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What's the longest you've lived in one home?

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HouseHuntingShenanigans · 16/05/2023 20:39

On the back of the "How many homes have you lived in?" thread...

What's the longest you've lived in one home?

For me it's my childhood home, lived there birth to 19

OP posts:
RampantIvy · 17/05/2023 06:56

Current one - 20 years. Before this one we averaged 6 years per house, but after we had DD we just stayed here. It isn't our forever house, but I'm not sure where we would move to if we moved.

TidyDancer · 17/05/2023 06:56

Longest was about 19.5 years. Been in current house for nearly 6.5 years. Ideally I'll be here forever tbh.

Seven7seven · 17/05/2023 06:58

I moved into my home when i was 19. 20 years ago this September. I don't think I'll ever move again.

jay55 · 17/05/2023 06:59

12 years, third childhood home.

MissingMoominMamma · 17/05/2023 07:01

23 years. It was the first house I bought and I loved it.

Roselilly36 · 17/05/2023 07:01

18 years, two years in our new home, I think we may live here longer, just as it’s much more suitable for my disability.

postwarbulge · 17/05/2023 07:02

1974 to 2018

IHeartGeneHunt · 17/05/2023 07:03

14 years in one of my childhood homes.

BernardsarenotalwaysSaints · 17/05/2023 07:05

Childhood home, birth-20, then the house I'm in now, 12.5 years. 3 in the middle of these two.

Loverofoxbowlakes · 17/05/2023 07:06

I've lived in 12 homes, a number for just a year (at uni) but I've been in my current home nearly 10 years which is the longest. My mum lived in her last home for nearly 40 years, so whilst it wasn't MY home for all that time, it was certainly a base, and a huge wrench when we sold it last year.

zoopigi · 17/05/2023 07:07

Current home, 16 years..I can't quite believe it

TropicalMoon · 17/05/2023 07:15

9 years, lived there since I was born then moved
Next house 3 years
next house 6 years till I moved out to uni. My folks still live there 20+ years later.
After that, it must be about 11 rentals across 4 cities.
Been in our own home now for 4 years

SmirnoffIceIsNice · 17/05/2023 07:16

24 years in childhood home. DM still lives there so will be weird when it finally goes as it's always been part of my life.

Two short term properties and now almost 28 years in current home.

BanditsOnTheHorizon · 17/05/2023 07:18

15 and ironically it's the one I didn't pick and I liked the least.

I got pregnant early into a relationship and I moved into his house after selling mine, we split after 6 years and I bought him out the house so our dd could stay in the house with me. I stayed there for another 9 years until she was in secondary school and I could afford to move.

I hated the house but it was in a lovely area within walking distance of a great primary school.

mdh2020 · 17/05/2023 07:48

53 years. We bought it as our first house and we are still here.

Crinkle77 · 17/05/2023 07:59

21 years and I still miss it desperately even though we left 20 years ago. It was my childhood home, we were tenant farmers and when my dad passed away had to leave. I never really got over it.

User14528564 · 17/05/2023 08:02

26 years in this one, it's our second home, first one was 13 years

Spendonsend · 17/05/2023 08:08

12 years.
Apparently the average time in a home is 7 years. I dont know how people keep affording all the moving costs.

Gorlad · 17/05/2023 08:10

Childhood home 14 years. As an adult no where longer than 4 years.

Choconutty · 17/05/2023 09:03

As an adult, never been in one house more than 3 years (although working on that now). I was in my childhood home until I moved out at 18 though.

Choconutty · 17/05/2023 09:06

Apparently the average time in a home is 7 years. I dont know how people keep affording all the moving costs.

If I'm moving country, company pays, and I only take easily moved stuff (ie no furniture) - I've actually moved more than once with nothing more than suitcases (2 each). If I'm moving within a country, I rent a van and do it myself - so it costs very little, the rental cleaning (if I pay for it, rather than do it myself and produce a receipt) costs more than the van rental normally (plug for Go Car here - being able to just take a van for a few hours is brilliant)

SleepingStandingUp · 17/05/2023 09:08

Childhood one, birth to 18.
Current one is 11.

SleepingStandingUp · 17/05/2023 09:11

Spendonsend · 17/05/2023 08:08

12 years.
Apparently the average time in a home is 7 years. I dont know how people keep affording all the moving costs.

Depends why you're moving. If its for work etc and there's payrises, or if you're buying cheap, doing them up and selling them on etc.
Plus presumably that incudes rentals too which might be a lack of choice.

Iived in a flat alone for a year then with DH here for 12 years. So that's a 6 year average. Inc 3 Uni houses that's 15 years and 5 houses. Inc childhood home is
bang on 7av.

BiddyPop · 17/05/2023 09:11

21 years. Current home.

gogohmm · 17/05/2023 09:57

12 years, former marital home until divorce

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