


GreenDressy · 22/05/2023 11:58

My fridge is quite tall and for some reason it has always been the home of Tupperware/plastic boxes.
I can't really reach it so if putting them away I kind of chuck them up there, sometimes they fall down the back.

I'm questioning my whole life now.

GeraltsBathtub · 22/05/2023 11:59

The grill pan from the oven

Mrsjayy · 22/05/2023 12:00

Dog rubbish treats poo bags .etc etc it's like a sky scraper

GreenDressy · 22/05/2023 12:01

They're in a box, I'm not just randomly throwing them up there!

Odile13 · 22/05/2023 12:03

Reusable carrier bags and spare kitchen roll

Thighdentitycrisis · 22/05/2023 12:03

Top of my fridge is where my keys live! (And also small bits of junk)

Florissante · 22/05/2023 12:04

Smoke and CO2 detectors.

Florissante · 22/05/2023 12:04

Love the cats photo!

bluechameleon · 22/05/2023 12:06

Currently, we have: Lunch boxes, spare box of porridge that doesn't fit in the cupboard, gingerbread house kit leftover from Christmas.

bussteward · 22/05/2023 12:10

Nothing. Why would I have something on top of my fridge?

Softoprider · 22/05/2023 12:16

Well I am currently trying 'nothing' and it does not look right !

OP posts:
Allthegoodnamesarechosen · 22/05/2023 12:17

We have an integrated f/f which doesn’t go up to height of the units,so the idiots who designed this kitchen put a larger fridge door on the top part, creating a strange sort of cupboard which you can only access by opening the fridge.

I keep the trays up there. Every time DH has to get a tray he says ‘ it’s really strange having to open the fridge to get a tray’ . I have managed not to brain him with one of them so far.

In the houses where I have done the kitchen we have had a three quarters fridge with a separate top icebox . This fitted into a unit with two shelves , which stored all the cookbooks and a few decorative jars of salt etc. Under counter freezer.

I’d love the cats though.

KitchenSinkLlama · 22/05/2023 12:18

Nothing, but I don't have anything on the surfaces either except, with some reluctance, DH's fancy pants coffee machine.

Rumsworthbumsworth · 22/05/2023 12:20

Nothing. Things on top of kitchen cupboards and fridges is one of those odd things that makes me feel really annoyed for no good reason.

slavetothekittens · 22/05/2023 12:21

There's a sleeping cat on top of's the in place for a cat nap at the moment.

greenmarsupial · 22/05/2023 12:21

This thread is making me feel like I need a cat...

Sandysandwich · 22/05/2023 12:24

A cake tin, a massive jar of museli and a pair of baskets, one full of cleaning sprays, shoe polish, extra laundry pods and rags and the other holds bin bags, spare bags for life and coloured chalk for drawing on the pavement in the summer.

Softoprider · 22/05/2023 12:25

I would encourage the cat up there but she is nearly 18 and would struggle unless I supplied steps..............

OP posts:
SirVixofVixHall · 22/05/2023 12:25

Stacks of cake tins mainly. My fridge is stupidly tiny.

SirVixofVixHall · 22/05/2023 12:25

Oh and cereal.

WellLetsSayHesSquare · 22/05/2023 12:26

Normally just 2 dinner trays that me and DH use to eat our dinner off of but atm it also had the toy broom as DC kept twatting each other with it this AM.

ThreeRingCircus · 22/05/2023 12:26

It's where I store random stuff like the cling film, tin foil and baking paper.

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