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10 best cheese graters to upgrade your culinary creations

The unsung hero of your kitchen drawer, cheese graters can be used for a whole host of culinary tasks. So, if you’re itching for a new gadget or your old grater has given up the ghost, here are the best cheese graters guaranteed to shave precious minutes off your food prep.

By Karla Napoleon | Last updated Dec 18, 2023

Grating cheese over a pizza

As gadgets go, it’s hard to get excited about a grater. But it’s easy to forget exactly how much they can take on. After all, the best cheese grater doesn’t just grate cheese - you can use it to shred vegetables for coleslaw, raita and rostis; decorate cakes with shavings of chocolate; elevate your cooking with wisps of citrus, ginger and garlic; and sneak veggies in fussy eaters’ meals.

But as anyone who has toiled over a lump of cheddar knows, not all cheese graters are created equal. And bad ones can make grating a tiring, messy and sometimes painful experience.

Not only that, but there are so many different types to choose from - handheld, rotary, box - and an endless number of products. So if you’re looking for a new grater, how do you narrow it down?

To help you choose the best cheese grater for your kitchen, we delved into the Mumsnet forums to see which graters they rated. We also looked at other online reviews and food websites to pick out the best dishwasher safe cheese graters available for UK delivery.

Whether you’re grating, shredding or zesting, our top choices all produce excellent results. And they’re dishwasher safe, too.

Here are the best cheese graters for your kitchen in 2021.

1. Best overall cheese grater: OXO Good Grips Etched Box Grater with Removable Zester

OXO Good Grips Etched Box Grater with Removable Zester

Price £32.30 | Buy now from Amazon

Part of the OXO Good Grips range, the soft handle and non-slip base make this box grater easy and comfortable to use. And when it comes to boxes, it certainly ticks a lot of them.

The big benefit of a box grater is that it offers different types of grater all on one gadget. This one includes an angled slicer and a coarse and medium grater - all made from etched stainless steel to effortlessly handle whatever you throw at them.

It also comes with a measuring container to grate directly into - perfect if you need a certain amount for a recipe. And if you have any left over, just pop the lid on and store it in the fridge.

For many users though, the game changer is the removable zester. You can either use as part of the box grater or lift off to grate and zest ingredients straight into your dishes - whether that’s a dusting of chocolate on a desert, shards of parmesan onto your pasta or lemon zest in your cake mix.

Box graters tend to be a bit fiddly to clean, and one user said that food can get stuck around the black rubber ridge, so we’d suggest washing it straight after use to avoid food getting dried on.


  • Sturdy and comfortable to use

  • Removable zester saves you buying a separate one

  • Measuring container with lid is a useful addition


  • Takes up more space than a flat grater

  • Harder to clean than handheld graters

2. Best budget cheese grater: Heatigo Cheese Grater with Container

Heatigo Cheese Grater with Container

Price £7.99 | Buy now from Amazon

This grater is a dead ringer of the ubiquitous IKEA Chosigt grater, which although are still going strong for many Mumsnet users, have been discontinued.

Thanks to the similar functions and good reviews, we think this Amazon cheese grater is a worthy replacement. With fine and coarse stainless steel blade options, and a decent-sized non-slip container to catch the gratings, it’s a solid option for everyday food prep.

As the low price tag suggests, it’s a stamped grater, which means the blades stick out. This can make fine grating or zesting not as efficient, but none of the reviewers mentioned any problems with this.

The big bonus is that you can grate straight into the container, reducing mess. The container also comes with a lid, so any leftovers can be easily stored in the fridge.

Users love the simplicity and efficiency of the product. It grates well, makes little mess and is easy to clean - not bad for under £8.


  • No-fuss practical grater

  • Safer option for kids

  • Reduces mess as food goes directly into the pot


  • The box isn’t clear so you can’t see how much food is in there

  • Stamped fine grater may not be as efficient as an etched blade

3. Best fine grater: Microplane Premium Classic Series Zester

Microplane Premium Classic Series Zester

Price: From £14.99 | Buy now from Amazon

“The microplane grater/zester. [No more] scraping mangled lemon zest off the inside of box graters.”CogitoErgoSometimes

“Microplane. They are the best.”PersonaNonGarter

Microplane graters are highly rated among Mumsnet users and this nifty zester is sure to become a well-used addition in your gadget collection.

Users love how the fine-etched blades and curved edges glide over food and effortlessly release fine shreds. It’s ideal for hard cheeses and makes zesting citrus fruit, never an easy task, a doddle. You can also use it to quickly dispatch garlic and ginger.

Its compact shape will easily fit into a kitchen drawer (there’s a cover included), ready to whip out and add a flourish to any dish.

It also comes in a variety of colours, so you can pick one to complement your kitchen decor.


  • Shaves minutes off tasks like zesting

  • Easy to clean and store

  • Soft-touch ergonomic handle, so good for those arthritis or weak joints


  • Not suitable for softer foods such as soft cheese

4. Best hand cheese grater: Joseph Joseph Twist Grater, Course and Fine

Joseph Joseph Twist Grater, Coarse and Fine

Price: £20 | Buy now from Amazon

“A Joseph Joseph one - it’s amazing!”- LottaHogs

This innovative grater works a bit harder than most handhelds, which is why we think it justifies the slightly higher price tag.

You can either use it as a traditional handheld to grate ingredients over food or twist the non-slip handle to create a stand, allowing you to grate over a board - perfect if you need to shred larger amounts of food.

And with two different types of etched blade - a coarse one to tackle veggies, fruit and softer cheeses, and a finer one for citrus fruits, hard cheeses or chocolate, plus a cover which doubles as a collection container, this grater covers a lot of bases.


  • Space saver as it offers the functionality of two graters and stores flat

  • Etched blades make for easy shredding

  • Easy to clean


  • Very sharp so you need to exercise caution when using

5. Best grater for soft cheese: OXO Good Grips Etched Coarse Grater

OXO Good Grips Etched Coarse Grater

Price: £14.85 | Buy now from Amazon 

Softer foods, such as mozzarella and butter require a coarse blade to grate them without pulping or smearing all over the grater.

This stainless steel etched coarse grater from OXO will also easily handle things like potato, apple and cheddar. Its non-slip foot and soft-grip handle allow you to comfortably hold it at an angle on a chopping board and quickly grate the amount you require - it’s not going to slip out of your hand while you’re working with it.

It’s handheld, so it’s easy to store and perfect for those smaller tasks when you don’t need to grate lots of food. It comes with a guard so you can safely keep it in a drawer without worrying about anyone catching their fingers on it.

Users loved that it’s a breeze to clean too.


  • Easy to clean

  • Cover guard enables you to safely store when not in use

  • Comfortable to use and the etched blades mean you don’t have to apply much pressure


  • Not suitable for fine grating

  • Some users have reported that the frame breaks after continued use

6. Best box cheese grater: Cuisipro 5-in-1 Tower Grater

Cuisipro Tower Grater

Price: £32.95 | Buy now from Amazon

This box grater has four sides including fine, coarse and ultra coarse, and a slicer, meaning it can tackle anything from citrus fruits to soft cheeses to hard vegetables. And as an added extra, the removable base which catches your gratings, doubles as a ginger grater.

It has an ergonomic soft-touch handle for easy grip and the etched blades feature Cuisipro’s Surface Glide Technology to allow you to grate more food faster with less effort. It will make light work of any task, whether you want to shred an onion, pulp tomatoes for sauce or grate mounds of cheese for pizza night.

It’s on the higher end of the price range, but with a 25-year warranty, you won’t need to buy another one for a long time.


  • Efficiently handles a variety of tasks, including shredding, slicing and zesting

  • Quality brand with a 25-year guarantee

  • Offers the versatility of a box grater with the quality performance of an etched product


  • Very sharp so you need to be careful when using

  • Takes up more space than handheld graters

7. Best rotary cheese grater: Zyliss Classic Cheese Grater

Zyliss Classic Cheese Grater

Price: £10 | Buy now from Dunelm

“...rotary cheese graters are cheap and brilliant.” - MsRinky

Often found at restaurant tables, rotary graters make grating cheese child’s play. Simply put your cheese in the holder, turn the wheel and hey presto, grated cheese!

This rotary cheese grater from Zyliss is highly rated on many cookery sites and we can see why. It has an etched grating drum so can tackle harder cheeses, chocolate and nuts, making it perfect for garnishing or quick additions when you’re cooking on the go.

The grippy rubber handle can be switched for left and right-handed use, meaning it’s easy to operate too. It’s perfect if you’ve got kids helping you in the kitchen as there’s no chance of them grating their fingers.


  • Quickly grates cheese

  • Safe for children to use

  • Easy to take apart and wash

  • Good price


  • Can’t be used for softer cheeses as it can get stuck in the barrel

  • Grates smaller amounts of cheese at a time than handheld or box graters

8. Best grater for entertaining: Alessi Parmenide Grater

Alessi Parmenide Grater

Price: £15.50 | Buy now from Amazon

If you’re looking for something that works just as hard on the dinner table as it does in your kitchen, this might be the best cheese grater for you. Created by Alessi, its contemporary design has even earned it a place at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

With a stainless steel grater and a thermoplastic resin cheese cellar (also available in black and red), it offers you two kitchen products in one sleek package.

Before serving, grate the cheese directly into the cheese cellar, place on the table and let your guests help themselves.


  • Looks super stylish

  • Stainless steel blades

  • No need to decant cheese from one bowl to another


  • No lid for the cellar - it’s designed for cheese to be eaten straight away

  • It’s quite small, so won’t hold vast amounts of cheese

9. Best automatic cheese grater: KitchenAid 2.1 Litre Food Processor

KitchenAid 2.1 Litre Food Processor

Price: £149.95 | Buy now from Amazon

“I have a KitchenAid food processor that I love.” - toastofthetown

Rather than take up premium kitchen space with an electric cheese grater, it could be a better bet to invest in a food processor that will tackle lots of different tasks as well as grating. Many Mumsnet users swear by their food processors if they want to grate or shred large amounts of food at a time.

This KitchenAid food processor offers an affordable entry into the venerable brand. Its compact size won’t take up a lot of your worktop and all the accessories fit into the bowl, so you don’t have to find cupboard space either. The wire wraps neatly around the processor too.

It comes with two different shredding blades, fine and medium, which means you can grate vegetables, cheese and even chocolate with ease. It has a hinged, rather than a twist lid, making it easy to assemble and get on with your food prep.


  • Fast and efficient

  • Safety features mean there’s no way of getting fingers caught

  • Multi-functional


  • Cheese can sometimes get stuck in the lid

  • The clean-up can take longer, but all parts are dishwasher safe

  • Bigger investment

10. Best stainless steel cheese grater: BOSKA Copenhagen Cheese Grater

BOSKA Copenhagen cheese grater

Price: £11.64 | Buy now from Amazon

For a stylish piece of simplicity that quietly sits in your drawer, but makes a big impact out of it, we like this handheld grater from Dutch brand, BOSKA.

Ideal for smaller families or intimate dinners, it’s just the thing when you want to grate hard and semi-hard cheeses directly onto pizza, pasta or soup. You could also use it for chilled butter. It’s lightweight and because you run the grater over the cheese, rather than vice versa, you’ll probably find less shards of skin in your food too!

With a small surface space and no rim for food to get stuck in, it’s a snap to keep clean.


  • Quick and easy to use

  • Easy to clean

  • Safer for children to use


  • Not suitable for large amounts of cheese

  • Won’t grate soft cheese

What to look for in a cheese grater

  • Type of blade: There are two types of cheese grater blade: stamped and etched. Stamped graters are the traditional kind, where the blades stick out of the metal and tear pieces of food away. They tend to be cheaper than etched graters. Etched graters on the other hand are made by an electro-chemical process, which results in a precise, razor-sharp blade that cuts food rather than tearing it.

  • Ease of use: If you use a grater a lot, you’ll be looking for something that can process food quickly and efficiently. So features like ergonomic handles, non-slip bases and etched blades can lighten the load for you.

  • Budget: Cheese graters vary hugely in price, so have a think about your budget and what you’re going to use your grater for. Generally, the more you spend, the better quality of blade and the more tasks you can use it for. But if you’re just looking for a bog-standard grater, then it’s not worth paying extra for more functions.

  • Size of product: If kitchen space is at a premium, you might be looking for graters that will easily fit in your drawer, for example, handheld graters.

  • Purpose: What will you be using the grater for? If you’re constantly churning out meals for a hungry family, you’ll probably want a jack of all trades - a box grater would be a good option here. Or if cooking is more of a passion, you might want to indulge in two or three specialised gadgets.

What is the best type of cheese grater?

The best cheese grater for you will really depend on what you want to use it for, as different graters are good for different types of jobs. Here are the main types.

Box grater

Box graters tend to offer more bang for your buck because with different blades on each side, they can handle a variety of tasks, eliminating the need to buy separate graters. They also tend to be sturdy and easy to use.

The payoff is that they’re bulky and so take up more storage space. They can be a bit fiddly to wash as well, as you can’t take them apart to clean the inside.

Handheld grater

Usually more budget-friendly, and good for smaller amounts of food, handheld graters enable you to quickly grate onto a board or over a dish.

However, some people may find them more troublesome to use with harder foodstuffs, than say, a box grater. And usually, if you’re looking to grate foods that require different sizes of blades - for instance, chocolate and soft cheeses, you’ll need to buy two separate graters.


A fine grater, with very small holes to extract zest from citrus fruits, grate ginger and garlic and produce mini shavings of hard cheeses and chocolate. They’re compact and easy to store and are a worthwhile investment if you like cooking.

In the case of zesters, look for an etched blade, as you’re less likely to end up with a mush on your grater.

Rotary grater

Perfect for hard cheeses, nuts, truffles and chocolate, rotary graters do away with the need for serious arm work. Instead you just turn the wheel and shards fall out of the barrel.

They’re a good option for kids as there are no exposed blades, but you might find them bulky to store and there are more efficient options if you want to grate large amounts of food.

Electric grater

Electric graters these days tend to come in the form of attachments for food processors. They’re unparalleled for quickly and efficiently grating and shredding larger amounts of food. But if you just want a little amount, you’ll probably find it’s not worth the clear-up, so you may want to invest in a handheld or box grater as well.

What cheese graters do chefs use?

When it comes to professional cooks, you’re unlikely to find just one type of grater in their kitchens. For zesting and finely grating garlic, nutmeg and hard cheeses, they will use a fine grater or Microplane-style rasp; a coarse grater to cut though tough spices like horseradish and ginger and shred potato for rostis; and ribbon graters to create vegetable strands and chocolate curls.

What is the best cheese grater?

Thanks to its many genius features, such as a measuring container and removable zester, the OXO Good Grips Etched Box Grater is our best overall buy. Users loved how sturdy it was and comfortable to use, as well as the sharpness of the blades.

How we chose our recommendations

Real people’s reviews are essential when it comes to choosing something like a cheese grater. No matter what the manufacturer claims, you can’t beat the experiences of someone who has put a grater through their paces. So, we headed to the Mumsnet forums to see which cheese graters were helping them cook up a storm. We also looked at other online reviews and checked out cooking websites and what chefs were saying about graters.

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