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it's just gone 8am and I'm going to deep clean the bathrooms. Ask me anything.

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lynnepot · 20/01/2019 08:10

OK, it's Sunday morning. Most people are probably having a ly in or just watching kids TV. Not me. I'm about to deep clean the bathrooms. Ask me anything. Cleaning or non cleaning.

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AlwaysInMotion · 20/01/2019 08:10

Why not just stay in bed?

Newsername · 20/01/2019 08:12

Will you be using bicarbonate of soda mixed with bleach for mouldy sealant? Are you insane?

SwimmingJustKeepSwimming · 20/01/2019 08:12

Id never say I was deep cleaning anything!

Is a deep clean different to cleaning?

lynnepot · 20/01/2019 08:17

Ds woke me up at 6.45. We also live next to a church. Their Sunday service and Bell ringing will start at 9. Going back to bed would be pointless.

I don't mix anything with bleach. Big no no. No major mould problems to do deal with today anyway.

Am I insane? Don't think so Not as insane as I was in my teens anyhow

OP posts:
AppleBlossomArseCheeks · 20/01/2019 08:18

I would stay in bed, I applaud you for doing such a thing so early on a Sunday

BusySittingDown · 20/01/2019 08:18

Are you going to use a toilet brush or not? 🤔 Controversial!

LittleLongDog · 20/01/2019 08:18

What are you going to do after?

How many bathrooms do you have?

lynnepot · 20/01/2019 08:19

Deep cleaning to me is when all the toiletries etc get taken out so surfaces can be cleaned and floors mopped, windows cleaned etc

OP posts:
PotteringAlong · 20/01/2019 08:22

Why bother? I didn’t realise anyone did such things in real life!

Truckingonandon · 20/01/2019 08:23

You view cleaning surfaces as deep cleaning?

I'm no Mrs Hinch at home but cleaning surfaces is just standard, surely.

MissingGeorgeMichael · 20/01/2019 08:23

Will you do mine?

hendricksy · 20/01/2019 08:25

That's how I clean my bathrooms every time .. I have 4 of the fuckers .. it's boring !! 🙄

PinkDrink · 20/01/2019 08:25

Are you posting this so you can spend the morning on MN instead? Grin

hopeishere · 20/01/2019 08:25

Is that deep cleaning? I thought it was more than moving stuff about and cleaning under it!!

lynnepot · 20/01/2019 08:27

Toilet brush? Yes.

Once bathrooms are cleaned we will need to do a Sunday food shop. I have a linen basket of washing to work my way through as well. Dh and ds will probably go to the park at some point to kick the football about and come home and dirty the bathroomHmm

Small ensuite shower room, main bathroom and downstairs loo.

OP posts:
GobblersKnob · 20/01/2019 08:30

More than moving stuff around and cleaning under it?

Like what?

Burning it with fire and starting again?

What do you wear when cleaning? I'm a fan of my massive apron but always worry about getting bleach on my sleeves. Aprons don't cover enough of you.

FraxinusExcelsior · 20/01/2019 08:35

Why on earth do you think moving things to clean under them equates "deep cleaning" ?

Cleaning inside the toilet cistern / under the link/ removing the taps and cleaning the that would be DEEP.

Anything else is just virtue signalling cleaning. Sorry love.

Limer · 20/01/2019 08:38

Any chance of before and after photos?

BitOutOfPractice · 20/01/2019 08:40

Most people aren't having a lie in. I'm on my way to a class at the gym. It's hardly the crack of dawn. Are you after a medal?

GobblersKnob · 20/01/2019 08:41

Who cleans inside the toilet cistern? Shock

Why do people need to bash the op's method of cleaning?

She's not cleaning your bathroom she's cleaning her own.


shaggedthruahedgebackwards · 20/01/2019 08:45

Do you think cleaning the bathrooms and doing a food shop on a Sunday makes you special?

Are you expecting questions asking for cleaning tips or questions about your anticipated canonization?

Gina2012 · 20/01/2019 08:45

Surface cleaning is deep cleaning? ConfusedHmm

Notmorewashing · 20/01/2019 08:47

Do most people with young kids not have to get up early every day including Sunday?!

ErictheGuineaPig · 20/01/2019 08:50

Would you like a medal?

lynnepot · 20/01/2019 08:51

Why bother? I ask myself the same thing sometimes. They won't clean themselves however.

I do light cleans during the week just wiping over the basins and loos. I don't clean tiles floors windows mirrors etc during the week. That's how I define deep cleans.

Will I clean your bathroom? No Grin

Four bathrooms. It probably seemed like a good idea at the time hey.

I would spend Sunday morning on mn anyway cleaning or not cleaning Grin

I'm wearing some old jogging bottoms and an old t-shirt. Doesn't matter if they get any bleach marks.

How on earth do you clean a toilet cistern? Genuine question. How?

Photos? If I can be bothered. Not promising though.

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