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So that mythical MN roast chicken

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MoonahStone · 02/07/2019 14:45

What meals do you actually turn it into to make it last a number of days without your family dying of boredom (or food poisoning) 🐓

OP posts:
Jinglejanglefish · 02/07/2019 16:02

People must have tiny portions. I can get a roast dinner then usually a chicken and chorizo paella the next day. Just two of us.

ScreamingValenta · 02/07/2019 16:04

A small chicken will do a roast and then a leftovers meal for DH & me. Sometimes there's a bit left for the cats afterwards!

sparklefarts · 02/07/2019 16:08

@DirtyDennis I think we could be really good friends. Can I come to yours for dinner?

Ihopeyourcakeisshit · 02/07/2019 16:10

I think the people getting multiple meals from one chicken are in fact purchasing an Emu Confused
How the bloody hell can two wings be an afternoon snack otherwise.

DirtyDennis · 02/07/2019 16:11

@sparklefarts Grin Of course. I think with this comment "I genuinely have no idea how 2 legs and one breast can feed 4" then @sacope should come too.

I'm absolutely fascinated by threads like this. I have no idea how a chicken can feed four people for one roast dinner meal let alone several million for the next few days.

ScreamingValenta · 02/07/2019 16:12

DirtyDennis Perhaps you need more roast potatoes to pad it out? Grin

Ninkaninus · 02/07/2019 16:12

We have a number of easy meals that we make with leftover chicken:

Thai chicken soup.

Braised lettuce and peas with chicken joints.

Minestrone-style soup.

Chicken Caesar salad.

Chicken pie (easy version made in individual gratin dishes with a puff pastry ‘lid’).

We don’t eat it for days on end though. We usually skip a day between so that it’s not too samey.

A small chicken does two meals. A big chicken does three meals. That’s for two of us. We could stretch it further if we had to but we tend to have quite big portions of protein.

sacope · 02/07/2019 16:13


I will bring my own chicken Grin

Passthecake30 · 02/07/2019 16:13

When the kids were little I'd manage a roast and then I'd put it in another meal like pasta or fajitas.

Now I get a roast and maybe a sandwhich for 2. If we have meagre portions of meat it's a false economy as we're hungry 30mins later.

Ihopeyourcakeisshit · 02/07/2019 16:15

@DirtyDennis we eat like you so get a bigger table as we are also coming over for dinner with everyone else.
I'll bring pudding Grin

sparklefarts · 02/07/2019 16:15

@DirtyDennis @sacope I'll bring another just to make sure a there's enough Grin

Flaming sandwiches and a curry from one breast!

Pootles34 · 02/07/2019 16:18

Dirty that's the thing - it depends how much you want/need. I don't think you need that much meat with a roast - I'd rather fill up on yorkshires and roasties, and just have a little meat.

Obviously horses (hopefully not!) for courses, and if you like lots of chicken then fair do's. But if you want to make it stretch, thats what you have to do.

Ninkaninus · 02/07/2019 16:18

I tend not to use cooked chicken for things like stir-fry or fajitas, but it’d be easy enough to do so. Plus chicken and veg biryani, or maybe a chicken and bacon pasta salad or pasta bake? There’s nots of options.

Stravapalava · 02/07/2019 16:20

Chicken and chips and salad
Chicken fried rice
Chicken curry (slow cooked)
Drummers for the kids with waffles and veg
Chicken & sweetcorn soup
Chicken & halloumi & couscous / rice / salad
Chicken & chorizo pizza / pasta bake / naan bread pizza / pitta pizza
Sweet chilli chicken wraps / pittas
Chicken fajitas / enchiladas / quesadillas
Pulled chicken with accompaniments, sweet potato etc
Banh mi
Stir fry
chicken chilli is nice with big chunks of breast
chicken cowboy beans
Chicken & spinach lasagne
The brown meat is nice in a risotto or carbonara instead of bacon or any creamy pasta sauce really
Spanish chicken stew
Chicken and mushroom pie or puff pastry tart
I do a polenta porridge type thing with chicken and paprika which is really nice


Mrsjayy · 02/07/2019 16:22

I make chicken and bacon salad or chicken fried rice we get 2 meals and a sandwhich out of a regular size chicken.

sacope · 02/07/2019 16:23


From one chicken Grin

fraxion · 02/07/2019 16:25

A roast chicken does my husband two meals, I don't eat it. Roast dinner the first day and usually the favourite is chicken fried rice the next.

notatwork · 02/07/2019 16:25

@notatwork But do you get enough chicken for the roast then if you're only having a few slices for the roast itself? Me and DP just stick the chicken in the middle of the table and hack away at it until we physically can't eat any more. We'll normally have a roast chicken with at least two types of stuffing, roast vegetables, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, pigs in blankets.

@DirtyDennis If you carve up the chicken into slices, leave half in the kitchen and bung the rest on the table on a platter with your stuffings and yorkies plus all your yummy accompaniments I guarantee you won't feel that you've missed out.

Pascha · 02/07/2019 16:26

Roast chicken
Chicken curry or fajitas

I can't be faffing about making stock.

Mrsjayy · 02/07/2019 16:31

Chicken does 3 sometimes 4 of us for a decent roast dinner although i love a carb and will have a tonne of roast potatoes and veg

fraxion · 02/07/2019 16:32

If you carve up the chicken into slices, leave half in the kitchen and bung the rest on the table on a platter with your stuffings and yorkies plus all your yummy accompaniments I guarantee you won't feel that you've missed out.

Wouldn't work in this house, husband would be in the kitchen for seconds. How he is so slim with the amount he eats is beyond me.

notatwork · 02/07/2019 16:34

Oh dear, really not clear, sorry.
Roasted the Coop medium chicken: Cut off one breast and put it in the fridge.
Cut off the wings (tiny) and put them in the fridge
Carved all the leftover meat I could slice neatly into slices and we had that last night.
Then picked all the bits off the carcass for the curry (mostly mushrooms and veggies but meaty enough)
Bones (and roasting pan juices) in slow cooker.

I didn't leave any meat on the bones as I might otherwise as there was stock from the roasting tin: if I use that for gravy then I tend to leave more on the carcass as the stock is my favourite bit!

Last night we have sliced roast chicken (hot) with home made potato salad, and a mixed salad of peppers, cucumber and tomato, mixed herbs, grated carrot and courgette. I used 1.5kg of potatoes between 4 of us (potato salad had potatoes, spring onions, garlic, mayo, yogurt, hard boiled egg). Even DH (big eater) was stuffed.

Carving into slices makes a big difference.

DirtyDennis · 02/07/2019 16:35

@notatwork Shock Leave half a chicken in the kitchen and pad out the roast with spuds?! What witchcraft nonsense is this you speak of?! The flaw is that if I knew the chicken was out there, I'd be out there after my first plateful for the rest of it. Maybe me and DP should take it in turns to hide the other non-plated up part of the chicken in random places Grin

I genuinely once split up with an ex because he was too stingy with his food portions Grin

My dining table to pull-up leaves so everyone's welcome to come over tonight Grin

theworldistoosmall · 02/07/2019 16:39

Roast chicken.
Next day ds has chicken curry mayo sandwich for lunch.
The rest I make a soup with. I like my chicken soup to have chicken in. When it's cold some goes into the fridge and the rest is frozen.
Sometimes will make a chicken curry or stir fry.
Oh, and before I cook, I take off the wings and freeze for bbq wings.

BonnesVacances · 02/07/2019 16:40

Leftover chicken is nice in a pasta dish that normally uses diced chicken breast. If you bulk it out with veg, it's usually a good way of eking out the remains of the chicken.

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