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it's just gone 8am and I'm going to deep clean the bathrooms. Ask me anything.

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lynnepot · 20/01/2019 08:10

OK, it's Sunday morning. Most people are probably having a ly in or just watching kids TV. Not me. I'm about to deep clean the bathrooms. Ask me anything. Cleaning or non cleaning.

OP posts:

BobTheDuvet · 20/01/2019 08:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Rednaxela · 20/01/2019 08:56

At time of posting ds has been trundling round the living room screaming on and off since approx 05.00. This is a late start for him.
Is it to early for wine?


O4FS · 20/01/2019 08:57

Why on earth have you started a thread on it?


froufroufoxes · 20/01/2019 09:02

Surface cleaning is deep cleaning?
Do you not shrink yourself down to clean the shelves on a molecular level?
That's what I do when I deep clean. I like to actually clean inside the solid surfaces. With bleach.
I don't feel it's really clean otherwise.


ChikiTIKI · 20/01/2019 09:06

I like to clean on Sundays too, before I go to church.

Do you know how to get shower screen doors all nice any shiny? Mine never looks shiny enough.


TheOrigFV45 · 20/01/2019 09:06

Well I'm about to start my tax return, think I'd rather be cleaning the bathroom!


elQuintoConyo · 20/01/2019 09:07

I cleaned the bathroom (note singular bathroom, I'm not nuts!) after we'd been out at a match all day and DS had bathed. Took 20 minutes.

I find thinking about cleaning and moaning (internally) about it is more draining than actually doing it. I always think "20 minutes and a lovely clean bathroom, is that all?!" Grin I'm a bit of a doofus.

Once a month I go through the bathroom cupboards and draws, checking medicine dates and chucking out old crap, put plasters/toothpaste etc on the shopping list.

We have a party to go to in an hour and effective all else planned for the day. DH us working, I'm making cottage pie and apple crumble this afternoon before sorting clothes for the week:

Get 5 coat hangers
Decide what to wear each day
Put it on a hanger - including underwear
Hang it back up.
Get up blurry-eyed tomorrow and shuffle yo the shower to try and wake up, grab Monday's hanger, put on clothes!
I do the same for DS - otherwise i'll forget he has PE on Wednesday and he'll head off to school in his jeans!
Takes minutes, benefits me all week.

I may dust later as DS just moved a car off the TV table and it looks like it'd been caught in a snowdrift Blush


lynnepot · 20/01/2019 09:12

Do I want a medal? If they are being handed out then OK. I'm not seeking a Nobel peace prize put it that way.

Housework and food shopping does not make me feel special no. What is canonization? Sounds like a great word.

I'm multi tasking by cleaning one fixture at a time then coming back to see all your wonderful questions/criticisms.

It's certainly too early for wine yes.

I started this thread just to keep me amused basically. And it is.

OK, first bathroom nearly done Smile

OP posts:

TheOrigFV45 · 20/01/2019 09:14


it's just gone 8am and I'm going to deep clean the bathrooms. Ask me anything.

borntobequiet · 20/01/2019 09:20

I know from experience that this morning’s work will give you a glow of satisfaction for weeks, during which time you will leave the bathroom(s) to clean themselves. Well done.


O4FS · 20/01/2019 09:22

But what is so interesting about you cleaning your bathroom on a Sunday morning that you think people are curious?

I’m sat here looking at 10 bags of groceries which need to be put away. AMA.


artisanscotcheggs · 20/01/2019 09:25

Hinch is that you?


PatPhoenix · 20/01/2019 09:30

So grateful for only one bathroom.

I'm in bed listening to ds sniff fruitily every few seconds. Will have to get up and take him a hankie.

Hankie got auto corrected to junkie. What a world.


lynnepot · 20/01/2019 09:31

How do you shrink yourself down to a molecular level? And what do you mean by cleaning inside the solid surfaces?

Shower screens I used white vinegar.

I can't say I check for medicines out of date Blush I add things that are empty on a shopping list on my phone as I go though. Cottage pie and apple crumble. Yum, your kitchen will smell amazing Smile

I'd rather clean the bathroom than do a tax return as well.

Are those medals for me? Why thank you. Shall I make an acceptance speech? Grin

borntobequiet sarcasm detector going into overdrive...

As I said I started this thread to keep me amused. I did say ask me anything cleaning or non cleaning.

OP posts:

AfterSchoolWorry · 20/01/2019 09:33

Cleaning inside the toilet cistern

That's just stupid.


lynnepot · 20/01/2019 09:34

OK ensuite is clean, bar the floor which I will do in one swoop with the other bathroom floors after the other bathrooms are done. Cuppa coffee now and a kitkat Grin

OP posts:

HappydaysArehere · 20/01/2019 09:37

Are you so busy that this is the only time you have to clean? Perhaps you are just a morning person and like to work and then flop later on.


MawkishTwaddle · 20/01/2019 09:40

I don’t think you can consider the bathroom deep cleaned until you have prised off each individual tile, soaked them in a bleach solution, rinsed them with the tears of a virgin unicorn, buffed them to a shine and grouted them back on again, frankly.


TheBestThingsInLifeAreFreee · 20/01/2019 09:42

fascinating post


Atalune · 20/01/2019 09:43

What’s your favourite colour?

Do you rate method cleaning stuff??


SeaViewBliss · 20/01/2019 09:44

Only on Mumsnet would snarky comments arise about someone starting a light hearted thread about cleaning the bathroom!

I envy you OP, I too have a tax return to do plus DS (14) had mates staying over last night so I have an upstairs that reeks of Doritos, smelly feet and god knows what else Confused


lynnepot · 20/01/2019 09:45

I work Monday to Friday so yes I normally do the chores on a weekend morning. Did the hoovering and stripped the beds yesterday morning. And a bit of dusting. I'm a morning kind of girl yes Wink

I'm not stripping off all the bathroom tiles. How could it possibly get dirty underneath the tiles anyway? I'm also all out of tears of Virgin unicorns too Grin

OP posts:

lynnepot · 20/01/2019 09:52

Favourite colour is blue.

Yes I like the Rhubarb method but I only use that in the kitchen.

seaview hey its mumsnet, I wouldn't expect anything different. It's partly why I started this thread to keep me amused. And urgh I can imagine the carnage upstairs Confused

OK kitkat eaten and coffee downed. Downstairs loo next. Actually I'm gonna empty the washing machine and put the next load on first.

OP posts:

Ragwort · 20/01/2019 09:53

I am a morning person & love to get housework out of the way first thing, I used to be really efficient when I was younger (that’s 40 for me, now 60 Grin, I used to get up at 6am, go for an hour’s brisk walk, come home, (DH would leave for work), get some housework/cooking prep done, sort breakfast for DS, put him on the school bus at 8.30 and the day was all mine until he arrived home around 4.15. I wasn’t in paid employment those days, it was bliss Grin.

I keep thinking I should go back to a similar routine, DS now more or less independent and I only work part time hours, but much lazier than I used to be!


borntobequiet · 20/01/2019 10:00

I wasn’t being sarcastic! I’m only sarcastic when talking politics, generally.
Enjoy your cleaning.

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