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Favourite things from Sainsburys?

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HaggisTheGreat · 24/09/2020 12:33

I am very bored of our weekly shop and would like to try some new things. (I blame cooking endless bloody meals in lockdown!)
What interesting things do you buy Sainsbury’s? Or even more generally, what new foods have you recently discovered?
I order online so find it hard to just “browse”.

OP posts:
Tootletum · 04/10/2020 20:36

20 mins sorry.

ScribblyGum · 04/10/2020 20:38

The mature Gouda is bloody lovely.

Sandsnake · 04/10/2020 20:55

We eat a lot of their frozen taste the difference uncooked king prawns - they’re great and very reasonable (and a pound off at the moment too). Bung them in curries, pasta etc or often fry them in garlic and eat with warm bread and salad.

Also recently discovered their frozen squid tubes. V easy to defrost, into rings then lightly flour and fry.

Chicchicchicchiclana · 04/10/2020 20:58

The laundry powder (if I can't get to Lidl) and dishwasher tablets. Oh and the white handwash "gentle care" I think they call it. Otherwise - meh.

MenaiMna · 04/10/2020 21:09

Christmas is coming...the ecclefechan tarts are back in stock!

HaggisTheGreat · 15/10/2020 19:29

Just to follow up, have now tried quite a few things from this list. Have loved the olives, the barber’s cheddar, the rosemary crackers (with the cheddar!), the malbec (with the cheddar and the crackers), and the salmon en croute. I didn’t have the nostalgia about the breakfast sausage, think that’s definitely a nostalgia food Grin. Just wish I could order the Eccles cake mince pies - don’t seem to be on offer where I am.

OP posts:
ssd · 15/10/2020 19:30

Fab, thanks op

JesusInTheCabbageVan · 15/10/2020 19:44


Moroccan style dry black olives in a jar

JesusInTheCabbageVan · 15/10/2020 19:51

Ours has a Jamaican section with things like curry pasties and mutton stew ready meals. Really nice!

Kenworthington · 15/10/2020 19:57

The taste the difference Moroccan chicken soup is delish. Fresh not in a tin

Fauvist · 15/10/2020 20:01

Osem chicken flavour soup mix is brilliant (it's veggie too). Love the Taste the Difference macaroni cheese which is as nice as homemade IMO. Olive bread and olive rolls. Greek style flatbreads. Menissez bake at home baguettes are the best bake at home bread I have tried. Cheap KTC garlic and ginger purées are great for curries (and other stuff). Am v keen on the little packs of tiny brown shrimp which taste a hundred times better than the standard pink sort.

Grapesoda7 · 15/10/2020 20:08

Sainsburys spinach and paneer side dish in the ready meal curry section is lovely. With one of their fresh chapattis.

The daal is nice too.

Grapesoda7 · 15/10/2020 20:09

And the Taste the Difference honey and ginger youghurts.

BendyBusBuggy · 15/10/2020 20:10

The taste the difference granola

Sunshine1235 · 15/10/2020 20:29

I love their apple ice lollies, never had a lolly so full of flavour before

Bearnecessity · 15/10/2020 21:21

TTD asparagus soup
Fizzy fangs sweets
Second the chocolate cake mentioned upthread
They used to do a lovely chicken and sweet corn lattice which they stopped doing I have been looking for a replacement so I will check out the salmon en croute ....sounds yum.

Hillbillyhotel · 15/10/2020 22:14

Walnut loaf from the bakery, their fresh prawns with chilli and coriander and the pots & co praline and hazelnut puddings-I go there specifically for the puddings Blush

Thermo · 16/10/2020 19:46

Chocolate melt in the middle puddings (2 pack)
Nothing comes close

Thermo · 16/10/2020 19:47

And the choc chip bakery cookies.
The time of beans and sausage - and I normally don’t buy anything but Heinz.

Oh and their southern fried flavour fries !

Upwiththisiwillnotput · 16/10/2020 20:31

Taste the difference choc chip and hazelnut cookies. You cannot possibly eat just one 😋

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