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Shark vacuum - overhyped influencer brand or genuinely good?

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ImAbigDill · 16/01/2023 09:26

I need a new vacuum and my old one is on it’s last legs. I can’t afford the same brand so looking at cheaper options and Shark keeps popping up. I have two long haired cats, plus my thick hair. I live in a city where there are lots of construction works happening around me so my home gets dusty frequently.

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OP posts:
CrotchetyQuaver · 16/01/2023 10:23

Corded shark here after Dysons for many years.
It's better than the Dyson was particularly when hoovering up pet toy stuffing.

VioletLemon · 16/01/2023 10:25

I can't use mine due to the weight of it and our carpets having quite a pile. DP thinks it's brilliant and now I don't hoover, so that's a bonus. It blocks every time, long hair and 2 cats but old Dyson never did that.

Sparklingbrook · 16/01/2023 10:27

I love my Shark, it deals with cat hair really well I have no problems with it at all.

Justlovedogs · 16/01/2023 10:28

We have a corded Shark, two big hairy dogs and dust from building work. IMO, the Shark is too good as the filters block quickly, but my DH has a routine with it and thinks it's great. As per another poster, it also now means DH does all the hoovering, so win-win!

mamatoTails · 16/01/2023 10:32

My Shark was good to start with, but didn't last long before it became pretty useless.
Gone back to a Henry and it's so much more reliable, great suction, does the job without all the unnecessary frills. We have a dog, cat, tiled floors with lots of rugs that are looking as good as new thanks to Henry - the shark just couldn't keep up!

dolor · 16/01/2023 10:32

They're shite.

WeyAyeMan · 16/01/2023 10:33

I've always had shark which were brilliant, my latest one is the anti hair wrap and it's absolutely shit. Just pushes little bits of dirt around. I hate it

Spacie · 16/01/2023 10:36

I am not happy with my Shark. It vacuums just fine but it's so unstable when I'm using the hose attachments and just falls over (and bangs my ankles if I'm close enough to it).

HoppingPavlova · 16/01/2023 10:40

I think you need to compare like with like. Realistically a corded anything is going to be better than a cordless something. I have a cordless Dyson stick which is okay, suitable for our needs (wooden/tiled floors) and even the kids are happy to give it a whirl around if they see the floor looking iffy. However, the corded Dyson shits on it, as would anything with a cord. So we use that once a month odd for a really thorough clean.

Sparklingbrook · 16/01/2023 10:40

My Shark has the Lift Away thing where if you are using the attachment you only take the smaller bit with you, leaving the bit on wheels behind.

cantba · 16/01/2023 10:40

I returned it. Heavy and not very sucky.

FatAgainItsLettuceTime · 16/01/2023 10:42

I have a wired shark, one of the stick ones that can come apart into different configurations and I love it, favourite vacuum cleaner I've ever had. It's light, very easy to take apart and empty, decent suction. It needs emptying very frequently as only a small tank but it's easy to do and it never seems to get clogged up.

YouCantBeSadHoldingACupcake · 16/01/2023 10:46

I hated my shark. I was so happy when it died and I could replace it. Now have a Charles (Henry's blue brother) and it is so much better.

SunThroughTheCloudsAt6am · 16/01/2023 10:47

I have a shark battery one. It's fine, nothing amazing.

I also have a pull along miele, and that is genuinely good, but I get annoyed with the wire (even though it's very long, I can't quite get to both ends of upstairs with it. The amount of fuzz it stuffs into its bag is incredible.

What I don't like about the shark is that it's bagless. It's just horrible to empty, and I don't get why I need the extender bit to bend under tables if I'm honest. It would be more useful if it was able to be shorter, as I'm very short, and so it's either too long (with the extender) or too short (without it) to comfortably use. Plus it is heavy.

Theraffarian · 16/01/2023 10:48

I bought this one Shark a few months ago , long hair and a cat that spreads hair everywhere and I’m very pleased with it . Picks up everything, no blockages and none of my hair gets caught around the bottom . The pet tool picks up all the cat hair . My one complaint is that it topples over while using it a lot if you overstretch the wand. I did a fair amount of research before picking this one which best suited our needs , I understand the cordless ones aren’t great . I do love the light on the front of it as well , I underestimated how useful it would be to hi light every last speck of dust and hair !

i used to love Dyson but the build quality and suction power went downhill so much I endured our last one but was very pleased to get rid of it .

Had a Henry at work but the odd times I borrowed it I was less than impressed, each to their own and it’s not a bad machine for suction , but they do knock chips off of paintwork etc due to the nature of them , I guess that’s why they are predominantly used in offices etc . Also I prefer an upright hoover rather than just a wand type one , so again personal preference.

Wailywailywaily · 16/01/2023 10:49

I love my corded shark. I have two dogs, carpet and hardwood floors. I’m constantly amazed at how much it sucks up, my house is generally filthy apparently.
I have a Henry at work, I know every one loves them and mine is fine but it’s clumsy, heavy and a pain to store in a small space.

HaddawayAndShite · 16/01/2023 10:51

Shark replaced our Henry (absolutely do not get the love for these hoovers). Hoovered with Henry then Shark directly after… oh my god the dust it sucked up was properly rank. Never got any sort of level of clean like that with Henry. It also goes through doors without smashing into the frame or falling over like a dramatic prick. The hair wrap is shite through.

paintitallover · 16/01/2023 10:54

I haven't found anything stunning. I have a Dyson 8. It's ok but not as good as when I bought it. I've replaced various parts over the last 4 years- all of the filters, and the motor head, I have a Henry numatic which is good, which I had before the Dyson, so 10 years plus. Yes, it's very effective, but it's also seriously heavy. It's a nightmare on stairs for that reason. I still use it occasionally, though, if the Dyson is on the blink or if I have a heavy clean eg after the Christmas tree is taken down. I sometimes think I'll upgrade the Dyson, but I wonder if it'll actually be better than the one I have, other than longer off charge than the 40 minutes I have.

Everyone has their favourites, but I'm not sure that the perfect, reliable, lightweight, high suction vacuum cleaner exists.

BruceAndNosh · 16/01/2023 10:57

I have a Shark cordless pet one.
It's embarrassingly good!

I've recently learnt of "slow vacuuming" where instead of rapid to and fro, you draw the vac very very slowly towards you, once.
Hideously effective.

Yes, it might be pulling out carpet fluff but the gunk in tank is several shades greyer than my beige carpet...

paintitallover · 16/01/2023 10:59

The James claims to be lightweight. That might fit the bill, OP. Obviously not cordless. Anyone have it?

Creamcrackersandricecakes · 16/01/2023 11:00

I'm a cleaner, and I use my client's vacuums unless they specifically ask me to bring my own. So over the course of a week I use:

Miele cat & dog - not keen. Suction is ok, but it doesn't get anywhere near the edges, plus the filter inside keeps dislodging, which means the suction immediately drops, (I appreciate this problem may be limited to the one I'm using!)

Shark Duo cordless x 2 - ok if you don't have animals, as not that great at picking up hair. Battery has to be changed halfway through a house.

Dyson with the weird ball - very good suction but horrible and unwieldy to use. Always makes an irritating creaking noise. Ball gets jammed under furniture.

Dyson cylinder, (very old). Suction ok, but not great to manoeuvre. Doesn't seem to pick up well on stone flooring.

Henry - good as gold, excellent suction and tough as old boots.

At home I have a Shark which I absolutely love, but it's the corded one and is really powerful. I wouldn't buy the cordless one as I have a hairy dog and a DH and DD who both seem incapable of removing their shoes indoors.

Itchintobestitchin · 16/01/2023 11:00

Hate my corded Shark and annoyed I fell for the hype. It's ok on carpet although heavy and hard for me to use. On laminate and vinyl it's useless, just pushIng dirt and crumbs along the floor. It's unsteady and often falls over when using the attachments on the hose, I regularly bruise my legs while using it. At about 18 months in it's lost a lot of it's suction despite me regularly emptying it and cleaning the filters. My next vacuum won't be a Shark.


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garlicandsapphires · 16/01/2023 11:01

Hate mine and wish I hadn't bought it. Have to empty it very regularly to have anything like enough suction.

garlicandsapphires · 16/01/2023 11:02

Mine is a cordless anti hair wrap.

KnottyKnitting · 16/01/2023 11:02

Better than a Dyson ball and quite good with animal hair- I got mine on an Amazon deal so quite a good price. People complain that it loses suction but I haven't found that with very regular filter cleaning.
Lift away thing is quite good for stairs and I also have a pet cleaning upholstery tool which is also pretty good on the stairs.

Gripes are- hose is too short and the bloody thing constantly falls over when using this.
Cable is too short so constantly unplugging and replugging in a different room.
Anti hair wrap is quite good but it prevents slightly bigger bits being sucked up.
Dust collector is fairly small and a bit messy to empty.

Since I got my Eufy (AKA Bernard) I don't use the shark so much as Bernard zips round and gets most of the dust up- not so good with corners though so the shark comes out once in a while for a slightly deeper clean.

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