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What's the longest you've lived in one home?

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HouseHuntingShenanigans · 16/05/2023 20:39

On the back of the "How many homes have you lived in?" thread...

What's the longest you've lived in one home?

For me it's my childhood home, lived there birth to 19

OP posts:
YouNeverSeeTheRealMe · 17/05/2023 10:16

Current house, 32 years. I'm in my 60s

echt · 17/05/2023 10:34

Level pegging: 11 years in London house , 11 years years in Melbourne house.

GMsAWinner · 17/05/2023 10:56

Childhood home 16 years. Other homes 3, 15 and currently 8 years.

mindutopia · 17/05/2023 12:21

My first home as a child. We lived there 8 years, I think. I'm 42 now and haven't lived many places longer than about 2 years since. I'd long since stopped unpacking. Dh and I finally bought our first house a year ago and we pretty much plan to live here until we die or the dc pack us off to a care home. I still can't bring myself to unpack. I only just managed to buy a few houseplants last month, and we've been here nearly a year and a half now.

mamaduckbone · 17/05/2023 20:36

Childhood home and the first home we bought, tying at 18 years each. We only moved 2 years ago - it was meant to be our starter home, but we ended up extending into the loft and staying much longer than we planned.

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