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So that mythical MN roast chicken

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MoonahStone · 02/07/2019 14:45

What meals do you actually turn it into to make it last a number of days without your family dying of boredom (or food poisoning) 🐓

OP posts:
JingsMahBucket · 02/07/2019 15:12

Chicken salad (the mayo kind)
Chicken soup
Stir fry
Salads topped with chicken (the green leaf kind)
Add it to ramen along with vegetables

LoafofSellotape · 02/07/2019 15:19

We have a roast chicken and then I make soup and that's it,there's never enough left to do anything else.

LaMarschallin · 02/07/2019 15:21

After cooking a roast chicken dinner (my favourite meal) for a family of four, I'd usually make Coronation Chicken (elder daughter's favourite meal) then chicken, lentil and tomato soup and dumplings (younger daughter's - pre-vegan days - favourite meal). Luckily OH said he liked them all (probably the economy of it made him most happy Smile).
I'd have been pushed to get any more meals off it though.

ZazieTheCat · 02/07/2019 15:21

Chicken fried rice

ZazieTheCat · 02/07/2019 15:22

I like chicken

🐓 🐈

romeoonthebalcony · 02/07/2019 15:23

talking of not poisoning anyone. When you add cooked chicken to a stir fry or other hot dish, is there a certain time/heat it needs to be heated back up to for full food safety? I've managed to never poison anyone I think but got someone coming to visit who has to be extra careful.

LittleAndOften · 02/07/2019 15:23

The chicken dinner, then a chicken and veg curry. Then if I can be arsed I'll boil up the carcass and make a stock for a paella-y or noodle thing.

LoafofSellotape · 02/07/2019 15:24

romeoonthebalcony if you're heating it up I needs to be piping hot . Or just add it cold to the stir fry in a serving dish?

Nottobesoldseparately · 02/07/2019 15:24

It feeds me and DH.
He might then get a sandwich out of it the next day, but usually the dog gets the leftovers.
So in reality, it does one meal. A roast dinner.
BUT, when on a 'diet' DH will cook a chicken, then strip it so he gets his meat for several salads. Persinally i think thats a waste of a roast chicken!

JamaicaGinger · 02/07/2019 15:25

Risotto, stir fry, a delicious strawberry, goats cheese and almond salad

Bluerussian · 02/07/2019 15:25

I love cooking a roast chicken but there isn't usually enough left to make a meal. Have done soup using the carcass and veg for stock and adding the scraps that are left. Other than that, a little bit of cold chicken with ham and salad.

I'm feeling hungry now!

notatwork · 02/07/2019 15:28

Roast chicken for 4 carving one breast and both legs last night.
DD will have the wings as after school snack today.
Other chicken breast sliced for DH's lunch sandwiches,
I picked off the bits and made a chicken and mushroom/veg curry which we'll have tonight.
I'm also slow cooking the bones (and the sludge from the roasting tin) for stock which will go in the freezer.
So 10 or so meals. t was a coop 3 for £10 chicken, so not the tastiest/organic but a higher welfare one.

Gingerkittykat · 02/07/2019 15:41

Chicken and sweetcorn toasties
If I can be bothered make stock and Chinese style chicken and sweetcorn soup with leftover meat
Occasionally a minestrone type soup with stock, meat, veg and tiny pasta

If there is a lot of chicken leftover I will make stock and make an African chicken and peanut stew

I love using fresh chicken stock but often cant be bothered making it, it's also full of nutrients. Thinking of buying a digital pressure cooker just for this reason.

I've seen the rubber chicken on a FB group, basically you need teeny tiny portions to make it stretch. We love big portions in a roast though.

Bluerussian · 02/07/2019 15:41

My local co-op does free range chickens, three for £10. They are lovely.

DirtyDennis · 02/07/2019 15:45

Not helpful but how the fuck do you get multiple meals from a roast chicken for a family?!

If me and DP have a chicken, it'll do us for that one meal, the two of us. We might have a few scraps left over which we can curry but we'd have to bulk that out with lentils as there wouldn't be anywhere near enough for it to just be a chicken curry.

Maybe we're just greedy bastards.

I'd probably boil up the bones for stock.

notatwork · 02/07/2019 15:48

3 decent chicken s for £10 is excellent value.
Apart from one chicken I used my other £10 items for 2x2 seabass fillets: thus needed to stretch the chicken to offset the extravagance of only one meal for the 4 of us from the fish for twice the price Grin

notatwork · 02/07/2019 15:51

multiple meals from a chick is based on portion size: if you carve your chicken into slices instead of chopping off a whole quarter per person you can feed 4 using approx. half a chicken. If you are serving it with roast potatoes, 3 veg, stuffing etc it will be enough.
If you chop off a breast or whole leg per person you will only have enough left to pick for a pie and then make some stock.

MoonahStone · 02/07/2019 15:51

Nice to see some recipes that are t just soup and curry S I'm getting a little bored of those. Chicken and sweet corn toastie is grabbing me, I've got a toastie maker somewhere.

OP posts:
LauraLooDerby · 02/07/2019 15:53

Couldn't decide what to do with it last night, so put it in an omelette (or frittata - depending on how pedantic you want to be about cooked egg and veg terminology).
Was delish.

DirtyDennis · 02/07/2019 15:54

@notatwork But do you get enough chicken for the roast then if you're only having a few slices for the roast itself?
Me and DP just stick the chicken in the middle of the table and hack away at it until we physically can't eat any more. We'll normally have a roast chicken with at least two types of stuffing, roast vegetables, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, pigs in blankets.

00Sassy · 02/07/2019 15:54

Yesterday we just had chicken sandwiches and today I’ve made a chicken and bacon pasta bake with the last of it.
We’re a bit boring Grin

ScreamingValenta · 02/07/2019 15:55

Chicken casserole (can use up leftover veggies in that too). Just bung everything into a casserole dish with some gravy and cook for about 30 mins - couldn't be easier.

TheStakeIsNotThePower · 02/07/2019 15:55

When children were smaller we used to use breasts in curry or stir fry, roast legs, save up wings in freezer until we had enough to do spicy wings or similar and make stock which together with remaining carcass scraps did a soup or risotto.

Now children eat far too much and we do a roast plus soup. Maybe a sandwich if we are lucky.

Disfordarkchocolate · 02/07/2019 15:55

Freeze big bits in gravy for another dinner. Anything left in sandwiches. We only buy small chickens.

sacope · 02/07/2019 16:01

Roast chicken for 4 carving one breast and both legs last night.

I genuinely have no idea how 2 legs and one breast can feed 4.

DD will have the wings as after school snack today.

Not much eating on a couple of wings though.

Other chicken breast sliced for DH's lunch sandwiches,
I picked off the bits and made a chicken and mushroom/veg curry which we'll have tonight.

You managed sandwiches AND a curry from ONE chicken breast? How?

I would understand if it was maybe a super large turkey sized chicken, but 3 for £10 out the co-op is quite small.

Sounds like your family are not big on chicken.

I don't want you to think I was pulling your post apart like a chicken but it is a great example of contrast.

I eat a leg and a breast when we roast a chicken Grin

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