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What common sights do you see on your street?

96 replies

WomenHour · 05/09/2020 16:30

On my street it's mainly people going for a walk

OP posts:
JoJoSM2 · 05/09/2020 16:32

Lots of children on scooters or bikes.

pinkyboots1 · 05/09/2020 16:32

Lots of cats, police 'visits', Just Eat deliveries and gardening

Gingernaut · 05/09/2020 16:35

Flytipped, broken furniture
Children going mental
Committees of fellas huddling over cars being turned over or revved
Household bins

passthemustard · 05/09/2020 16:35

Litter and the occasional rat 😬

lucysmam · 05/09/2020 16:36

Not a lot!

Never see anyone fetch shopping in, but a weekly delivery at mine.

Rarely kids on bikes or scooters (occasionally they're out). Few people nip to the shop every now & again. Rare anyone opens windows (I do every day) 🤷‍♀️

GroupSects · 05/09/2020 16:38

One set of neighbours faff with their cars constantly.
The alcoholic neighbour mows the lawn in her silk nightie and shouts at her equally alcoholic boyfriend- they’re in their 60s/70s.
Many supermarket deliveries and general vans.

iklboo · 05/09/2020 16:38

People & families walking, small children on bikes & scooters, cats, Asda, Tesco & Amazon deliveries

bloodywhitecat · 05/09/2020 16:39

Tractors and farm vehicles, sometimes a cyclist or a walker.

Londonborncatty · 05/09/2020 16:39

Squirrels, people walking dogs, 4x4 vehicles, neatly cut grass, shrubs.

UntilYourNextHairBrainedScheme · 05/09/2020 16:40

Tractors and agricultural machinery (more often than cars), people going for a walk, cyclists, children going to the playground in small groups on bikes, adult identical twins in identical outfits jogging (ok that's only one set of identically dressed adult identical twins, but they just went passed and I'm in the garden.

People sit in their front gardens here and those passing always greet them - not in the UK Grin

Margo34 · 05/09/2020 16:42

Amazon delivery vans, DHL delivery vans, DPD delivery vans, supermarket delivery vans, cats, and a lady with early 00's Peggy Mitchell styled big but purple hair.

SummerSazz · 05/09/2020 16:42

Walkers, runners, cats and deer (early in the morning)

johnstownflood · 05/09/2020 16:42

I don't live on a street as such but mostly deer and rabbits.

BoomyBooms · 05/09/2020 16:43

Families and elderly going for walks. Cyclists. Dog walkers. Cars lined up along our narrow street.

Coldemort · 05/09/2020 16:45


Litter and the occasional rat 😬

I live next to a canal and once stood on a decomposing rat in the bin store. I was only wearing ballet flats and it squished all over my feet
HarryLimeFoxtrot · 05/09/2020 16:47

People walking and running. Deliveries being made. And the local drug dealer doesn’t seem to have realised that I can see all his operations as the window of my home office is directly opposite the passageway he uses...

Toilenstripes · 05/09/2020 16:48

People walking either to the pub, church or local meadow. Also a few neighbours who always seem to be lurking outside around their cars.

TrufflePioneer · 05/09/2020 16:53

People walking dogs to the field. My particular favourite is the couple who appear to be loudly "training" their dog with commands, but never praise or reward him. So they monotonously call out, "Rover close, Rover no, Rover sit, Rover heel, Rover wait, Rover no..." as Rover wanders aimlessly around on a long lead ignoring them.

Hilarious, I met them with my dog once and Rover was so excited he virtually pulled the poor woman off her feet.

MonkeyPuddle · 05/09/2020 16:56

Woman opposite having to be guided in and out of their driveway as she can’t park for toffee and has a massive expensive looking Range Rover.
Kids in bikes and scooters

kidsdrivingmemad · 05/09/2020 17:00

People walking, kids playing out and the most ever annoying scooters from the teenagers.

NiceGerbil · 05/09/2020 17:05

Builders builders builders noisily working on houses

Neighbours chatting

People taking their dog for a walk/shit

Gardeners gardening and blowing leaves into the road

More cars going quicker than you'd expect in a bunch of no through roads


Pissed teenagers arguing
Police helicopter circling
Foxes doing their thing

melonhead · 05/09/2020 17:06

People taking photos, people walking their dogs, people in masks waiting for their appointment with the doctor


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giantangryrooster · 05/09/2020 17:06

Dog walkers, deers crossing.

Champagneforeveryone · 05/09/2020 17:09

People walking to the shop / pub / church
People doing worthy and improving walks

Nonestopcaberet · 05/09/2020 17:19

Horses, walkers, horses, cyclists, horses, tractors, horses.......

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