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Where has my duvet gone ?

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lightlypoached · 18/05/2023 11:04

Day off. Pootling round the house tidying up.
Notice that the spare room bed looks weird. It has no duvet on it. Duvet, covers all vanished
2 other adults in the house who deny any knowledge of its disappearance.

Where is it ?

I've tried
Under the bed (all beds!)
Under the mattress covers
On other beds
Washing basket
Loft (!)

A whole 'all seasons' poofy quilt missing.

Any ideas hive mind?

Reminds me of the 'missing g ironing board' thread from many moons ago.

OP posts:
ComtesseDeSpair · 18/05/2023 11:06

Unless you have a cleaner, one of the other people in the house is lying to you. They’ve spilled something on it and chucked it out, or similar.

Vroomfondleswaistcoat · 18/05/2023 11:08

Any chance that someone has got cold in the night and toddled into the spare room and removed the quilt whilst half asleep? It could be on their bed, but if it's stripped back you might not see it and they might genuinely have forgotten, in their sleepy state, that they did it?

junebirthdaygirl · 18/05/2023 11:09

Did you hand it in to laundrette to get washed? Did they if the spilt something on it? Is it on their beds as an extra? Did they take it to a friend's house when staying there?

junebirthdaygirl · 18/05/2023 11:10

Is it curled up behind a couch if they used it for crashing out?

gardendream · 18/05/2023 11:10

Was it used to make a tent or blanket fort and put away in the wrong place? (Garden shed, cupboard?)

lightlypoached · 18/05/2023 11:11

Not on a couch or in any of the other beds

Not at the cleaners

Can't comment on the fibbing other than why would they fib ?

OP posts:
lightlypoached · 18/05/2023 11:12

My kids are big so no fort building.

Our house is pretty tidy with everything in its place (apart from the duvet 😂)

OP posts:
lightlypoached · 18/05/2023 11:12

Nada in the shed except shed shit

OP posts:
Vroomfondleswaistcoat · 18/05/2023 11:14

If they've thrown it out, cover and all, it was something devastating.

Does anyone have a dog or cat who may have - disgraced themselves on the spare room bed when the door is supposed to be kept closed and someone thinks they will get the blame?

Has someone got drunk, thrown up on the bed, and thrown it away in case they are found out?

Biffsboys · 18/05/2023 11:43

Was that ironing board ever found ?

Lamelie · 18/05/2023 11:49

It’s with my slow cooker lid someone else in the house broke it
Might it be doubled up with another another duvet for warmth?

lightlypoached · 18/05/2023 11:54

We have 2 cats. One is a vomiting queen and we are constantly cleaning up her, ahem, deposits. Thankyou to Beckmann miracle carpet cleaner for saving our carpets. If it was cat stuff someone would have just said and waited for me to clean it up

We were away for a couple of weeks and left DD 24 in the house so maybe 'an incident' but I'm convinced it was there a couple of days ago because I noticed it was covered in cat hair and noticed it needed washing.

Unless I'm going to talk mad, which is a possibility.

I believe that the stray ironing board was never found.

I have visions of it snuggled up with my duvet over it, surrounded by reasons and a beken slow cooker lid 😂

OP posts:
lightlypoached · 18/05/2023 11:55

That should read teaspoons not reasons.

OP posts:
uncomfortablydumb53 · 18/05/2023 12:18

Could DD have had visitors, all drinking and one of them threw up on it?
At 24 it's a possibility she just dumped it?

OhComeOnFFS · 18/05/2023 12:23

Has someone put it under their bottom sheet, to make their bed more comfortable?

If your daughter is in her 20s, has someone stayed over and spilled drinks on it? Or taken it camping?!

lightlypoached · 18/05/2023 12:27

I've just done another DD interrogation and she's adamant that nothing happened. I think I believe her as she's a pretty sensible sort. Well, as sensible as you can be at 24 😬

OP posts:
OhComeOnFFS · 18/05/2023 12:31

Who was the last person who slept in the bed?

ADHDDDDDDDBOOM · 18/05/2023 12:35

I watch too much crime on YouTube so someone has wrapped a body with it and they are planning on ditching the lot in a field in about 3 days time.


fajitaaa · 18/05/2023 12:38

Is it in the washing machine

Nutsabouttopic · 18/05/2023 12:39

Did we ever get an answer to the missing ironing board

lovemycottage · 18/05/2023 12:39

Could somebody had an "accident" so they sneakily throw the duvet to the bin?

Iamacatslave · 18/05/2023 12:40

I blame the cats.

lightlypoached · 18/05/2023 12:45

Iamacatslave · 18/05/2023 12:40

I blame the cats.

One of the cats is looking suspiciously fat. Maybe she's eaten it ?

Last person to sleep in it was DD very sensible and house trained friend.

Not in the washing machine or washing basket.

DD lost her wallet in the house this week. Ordered all new cards only to find said wallet in her dressing gown pocket. DH has helpfully suggested that the lost duvet may also be on the dressing gown pocket 😂

OP posts:
lightlypoached · 18/05/2023 12:47

ADHDDDDDDDBOOM · 18/05/2023 12:35

I watch too much crime on YouTube so someone has wrapped a body with it and they are planning on ditching the lot in a field in about 3 days time.


Oh gif I hope not because there would be loads of forensics to point them back to my house and I'll end up in jail. Clearly watched far too much CSI back in the day)

OP posts:
CoffeeBeansGalore · 18/05/2023 12:49

Did it get put in the airing cupboard?
Vacuum packed into a space saver bag?

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