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it's just gone 8am and I'm going to deep clean the bathrooms. Ask me anything.

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lynnepot · 20/01/2019 08:10

OK, it's Sunday morning. Most people are probably having a ly in or just watching kids TV. Not me. I'm about to deep clean the bathrooms. Ask me anything. Cleaning or non cleaning.

OP posts:
Atalune · 20/01/2019 10:01

I get up at 7 on a Friday and blitz the house then take my friends dog for a big walk. So your thread spread to me?

AfterSchoolWorry · 20/01/2019 10:01

MawkishTwaddle 😂

SalitaeDiscesa · 20/01/2019 10:06

Do you have a nice big apron? A crossover pinny?

Can you still get those black sleeve protectors that footmen wear on Downton for cleaning the silver?

I don't mind cleaning but I like to dress for it, choose the right earrings etc.

Which earrings did you choose? Pics please.

Btw I'm not cleaning. I'm sitting in a café in Paris enjoying the thought of you cleaning Smile

Amrapaali · 20/01/2019 10:20

This is my idea of cleaning. Faff around on MN until the cleaning pixies take care of the manky toilet. Job done!

lynnepot · 20/01/2019 10:24

No worries borntobequiet my sarcasm detector normally switches on out of habit when I log on to mumsnet Grin I don't talk politics on mumsnet. Mumsnet to me is like a pub. Don't talk about politics or religion.

I have no cleaning apron no. I'm not familiar with these black sleeve protectors. I'm not wearing ear rings right now either. Not even showered yet. I'll do that once I've done the cleaning. That way I can admire the clean bathroom whilst I stand in the shower Grin what are you doing in Paris today?

OK I've put a new washing load on, divided washed clothes between laundry horse, radiators and tumble dryer. Beds also been made. Right gonna clean the downstairs loo next up and I must not return to mumsnet until its done!!

OP posts:
lynnepot · 20/01/2019 10:27

Yes Amra there is a lot of faffing about and procrastinating going on Grin right loo, fetch the bleach, I'm going, I'm going now.

OP posts:
DaedricLordSlayer · 20/01/2019 10:29

what does your DH clean?

froufroufoxes · 20/01/2019 10:43

What's your kitkat method? Standard break or bite in one go (horrific). Nibble the choc off the edges? Dunk? Dunk and suck? (Please god no).
The people need to know.

froufroufoxes · 20/01/2019 10:44

Do you like Jamon and would you pay £11 for some in a restaurant?

lynnepot · 20/01/2019 10:53

OK downstairs loo done.

Dh to be fair has just cleaned my car for me. And he's going to go to the supermarket and do the weekly food shop. I think I'd actually rather clean than go to a Sunday busy supermarket. Plus he's gonna take ds Grin generally though dh does the diy and gardening. He also does the bins and takes it upon himself to wash up the dishes. Oh he also cooks and does his own ironing.

Kitkats. I eat one finger at a time. I miss the old foil wrapping though. I use to slide my finger nail down the middle of the kitkat fingers and snap it off like they used to in the TV adverts. It's not the same anymore without the foil. One of life's little pleasure taken robbed. And no dunking fullstop.

What's a jamon?

OP posts:
ATowelAndAPotato · 20/01/2019 10:56

I am loving this thread while drinking a cup of tea.
It’s making me think about cleaning my bathroom, which to be fair, does need a good scrub.
It does get a quick swish to get rid of toothpaste splatters, etc, but don’t have time to clean inside the cistern more than once a week Blush for shame!
The kids are refusing to leave the house today, and DH is in bed poorly, so may finish up my tea and crack on!

lynnepot · 20/01/2019 11:06

Going on towel join me in a bathroom clean combo Grin I've got the main bathroom left to do. I've never once cleaned the toilet cistern. I don't even know how. I asked the question earlier in response to the topic but that person never came back.

OP posts:
froufroufoxes · 20/01/2019 11:09

Too right. Bring back the foil.
Must be better for the planet too than a plastic wrapper that can't be recycled?

I'm in bed with flu. No cleaning for me, not that I intended to, which is why I'm deeply invested in being silly on this thread.

lynnepot · 20/01/2019 11:15

Yeah I just pondered too if a plastic wrapper or foil wrapper was best for the planet. Surely foil keeps it better too. I hope you get well soon.

OP posts:
froufroufoxes · 20/01/2019 11:22

Thank you. Might need to request a kit kat when DP does the big shop later.

jocsin · 20/01/2019 11:28

Photos or it didn't happen.

LadAlive · 20/01/2019 13:22

Are they not still in foil and paper wrapper when bought in a multi-pack?
I have a vivid memory of recently doing a foil rubbing of the Kit Kat logo before sliding my fingernail down the centre and my husband (speaking with his mouthful of un-rubbed Kit Kat, the ignoramus) saying 'What a palaver!'
Is my memory playing tricks with me? Confused

Lokisglowstickofdestiny · 20/01/2019 13:25

Well it's got to be the dullest AMA on Mumsnet ever, mind you I don't know what that says about me for responding to it.

BusterGonad · 20/01/2019 14:17

Loki this is the best AMA ever! A true favorite for me!

borntobequiet · 20/01/2019 14:42

It’s good because you can literally ask anything. For example:
OP, what is the speed of light?
Even if OP can’t recall this instantly, she can quickly Google and respond. Then everyone reading knows the speed of light. I’ll try it:
OP, what is the speed of light?
Now we await her reply. She might have to mop something first, so it might take a few minutes.

froufroufoxes · 20/01/2019 15:33

Well it's got to be the dullest AMA on Mumsnet eve

Some people have no imagination.

lynnepot · 20/01/2019 15:33

Main bathroom was cleaned. Sorry no photos. Just opening my house and myself up to a whole barrage of criticsm on mumsnet.

I think even the multi pack kitkats are in the new plastic wrappers too. I maybe wrong though.

Meh to the dullest thread award.

Google'd the speed of light Grin 299 782 458 metres per second.

OP posts:

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borntobequiet · 20/01/2019 15:36

So now we know. Thank you OP! Put your feet up and have a cup of tea and a KitKat.

lynnepot · 20/01/2019 15:38

Two kitkats in one day? I really shouldn't Grin

OP posts:
borntobequiet · 20/01/2019 15:48

Go on go on go on.

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