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I partied with Emma Ridley and Mandy Smith

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iwaspartofttheset · 10/05/2023 04:38


OP posts:
0nloop · 10/05/2023 04:39

Who? Lol

iwaspartofttheset · 10/05/2023 04:44

Sorry, I'm 52, you're obv far too young

OP posts:
Pineda · 10/05/2023 04:44

That's a bit niche OP. I know who they are as I'm 57, but I genuinely can't think of anything I need to know about it. I was also partying in London in my mid teens. Different times.

THisbackwithavengeance · 10/05/2023 04:48

Precious poster obviously a young'un!

Ok I have a few questions:

How old were you at the time?

If underage, do you regret it now?

Any gossip you could share that didn't make the press at the time?

How did you get to know both girls?

JaffaCake70 · 10/05/2023 04:53

What did you Make of Mandy's relationship with Bill Wyman? Pretty disgusting don't you think?

notaswearwolf · 10/05/2023 05:07

Are you still in touch with them?

Elvira2000 · 10/05/2023 05:12

I am interested. I remember the news of the world headlines at the time.

Were they friends? Did they look over 16 in real life?

Landlubber2019 · 10/05/2023 05:33

Are you still in contact?

WizardinTraining · 10/05/2023 07:12

I remember them! ER was described as having the face of a child and the body of a woman ๐Ÿคฎ

PinkBallgown · 10/05/2023 07:14

Did you go on The Word?

rookiemere · 10/05/2023 07:15

Which pop stars did you meet ? Did Mandy say anything about Bill Wyman ?

scrivette · 10/05/2023 07:17

Was this when Mandy was very young (13 ish)?

ssd · 10/05/2023 07:20

Nae luck

PieMashLiquor · 10/05/2023 07:23

Oh i remember those days!!

when you say partied - how hard are we talking? I need it in bottles and grams ๐Ÿคฃ

Motnight · 10/05/2023 07:24

Were you also a child at the time?

YellowAndGreenToBeSeen · 10/05/2023 07:25

Are you Amanda de Cadenet?!

Jonei · 10/05/2023 07:28

A different world. There's not anything I need to know though ๐Ÿ˜‚

JimiChoux · 10/05/2023 07:47

Mandy's wedding dress has never left my memory ๐Ÿ˜‚

I partied with Emma Ridley and Mandy Smith
Jonei · 10/05/2023 07:48


littleripper · 10/05/2023 07:50

What were your views on the creepy men at the time, and now that you are their age?

Maireas · 10/05/2023 07:52

Wasn't Mandy 13 when she started with the partying? A bit of a niche AMA, but I remember it well.

Choppyskop · 10/05/2023 07:53

Vaguely remember Emma Ridley. Was this the same time as Amanda de Cadenet was everywhere?

catwithflowers · 10/05/2023 07:54

I've just googled Mandy Smith who is now single, celibate and works for a Catholic charity. She had a pretty sad life. She says she now believes the age of consent should be raised to 18.

littleblackcat27 · 10/05/2023 07:54

The OP ain't coming back to answer anything!

Maireas · 10/05/2023 07:54

Also, Bill Wyman's son married Mandy's mother...........

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