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Do you have any plans for half term ?

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Lardlizard · 13/10/2020 20:50

Struggling for ideas here !!

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Lardlizard · 13/10/2020 21:22


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jennieblack0412 · 13/10/2020 21:25

i don't have kids, so for myself, i'm planning on getting a new ear piercing, and signing up to a dance class, as i've wanted to do it for ages and i know i'll regret it if i never do! i just need to see if i'll be able to keep it up financially for the foreseeable future! and also, trying to find one that's a 1-2-1 class, as the thought of embarrassing myself in front of 10 other people is not too pleasant. maybe i'll work on that once i'm more experienced! Blush

Lardlizard · 13/10/2020 21:39

Oh well done for setting yourself a new challenge

OP posts:
hippohector · 13/10/2020 22:32

Yes. We are staying in as much as possible so as not to catch/spread Covid. Might go for a few socially distance walks. HTH.

Autumngoldleaf · 13/10/2020 23:41

Yes we were due to go to b and b for two nights, cancelling that tomorrow.

samandpoppysmummy · 14/10/2020 00:00

We have a two week half term (I work in the school my DC go to). I'm going to Barbados with my children for 10 days. I'm a widow and don't want to be stuck at home on my own with two teenagers who seem to be permanently attached to their screens. I'm really looking forward to the sunshine ☀️

Dotinthecity · 14/10/2020 05:02

We're going on holiday in the Uk. Looking forward to it.

PopsicleHustler · 14/10/2020 05:22

I promised my eldest girl a box of arts and crafts stuff.

Going to also see.about going to an open air museum thats rarely busy and ideal for social distancing

Bedsheets4knickers · 14/10/2020 05:22

Not making any plans until I know what they'll let us do . I've got a feeling they'll do a mini lock down .

Waxonwaxoff0 · 14/10/2020 05:40

Working. Taking DS on a Halloween trail and pumpkin picking. Meeting a friend for a couple of drinks one evening.

lovelemoncurd · 14/10/2020 05:51

Er...I plan to not catch Covid for a second time. Therefore pretty much doing what I have been doing since March. Right now so should everyone else or this virus will never bloody leave us!

kittlesticks · 14/10/2020 06:32

We are hopefully about to move house so we will be settling in, working from home, maybe getting some new bits for the kids playroom but otherwise staying in.

Waxonwaxoff0 · 14/10/2020 06:35

@lovelemoncurd you do what you want to do but I'm not staying locked in the house.

Sodamncold · 14/10/2020 06:38

Children doing a three day sports csl

Walks etc

Just like any other half term

Sodamncold · 14/10/2020 06:39

Unless they shut, which would be dreadful but I’d adapt

More walks
Beach visit
Cinema nights at home

whiteroseredrose · 14/10/2020 06:40

Might try to visit DS at uni for a day or so unless we become tier 3.

Ineverdidmind · 14/10/2020 06:41

We have a UK holiday booked which we will be going on unless lockdown rules change.
Can't wait.

Hyperfish101 · 14/10/2020 06:43

This made me chuckle. There is a vet high likelihood we are heading for a mini lockdown so not much point in making plans tbh.

Seaswims · 14/10/2020 06:46

Supposed to be going to Pembrokeshire on Friday for a week, staying in a remote air bnb. Fingers crossed nothing changes between now and then!

ItsBeyondMe · 14/10/2020 06:47

Lots of long autumn walks. Probably collect lots of leaves and sticks so my youngest can craft. Lots of Halloween crafting. Lots of baking and cooking. Trying to prise my eldest of her phone. She’s really going to miss her new friends from secondary school!

MinnieMountain · 14/10/2020 06:55

Duxford air museum.

MIL is taking DS to Bury St Edmunds for a day shopping.


I'm going with the "don't make plans that can't be cancelled but remain hopeful" approach. Otherwise life will be pretty miserable.

PineappleUpsideDownCake · 14/10/2020 06:55

Hyperfish. But they've been saying this for the last 3 weeks and each announcement hasn't made any difference where we live (apart from rule of 6.)

We're hoping for theme parks as we dont mind as they're outdoors. So well do those but not keen on indoor spaces such as shopping or friends over! But do wonder where the gov is going with restrictions. I'd expected our area to be stricter and it wasnt.


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Sodamncold · 14/10/2020 06:55


This made me chuckle. There is a vet high likelihood we are heading for a mini lockdown so not much point in making plans tbh.

Chuckle away

The he type of person who is optimistic and makes plans during this time for their children for half term, such as myself and friends, tends to be the type of person that will also approach a lockdown with a “ok let’s make the best of it” approach and makes plans with confines of restriction.

So say just like before (unlikely that restrictive I suspect but anyway), then long daily forest walks where is pack treats they wouldn’t normally have; a beach visit; cinema nights at home; more crafty stuff etc
middleager · 14/10/2020 06:59

I'm going to take it day by day.
My 14 year old is on his second period of SI from school which ends next Sat.
If my other teen (who goes to another secondary with high Cv cases) gets told to SI then this would write off half term.

Impossible to book anything with this risk hanging over our heads. Plus, in a tier 2 area it's meet at the park or in a garden only, if you want to see anyone.

Ineverdidmind · 14/10/2020 07:05

This made me chuckle. There is a vet high likelihood we are heading for a mini lockdown so not much point in making plans tbh

I'm not a 'there's no point in even trying' kind of person. Life passes you by if you live that way.

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