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If you were single at 27 and ended up married with kids, will you tell me about it?

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TropicalIslandBeach · 14/10/2020 20:47

I'm so lonely. I can't remember the last time I touched anyone, even platonically.

OP posts:
Indoctro · 15/10/2020 13:01

Single till 30
Married 32
1st child 34
2nd 36

Plenty of time still

allthewaterinthetap · 15/10/2020 13:03

I divorced my first husband at 27 and remarried at 35.

gradetoolisted · 15/10/2020 13:06

Ended a long relationship at 28, met DH at 29, married at 33, DC at 34

LaBellina · 15/10/2020 13:06

I broke up with my ex about 2 weeks after my 30th birthday.

Was terrified that I would never find somebody new. Had a few terrific years with lots of fun living the single life, discovering myself, having great sex and learning what I really enjoy, then met DH and now we have a DS.

You're gonna be fine OP.

TheFluffiestCat · 15/10/2020 13:09

I broke up with my horrible ex at 27. Not even a date for 2.5 years, no luck at all at online dating. Met DH just before I turned 30, got married 2 years later and had DD a year after that.

SmallestInTheClass · 15/10/2020 13:10

Yes, single at 27 after a three year relationship. Married at 32, kids at 34 and 36.

DorisDaisyMay · 15/10/2020 13:15

I remember that feeling... once when I was having my nails done I realised that was the first time I had been touched by someone else for absolutely ages.

I was 26 but then one day I bumped into DH. 3 years later married and another 3 years first child.

It seems so mysterious when you are on the outside..but remember you might meet ‘him’ any time! It only takes a minute (Take That’s wise words!)

DorisDaisyMay · 15/10/2020 13:17

Also when I was 26 I thought I was so old and past it. Now at 42 I know how Young it is. 27 is still young!

CeibaTree · 15/10/2020 13:24

I'd just become single at 27 after a 7 year relationship (we just grew apart), I then had a 2.5 year relationship, and then went on to meet my husband when I was 30 :) 27 is still so young, but I do remember feeling like you do when I became single at that age.

stepmotherofone · 15/10/2020 13:40

I have loads of positive stories for you here.

I met DH at 27, married at 33. No children as I don’t want them but very happy together.

Best friend met her DH at 30 after a disastrous few years of dating. Also married at 33, now has 2 children at 35.

Relative came out of a horrific abusive relationship. Met her now DH at 30, also married at 33 and had her DD at 36.

Another relative was widowed in her 40s. Met a new partner on Tinder a few years later. I doubt she will marry again and she can’t have any more children but they are very happily settled.

There’s 4 just in my immediate circle. I hope it happens for you soon. I’ve been in that situation where the only time I was touched by another person was getting my nails done and I know how lonely that can feel. This year won’t be helping with that but this can’t last forever

Hermie12 · 15/10/2020 13:45

I literally was single or flitted between short term flings through my late 20s and most of my 30s. Met DH when I was 38 and had DD at 40 got married last year at 45.

steppemum · 15/10/2020 13:55

I was similar, and I LONGED to be married. All I have ever wanted was to have kids.

I decided that I wasn't going to sit around waiting for someone, but to get on and have adventures. I know, sounds a bit daft, but i thought if I am going to be single, I'd rather get to 70 and say I have lived a full life.

I went to the Far East and taught in a school for 2 years, immersed myself in the culture, had agreat fun, but really wrestled with myself and being single while there. I cam eot some sort of peace with it. Hard to describe, but just accepted that maybe it was how it is. Then I came back. I went to college to do a second degree and met my dh. I was 31, and so much not looking, that I turned him down at first!
We married at 32, then went overseas again together. Had dc 1 when I was 35, then 2 more aged 37 and 40.

I think that I lost that look of desperation, and instead people saw me differntly, as someone with a life and interesting. It is a attitude really.

steppemum · 15/10/2020 13:59

Oh and I am one of 3 kids and my dh is one of 3 kids.

We are close together in age.
All 6 of us married within 3 years, youngest spouse was 30, oldest was 36. So that is 12 of us, all married at 30 and older!

We are all very happy, settled all have families.

Aged 27, not one single one of us was with our partner (well, maybe the youngest SIL was that age when she met BIL)

Livpool · 15/10/2020 13:59

I was single until I was 31! Now 40, married and have a 5 year old.

I know this sounds trite but you are still young and have time to meet someone. Loneliness is so hard though

duvetfan · 15/10/2020 14:02

I was single at 27 and had been for 2 years. I was so fed up by that point as all my friends were in long term relationships. I know I should have been happy on my own and that there is nothing wrong with being single but the reality was that I was unhappy. I was 28.5 when I started dating my husband, whom I met at work a year previously but we had both moved jobs. I was engaged at 29, married at 30 and had our first DC at 33. Life sometimes just takes you by surprise.

Clawdy · 15/10/2020 14:20

My sister was single at 37.Now married with two children. My friend's daughter was single at 38. Now married with two toddlers!

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