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If you were single at 27 and ended up married with kids, will you tell me about it?

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TropicalIslandBeach · 14/10/2020 20:47

I'm so lonely. I can't remember the last time I touched anyone, even platonically.

OP posts:
DipSwimSwoosh · 14/10/2020 20:55

I was single and lonely at 27. I ended up getting back with an ex, it was awful. I had been single for years, with a couple of casual relationships.
Within a couple of months of getting back with my ex, my eyes were opened. Not saying you are, but I stopped being so bitter and fussy.
I went out one night and got chatting to someone I would never have previously looked twice at. We clicked. We moved in together the following year, married when I was 29, and our first was born when I was 30. We now have 3 children and annoy the hell out of each other.

Elmo230885 · 14/10/2020 21:02

I was very similar. Found I was lonely, I'd been single for about 5 years. I started with online dating. Wasn't successful for a while but I met my husband at 29. I didn't date loads but never had more than one meet up! I'm now 35. We have been married for nearly 4 years and have a 3 yr old DD and a 1 yr old DS.
I had started to think I'd never find anyone but I just had to keep looking!

CEBT · 14/10/2020 21:03

Yes I was single at 27 after a break up at 26. On my 27th birthday I remember being so down because I felt like I needed to be with someone. Then I realised I really didn't, I needed to make myself happy. Met the love of my life aged 29 and now pregnant with our first baby. So glad I had the time to myself and I learnt a lot about what I wanted from life.

WaltzingBetty · 14/10/2020 21:03

I was in a long term relationship and engaged at 27. I'm now 40 never married and been happily single for 5 years.

27 is still young and you have lots of opportunities if you want a partner

Chicchicchicchiclana · 14/10/2020 21:04

Met my husband at 28 (friend of a friend). Married him at 31. Waited until I was 38 before having first child.

BoogleMcGroogle · 14/10/2020 21:07

Met my husband at 28, after being a runaway bride ( and then single) at 27. By 33 I was married, living in a different area of the country with 2 kids and a new job. A lot can change in a short time. Wishing you well x

Itstartedinbarcelona · 14/10/2020 21:07

I was single at 27, met DH later that year, married at 29 and dc at 30 and 34. 44 now and very happy.

lovablequalities · 14/10/2020 21:09

Not single but in a relationship with a shit. Single is good. Single is excellent. Being with a shit means there are many, many steps before you can get to the happy hunting fields. 1) realising the shittiness 2) escaping the shittiness 3) getting over the shittiness 4) reminding yourself that you deserve better 5) reminding yourself again that himself is a shit 6) tentative steps into non shit dating... often these steps need repeating. 27 and single? Golden times!

olderthanilookapparently · 14/10/2020 21:10

Divorced at 28 met my DH in a nightclub at 29 matured at 36 and 1 DC at 37 and another at 40. Took me a while but really happy now x

aToadOnTheWhole · 14/10/2020 21:10

Had several levels of abusive relationships and was actively avoiding male company at 26/27 because I didn't trust myself to choose well. I was sad and lonely and scared.

Met a man who I'd known of before and knew of his good character and nature. Went on a first date, felt safe, clicked instantly and that was it. He moved in two days later, engaged after a few months, married after two years. Been together almost 8 years. We have an almost 4 yr old and I'm pregnant again. We're a team.

JuliaJohnston · 14/10/2020 21:10

27 is no age.

wishing3 · 14/10/2020 21:11

I totally was-you’ve a whole lifetime to meet someone. I’m sorry that you’re lonely though.

Rollerboots · 14/10/2020 21:13

I was absolutely in your shoes, (but older than 27!)
I went from dead end relationship, to long periods of being single and alone. Like previous poster I met a guy totally different from my usual type, and from the start was very different. I never had to 2nd guess him , or worry why he didn't reply/ call.
He asked me to move in after 3 months .
Proposed after 7 months.
Married a year later. (Age 37)
First baby a year after that. (Age 38)
2nd baby 2.5 yrs later. (Age 41)
Married for 8 years now. Still the best thing I ever did.
I didn't lose faith that I would meet someone, even as I passed 30. Plenty of people still out there. Don't lose hope.

user128472578267 · 14/10/2020 21:14

Unless you've got a life limiting illness 27 is very young.

ivftake1 · 14/10/2020 21:18

I was in a dreadful loveless relationship from 21 to 28, then became single.

Married with one child now at 34.

Sleepforever · 14/10/2020 21:18

Single at 30. Met DH 3 months later. Married and pregnant at 31(nearly 32). 3 kids by 35.... Busy 5 years 😃

Longsleepneeded · 14/10/2020 21:19

Was in a crap relationship at 27, took nearly a year to break it off. Lived a single lonely life for 5 years. Met a friend of a friend at 32, moved in together at 35, married a year later and are still very happy 11 years later with 2 ds. I used to cry to my mum weekly and thought I'd die a lonely old spinster!

RoseGoldEagle · 14/10/2020 21:19

Single at 27, had been for ages. Met DH AT 30. Am now 38, married with 3 kids. I am a million time’s happier

Chocoqueen · 14/10/2020 21:21

I met my DH at 27, no children yet but we're working on that. 27 is no age, it will happen Smile

Longdistance · 14/10/2020 21:22

Met my df when I was 30, engaged at 31, married at 32, first dc at 33. Fast work Wink

Abendintheriver · 14/10/2020 21:23

I was single and starting to feel lonely at 27. Met now DH at 29 and we've now been married 10 years. No DC but that's through choice. My best friend met her DH at 34 and now has two lovely kids. 27 is so young, you've got plenty of time Flowers

Oly4 · 14/10/2020 21:23

Me. Broke up with a significant oh aged 29, was single then did online dating. Met Dh at 33, now married with 3DC

mnahmnah · 14/10/2020 21:23

Yep. I lived alone at 27. All my friends were living with boyfriends or married. Felt very lonely and like I wouldn’t meet the right guy. I met my husband at 28, married at 31, two children since.

mindutopia · 14/10/2020 21:24

I was single at 27 and had literally given up on men. I had been in two long-term relationships (4-5 years) with partners who ended up cheating on me with literally every woman they knew. I'd decided to up and take a job in another country to have a fresh start in life. On my very last night at home, I'd planned to meet up with the guy I had been dating casually for a few months (it was never going to be anything serious, so not a big deal to either of us that I was moving away for the next week, but I still wanted to see him before I left). He didn't even bother turning up. I woke up the next morning, got on the plane and said screw this, I'm done!

Moved to a new country, had a lovely time, made lovely friends and had lots of fun. Two months after I moved, I wanted into a bar for after work drinks with friends (most of them also other expats). And there was a guy I'd never met before (he'd just moved from the UK the week before and worked with a friend of mine). He was nice and funny and after that, we always ended up talking whenever we ended up with the same group of friends on a night out. We started dating a month later. We've been married 10 years now with 2 dc.

I never could have believed life would have worked out as well as it did, given all the drama I'd gone through before that. But you have to have faith. 27 is really still so young. It doesn't seem like it, but it is. I'm 40 and have friends who are only just getting married and having dc now. You have plenty of time. For me though, I think getting out of my comfort zone and my normal friend group at home made it easier for me to meet someone who wasn't just an arse like every guy I'd dated before.

Awrite · 14/10/2020 21:24

I had a lot of fun at 27. I had been heartbroken at 26 after being treated utterly abysmally for 3 years.

Anyway, dc1 at 29, married at 33, dc2 at 34.

My 20's taught me how not to be treated I guess.

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