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If you were single at 27 and ended up married with kids, will you tell me about it?

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TropicalIslandBeach · 14/10/2020 20:47

I'm so lonely. I can't remember the last time I touched anyone, even platonically.

OP posts:
lazylinguist · 14/10/2020 22:44

Me! I was single from the end of university to age 28. Met dh at work when I changed job, moved in together a year later, got married when I was 31, had first dc when I was 33 and second when I was 36. Now 49, still very happily married, dc are 12 and 15.

Slightlybrwnbanana · 14/10/2020 22:46

Me, got together at 29, married many years later, two dc.

Ihaveoflate · 14/10/2020 22:46

I was single throughout my 20s and lived alone, but don't remember feeling lonely as such - maybe at the weekends a bit.

I met my husband at 29 (he is 5 years older) and we married a year later. We had our only child nine years after that.

A single friend of mine in her mid 30s recently met her boyfriend and now they are engaged. She really wants marriage and children so I'm thrilled for her. I also have single friends in their 40s, 50s and 60s who are perfectly happy with their lives. Basically, I think age is irrelevant unless you definitely want children and even so, 27 is still really young.

Dances · 14/10/2020 22:56

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dowser · 14/10/2020 22:57

I was single at 56, met someone who I would never have looked at twice in my younger day as he was such a nerd.
He even smoked a pipe ffs.
He’s absolutely perfect now

hmb255 · 14/10/2020 23:27

I was single at 27 and never thought I would meet anyone. At 28 I met my now husband and we have been married 9 years and have 3 children. We met through online dating but believe me I met some right nightmares before meeting him!

Piwlyfbicsly · 14/10/2020 23:33

Slightly different age, but I was single at 26 and most of the time before the age of 26. I don’t know what was the problem exactly. I was a moderately attractive young woman with a good education/job, I’m quite kind and accepting too, fun to be around (so my friends say). Always suffered from low self esteem though. I had zero luck in personal life and spent evenings in the office over working.
I’ve met my future husband on a railway station in another country. We parted ways but a 1,5 years together we were married. Soon after we had 2 children together. Celebrating 10 years together in a few months time.
It took time for me to adjust to the reality of living in another country (I relocated to join him). It took a lot of effort to raise two little children with no help from relatives as everyone’s far away. I’ve lost my career too. I’m only coming back on track (to far less paid job) after my children settled in primary.
Coming back in time I would have been tried to enjoy my single life a bit more I guess. But it’s easy for me to say having family at home.

Pipthesqueak · 15/10/2020 04:07

Divorced at 29, awful unhappy marriage. I know it’s been mentioned before, but I was never lonelier than in an unhappy relationship. Was quite sure that I would never meet someone and thought that by divorcing I may have been giving up my chance to have children. Met my now husband three months after filing papers, started dating three months after that. Now three years later I’m happily married with our first baby on the way.Smile I’m sure you will find the right person and it will all be worth it!

runninguphills · 15/10/2020 05:00

I was single at 27. I'd already had a couple of long term relationships that didn't work out.

Met my dh at 28 and we are still happy 15 years and 3 children later!

FrothyB · 15/10/2020 05:17

I was single at 27. I'd been single for 9 years before that, no physical contact or intimacy of any kind. As time rolled on, I just felt lonelier and felt like I had wasted the best years of my life when others were "having fun" or experimenting. I've never had a one night stand or a fwb.

Halfway through 27, I let go of alot of the bitterness and the negativity about myself which were holding me back. At 28 I found someone. At 32, my daughter is just coming up to being a year old and our relationship is happy.

I will always regret not experiencing more in my early 20's and missing out on what seems to be universal experiences these days, but my life has lead me to exactly where I am today, and I wouldnt want to be anywhere else.

MisiSam · 15/10/2020 05:21

I became single at 27, I felt dreadful and convinced Id be alone forever
I'm now 33, married with a little boy and another baby on the way.

RLGGG · 15/10/2020 05:26

At 27 I ended a failing relationship and flew to the other side of the world for a little while. I returned at 28, enjoyed being single, dating a bit, doing things for me. Met DH at 29, engaged at 30, moved in at 31 and got DDog, married at 32 and first baby at 33. Things can move very quickly when you meet someone you want to be with but I agree with PP, if you can try and enjoy this time for you you won't regret it later when life starts to move at a rapid pace! Smile

notanotheronepleasee · 15/10/2020 05:56

I was single and lonely at 27 and only had 1 boyfriend previously who was very abusive. I lived at home with my parents and was preparing for a life on my own. I met someone randomly and ended up having a baby and buying a house with them the same year. I am now 31 with 2 kids (not married) but very happy

Trixie18 · 15/10/2020 06:05

I didn't meet my husband till I was 34 and we now have 2 kids x

Shinyletsbebadguys · 15/10/2020 11:46

I was single at 27 and I can remember saying to my friend that I was struggling that all of my friends were getting married and having DC. It wasn't as such that I wanted to do the same but I felt a bit left behind. At 28 met my exdh married him at 30 had ds1 at 33 and ds2 at 36 , ok now I grant you I spilt up with exdh (unseen factors nothing to do with age and I don't remotely regret the marriage it gave me DC and they are worth everything and exdh and I are good friends an co parent ).

SinisterBumFacedCat · 15/10/2020 11:55

At 27 I was foolishly stuck in a long term relationship that was going nowhere (he wanted to stay living at his mothers forever because it was cheap and easy). By 29 I was single, thought well this is me forever might as well enjoy myself and started going out a lot more and got overly involved in dancing, which was great but ironically a nightmare for meeting anyone. At 32 I met DH and DSS, so became a step mum pretty quickly, then had DS 2 years later. Was not expecting it to happen, but I think the sad and sudden death of my ex, gave me a mental kick up the arse to stop faffing around and then meeting DH felt like fate.

Liverbird77 · 15/10/2020 12:12

I was single and temporarily living back at home, having lost my job at the other end of the country.

I retrained as a teacher and spent a year in a hall of residence. Totally single.

After that I had one or two short term relationships, then a longer one which went nowhere.

I was living in my own flat when I met my now husband, at the age of 36. I moved to the other end of the country to be with him, and we eventually moved back up North when he got a job up here. We got married when I was 40 and now have two children aged 21 months and 12 weeks old.

Rover83 · 15/10/2020 12:26

I was miserable at 27, in an awful FWB type relationship with a girl I worked with. I adored her and it felt to me at the time that she took full advantage of the situation.

I moved overseas to work a year or so later and met my now husband we moved back to the UK together when I was 30. Had children at 31, 32, 34 and 37

Bells3032 · 15/10/2020 12:28

I was very single on my 27th birthday and just six months earlier myon and off again ex had taken his own life just 8 weeks after i lost my own mum. my life was really at the darkest point it had ever been. I had so many confusing emotions

I took some time for myself - to rebuild myself and start living again.

My 29th birthday i rung my friend in tears as so fed up with everything. she said these words to me "You never know what the next year will bring". It would be less than a week later i would meet an amazing guy and by my 30th birthday i was engaged. three years later we are married about to start TTC. I have the most amazing, wonderful man i could ever had asked for.

27 is still young - most of my friends didn't get married til into their 30s. Just keep hope you never know what is around the corner.

Frazzled2207 · 15/10/2020 12:31

Met my husband just after my 30th birthday. I had a great birthday with a “things can only get better” theme as I had hit rock bottom after splitting up with my ex.
Married at 33 and had kids at 35 and 37. Very happy now with how things have turned out (am 42)

BexR · 15/10/2020 12:39

Single until 27. Had never been in a long term relationship and felt utterly crap about myself. Met someone through work that year. Had DC with him after 10 years of being together. Split up less than 2 years later. Now happily single.

If I'm honest I was with him cos I'd felt he was my one chance and I put up with a lot of stuff I shouldn't have (cheating, using prostitutes etc). I would have saved a lot of crappy times and heartache if I'd pursued having a baby alone. Grateful to have my wonderful DC and now in a place where I like myself a lot more.

polkadotpixie · 15/10/2020 12:41

I was single when I turned 27 then met my husband later that year and moved in together 10 weeks later. Got engaged on my 30th birthday, married at 31 and pregnant at 33

You've probably heard it loads but you genuinely do have loads of time Thanks

LaVitaPuoEsserePiuBella · 15/10/2020 12:49

You're so young and have so much to look forward to!

Please don't panic, and date wisely. I had my DC in my mid thirties; hadn't even met their dad at your age. Plenty of time for you.

Eminybob · 15/10/2020 12:59

Although I met my now DH at 24, we were very on again off again, and I had periods of being single up until we finally settled down at about 30.
Had first Ds at 34, got married at 36 and second DS at 38.
27 is still so young and you have loads of time to find someone, or several someone ma if you prefer.

Eminybob · 15/10/2020 13:00


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