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What's the longest you've lived in one home?

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HouseHuntingShenanigans · 16/05/2023 20:39

On the back of the "How many homes have you lived in?" thread...

What's the longest you've lived in one home?

For me it's my childhood home, lived there birth to 19

OP posts:
zippitydoda · 16/05/2023 21:12

24 years 360 days.

VintedoreBay · 16/05/2023 21:12

Childhood home, 20 years (which included 3y living out at uni).

After that, current house (first house purchased) - 6y.

Greeneyegirl · 16/05/2023 21:12

14 years in childhood home (4 to 18)

augustusglupe · 16/05/2023 21:13

My last home, 29 years.
I was 24 when we moved in and DD was 6 months old.

Doyouthinktheyknow · 16/05/2023 21:19

Current home, 20 years.

Probably won’t be here more than another 10 years.

elQuintoConyo · 16/05/2023 21:48

7 years, aged 2-9. Then no longer than 5. Military parent. Now as an adult I still have itchy feet - I'm on my fourth country, tempted to move to France.....😂

FrangipaniBlue · 16/05/2023 21:54

Current home - 23 years

Childhood home 1 - 4 years
Childhood home 2 - 13 years

weathervane1 · 16/05/2023 21:58

Current home - ten years in October. My parents were disruptive tenants and as a result I have lived in 21 houses, 16 of which were during childhood. The real impact was having to change schools so often - might as well have worn a sign saying "bully me".

DanceMonster · 16/05/2023 21:59

Longest was 10 years, aged 8-18. Second longest is my current house, which is 5.5 years.

orangeflags · 16/05/2023 22:01

22years as a child til marriage. 14 years so far in this house and hopefully will be til death

Teacakeorcrumpet · 16/05/2023 22:02

Current home, 6 years.

Moved house every 2-4 years before this including as a child. I have massive itchy feet already but DH refuses to move again.

Grassesinavase · 16/05/2023 22:09

Current home 24 years

Cookerhood · 16/05/2023 22:12

Current home, 25 years.

JanT2004 · 16/05/2023 22:15

33 years in our last house, 7 years in this one so far.

merryhouse · 16/05/2023 22:17

Current one, 24 years 5 months.

DinosApple · 16/05/2023 22:21

16 years from 8-24. Second longest was 14 years from 24.

We'll downsize when the kids leave, but who knows when that will be (12 & 13 currently).

poppym12 · 16/05/2023 22:21

First house birth to 26 when I got married. Since divorce I've lived in 9 different places and will probably be moving again soon.

Ragwort · 16/05/2023 22:21

Interesting question ... 12 years in my childhood home (6-18 when I went to Uni) and 12 years in my current home ... yet my childhood memories seem much more significant IYSWIM. We've moved every ten years in our 30+ years of marriage and I always assumed we'd leave this home after 10 years but we seem quite settled and I don't know if I can face the hassle of moving ...

Fifthtimelucky · 16/05/2023 22:21

This one. We've been here 24 years and won't be moving unless/until we become unable to cope with it.

bigTillyMint · 16/05/2023 22:22

Current one - nearly 24 years

MadEyeMoodysEye · 16/05/2023 22:24

Current home, 15 years

SquigglePigs · 16/05/2023 22:28

My childhood home so 18+ years until I went to university. I did come back in the holidays for a couple of years ago so it was a bit after that before I fully moved out.

UndercoverCop · 16/05/2023 22:29

Family home 2-25 (I was at uni for 4 years but came home every holiday and still considered it to be my home)

Dinosauratemydaffodils · 16/05/2023 22:30

My current one, 9 years now. Moved a lot as a child (every 2 to 4 years) and want my kids to have the stability my childhood didn't.

UndercoverCop · 16/05/2023 22:31

My parents have now lived in that house for 36 years , no inkling they've thought about leaving, the only thing DF says is that if he gets too frail they'll need to put in a downstairs bathroom, dining room could easily become a bedroom as they have another room which is essentially a kitchen diner, plus a living room. He's seventy and still runs frequently and cycles at least 10k most days, so no fear of that for a while.

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