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10 best bathroom cleaners for a pristine home

From tackling hard water stains to removing limescale, grime and soap scum, a high-quality bathroom cleaner can help keep your bathroom fresh, clean and free from germs.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Feb 24, 2022

Best Bathroom Cleaners

Whilst it’s unlikely to be anyone’s favourite task, keeping your bathroom and toilet clean is an important part of running a family home. 

With so many cleaning products to choose from, it can be challenging to know where to start, but the good news is that the days of hard graft and scrubbing floors to keep your bathroom clean are long gone. There are some really effective bathroom cleaners available that make cleaning fast, efficient and environmentally friendly too. 

From sinks and shower screens to taps, tiles and toilets, we’ve sought out the best bathroom products vetted by real Mumsnet users to help tackle limescale, watermarks, soap scum, grime, and mould and mildew, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your bathroom will be sparkling clean and germ-free.

Here are the best bathroom cleaners to buy in 2022. 

1. Best overall bathroom cleaner: Method Antibacterial Bathroom Cleaner

Method Antibacterial Bathroom Cleaner

Price £3.25 | Buy now from Amazon

Method bathroom cleaner is really good. I use all their stuff - last ages and smells nice too.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user vanillandhoney

A natural yet powerful bathroom cleaner, this Method antibacterial spray is an effective and efficient multipurpose bathroom cleaning spray which is kind to the planet too. Method’s eco-friendly cleaning sprays are made from non-toxic and biodegradable plant-based ingredients and 100% recyclable plastic bottles. With a larger bottle size of 828ml, you’ll need to purchase this cleaner less often than your average 500ml cleaning spray and can even get refill bottles to reduce unnecessary plastic waste.

With an easy to use trigger spray, Method Antibacterial Bathroom Cleaner is ideal for tackling stubborn hard water stains, grime and soap scum as well as mould and mildew across basins, toilet seats and tiles. Dissolving into surfaces, it also requires very little in terms of effort, with minimal scrubbing required.  

Whilst some bathroom cleaners can have quite an overpowering and chemical smell, Method comes with a more natural eucalyptus mint fragrance inspired by the natural world. 

Key specs

  • Type: Spray 
  • Size: 828ml 


  • Environmentally friendly choice 
  • Non-chemical fragrance  
  • Large bottle size 


  • Not all reviewers were a fan of the mint scent 

2. Best budget bathroom cleaner: The Pink Stuff Bathroom Cleaner

Pink Stuff Bathroom Cleaner

Price: From £1 | Buy now from Amazon

The Pink Stuff paste and spray is cheap and works amazingly well. I use with an Elbow Grease hard scrubbing block and a Minky bathroom pad.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user allfallsdown)

If you want to keep your bathroom sparkling clean without spending a fortune, The Pink Stuff comes highly recommended both within the Mumsnet forums and online retailer sites. They have a wide range of product types from sprays, creams and foams, as well as the Miracle Cleaning Paste recommended by Mrs Hinch. 

You can pick up The Pink Stuff multipurpose bathroom cleaners at a budget friendly price - from as little as £1.

We love the Pink Stuff non-drip bathroom cleaner spray which helps remove dirt and grime whilst working well at removing and preventing limescale. 

Key specs

  • Type: Spray, but various including foam, cream and paste are available
  • Size: 750ml


  • Low cost 
  • Versatile cleaners 


  • May require more scrubbing than other cleaners 

3. Best bathroom cleaner for limescale: Viakal Limescale Removal Spray

Viakal Limescale Removal Spray

Price £5.29 | Buy now from Amazon

Viakal spray is a godsend - shiny taps and no water marks on shower doors. Fantastic stuff.” (Recommended by Mumsnetter loveliesbleeding1)

When it comes to limescale removal, Mumsnetters couldn’t speak more highly of Viakal - an easy to use bathroom cleaner spray that tackles even the toughest of limescale, soap scum and hard water marks, without damaging your surfaces. 

Viakal can be used directly or applied with a sponge to taps and plug holes, before rinsing away to leave them shiny and streak-free. As well as getting rid of encrusted grime and limescale, used regularly, Viakal actually helps create a protective barrier to prevent limescale from coming back. 

Users did report quite a strong chemical smell, so ensure the room is well ventilated during and after use. 

Key specs

  • Type: Spray
  • Size: 500ml


  • Easy spray application
  • Effective on limescale and hard water soap scum


  • Strong chemical smell 
  • Not suitable for acid-sensitive surfaces, coloured enamel or natural stones 

4. Best bathroom cleaner for soap scum: Bar Keepers Friend Power Spray

Bar Keepers Friend Power Spray

Price £2.99 | Buy now from Amazon

Bar Keepers Friend, the spray one, sorted my absolutely disgusting shower out with no problems.”  (Vetted by Mumsnet user MehMehMeh19)

If you’re bored of scrubbing away at soap scum in your bathroom with limited success, Bar Keepers Friend Power Spray offers a much easier way to return your sink to its former glory. 

With an easy to use trigger spray, Bar Keepers Friend Power Spray helps remove soap scum, grime and dirt, leaving white surfaces fresh and clean. It's also a great tool for freshening up tiles and brightening grout which may dull over time.  

Bar Keepers Friend has a non-offensive but strong citrus fragrance - reviewers recommend ventilating the room when in use. 

Key specs

  • Type: Spray 
  • Size: 500ml 


  • Effective on soap scum 
  • Beneficial for hard water areas 


  • Citrus scent may not appeal to everyone 

5. Best bathroom grime cleaner: Cilit Bang Limescale & Grime

Cilit Bang Limescale & Grime

Price £4.89 | Buy now from Amazon

Cillit Bang Lime and Grime smells gross but works really well. I spray, leave and rinse. No scrubbing required. Once a week is enough to keep my shower glass sparkly in a hard water area. Although I do squeegee after showers.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user WisestIsShe)

It’s unlikely you’ve got through adult life without seeing a Cilit Bang advert and hearing the dulcet tones of Barry Scott shouting: "Bang and the dirt is gone!"

Cilit Bang Limescale and Grime is easy to use and suitable for everyday cleaning of your entire bathroom from sinks to toilets, bath tubs, glass, mirrors and even ceramic floors. 

Effective at removing stubborn stains including soap scum and even rust on taps and plug holes, simply spray onto the surface and leave to work for a few seconds before cleaning, wiping away and rinsing – absolutely no scrubbing required.

Used regularly, Cilit Bang Limescale and Grime can build up a protective layer on bathroom surfaces to repel water and dust, making them quicker and easier to clean. 

Key specs

  • Type: Spray
  • Size: 750ml


  • Tackles stains (including rust)
  • Builds up protective layer when used regularly   
  • Good for hard water areas 


  • Strong smell

6. Best bathroom cleaner for mould removal: HG Mould Spray

HG Mould

Price £5.25 | Buy now from Amazon

HG Mould Spray is brilliant. Makes it look brand new.” (Recommended by Mumsnetter Tomselleckhaskindeyes

If your bathroom is poorly ventilated, you may start to notice an unsightly build up of black mould or mildew on your ceilings or across silicone seals around the bath or shower. Not only does this look unpleasant, but it can be notoriously difficult to get rid of too. 

This HG spray is a powerful mould and mildew cleaner suitable for cleaning plaster, tile walls and silicon seals, as well as conservatories, sheds and garages that are prone to mould. It takes very little effort and can bring visible results in just half an hour.

Simply spray the surface and leave for 30 minutes before cleaning with water and a sponge. HG Mould Spray is very potent, so it is recommended you wear gloves and open a window if you can. Alternatively, look out for their new foam spray which claims to offer a milder fragrance.

Key specs

  • Type: Spray (or foam) 
  • Size: 500ml 


  • Clears up mould in just 30 minutes 
  • Tackles stubborn black mould build-up 


  • Strong smell (but milder foam option is available)  
  • Wearing gloves is recommended

7. Best bathroom cleaner for shiny surfaces: OzKleen Bath Power

OzKleen Bath Power

Price £11.49 (for two) | Buy now from Amazon

Bath Power. Gets rid of soap scum with no effort.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnetter Flufferty)

If your bathroom surfaces are starting to look tired and dull, OzKleen Bath Power is an effective bathroom cleaner that can bring back the gleam in no time.

Easy to use, this powerful bathroom spray clears away soap scum, limescale and hard water marks in less than a minute. Simply spray surfaces and leave for 30-60 seconds before wiping or rinsing away.

Suitable for most bathroom surfaces (except coloured enamel), OzKleen also works well removing those annoying post-shower watermarks and streaks on taps and screens. 

Key specs

  • Type: Spray
  • Size: 500ml 


  • Excellent shine
  • Works in less than a minute 


  • Must be diluted for use on enamel surfaces 
  • Not suitable for use on coloured enamel 

8. Best bathroom cleaner for toilets: Harpic Power Plus Active Tablets

Harpic Power Plus Active Tablets

Price £3.25 | Buy now from Amazon

Harpic Power Plus Tablets in the black box, absolutely brilliant! Completely cleared the limescale from a toilet that I don't think had ever been cleaned properly. Then Harpic Power Plus Liquid every other day. Nothing works better!’ (Vetted by Mumsnetter Tiddlywinks63)

If your toilet basin is getting on a bit or has not been cleaned regularly, you may find limescale starts to gather under the water line or in areas that are challenging to reach.

For a powerful toilet refresh, Harpic Power Plus Tablets can remove even the most unsightly of limescale build ups. Simply pop a tablet into the toilet and leave for at least an hour (for best results six hours is recommended) and repeat once a week.

If you have a really heavy limescale removal, you may need to leave them to work overnight. 

Key specs

  • Type: Tablets 
  • Size: Pack of 8


  • Easy to use 
  • No scrubbing required 


  • Pricey 
  • May need more than one dose for heavy limescale build up 

9. Best bathroom cleaner for showers: Astonish Trigger Window and Glass Cleaner

Astonish Trigger Window and Glass Cleaner

Price £3.52 | Buy now from Amazon

I clean mine once a week with my usual bathroom cleaner, but spray after every shower with shower spray. Nothing fancy, the Astonish one works well.  It does make a big difference, I stopped using shower spray as a test once and it looked manky after a couple of days.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user Theneverendinglaundry)  

If you’re frustrated with seeing grease, grime, stains or streaks on your shower screens, windows and bathroom mirrors, you may wish to use a bathroom cleaner specifically for windows and glass. 

With a natural eucalyptus and lemon scent, the vegan and cruelty-free Astonish Window and Glass Cleaner is infused with vinegar. It offers an efficient and effective way to remove stains and streaks, leaving your windows clean, polished and free from dirt and grime.  

Aimed predominantly at shower cleaning, you may prefer to use a more versatile cleaning product if you have a shower curtain instead of a screen. 

Key specs

  • Type: Spray 
  • Size: 750ml 


  • Powerful streak-free clean
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Pleasant scent 


  • Only for windows and glass 

10. Best environmentally friendly bathroom cleaner: Ecover Bathroom Cleaner

Ecover Bathroom Cleaner

Price £2.50 | Buy now from Amazon

Ecover Limescale Remover is fabulous! I'm trying to be more eco-friendly with my cleaning stuff.”  (Vetted by Mumsnetter IToldYouIWasFreaky)

If you’re looking for eco-friendly bathroom cleaning products that use sustainable materials and are kinder to our environment, then Ecover products have an excellent reputation and a wide choice of products across their cleaning range.

The Ecover Bathroom Cleaner is made entirely from biodegradable plant-based ingredients and comes in a bottle which is made from 100% recycled plastic. 

With a fresh mint and cucumber scent that you wouldn't traditionally associate with a bathroom cleaner, Ecover is a more natural bathroom cleaner that tackles limescale, grime and hard water marks without using harsh or abrasive chemicals.

Key specs

  • Type: Spray 
  • Size: 500ml


  • A sustainable and eco-friendly choice 
  • Natural plant-based ingredients


  • More expensive than some other bathroom cleaners 
  • Some reviewers felt the clean was less powerful 

How to buy the best bathroom cleaner 

There are lots of bathroom cleaners to choose from, so how do you decide which ones to add to your shopping list? Here are some things to consider when selecting the right bathroom cleaners for you. 

  • Multipurpose: Whilst some bathroom cleaning products are designed to tackle specific areas of your bathroom or combat a particular problem e.g. mould or limescale, you may prefer an all-rounder, multipurpose cleaner that works across your entire bathroom. 
  • Application method: From easy to use bottles with nozzle sprays to tablets, pastes and foams, which application method do you find easiest to use? 
  • Scrubbing required?: Do you enjoy cleaning? (Apparently some of us do!) Are you willing to put in some scrubbing effort to get results or are you after products that require minimal effort?
  • Speed of cleaning: Some bathroom cleaning products have an almost instant effect, whilst others require to be left on surfaces for a prolonged time period before seeing results. Which fits best with your cleaning routine? Also consider the type of dirt, as things like mould will take longer to remove.
  • Scent: Some of the stronger bathroom cleaners can have quite an overpowering or chemical scent. Whilst you can ventilate the rooms while in use to reduce the impact, you may prefer a more subtle or natural fragrance. 
  • Pack size: To ensure value for money, check out the pack sizes as some cheaper packs come in smaller bottle sizes. This can work out more expensive in the long run. You can also buy in bulk packages, which will be more costly upfront, but save you money per product.
  • Price: How much are you willing to spend? Are you comfortable buying a variety of products to get the job done or would you prefer to pay more for one or two more focused products?
  • Packaging: How sustainable do you want your bathroom cleaning products to be? Some products are more eco-friendly and offer natural biodegradable ingredients and recyclable packaging. Are refill packs available to avoid wasting plastic? 
  • Ethical: You may want to consider how the cleaning products are made. Are they tested on animals or vegan-friendly?

Homemade bathroom cleaner alternatives 

Prefer to make your own? If you’re looking for a natural home made alternative to shop bought bathroom cleaners, why not try making your own vinegar-based bathroom cleaners at home like these savvy Mumsnetters? 

Vinegar, soak some kitchen roll in and leave it on the affected areas for a bit, clean off with a sponge or microfiber cloth, I use an old toothbrush for scrubbing round taps and plug holes. It doesn't smell great while you’re using it, but the smell it's gone once washed off.” Tip recommended by Trixieandkatya)

Buy or recycle a plastic spray bottle. Add warm water, a squeeze of washing up liquid and add at least a third of clear industrial vinegar to the mix. Shake. Spray on. Leave for a bit. Rinse off. Great for shower doors using a small rubber squeegee. Save ££££££ on cleaning products.” Discovered by Mumsnetter squanderedcore

How long should you let bathroom cleaners soak?

The amount of time it takes for bathroom cleaners to work depends very much on the product. Some more stubborn limescale, grime or hard water stains may require repeat use, or for the product to be left on for a prolonged amount of time. On average, most cleaning products take between five and 30 minutes to work effectively. 

For more substantial stains or limescale build-up, some products recommend using overnight or allowing significant development time before rinsing away. It is recommended you check the instructions as all products vary.

What bathroom cleaners should not be used at the same time?

The majority of bathroom cleaners contain chemicals and as such, should be kept away from children and used based on their individual safety instructions on the label. You should avoid using products that contain chlorine bleach at the same time as others that use ammonia as this can release toxic gases. You should always ventilate your bathroom when cleaning and some cleaners recommend wearing gloves to protect your skin. 

What is the best bathroom cleaner?

There was so much love for Method cleaners amongst the Mumsnet forums, but this coupled with its glowing online reviews and its eco-friendly ethos, made Method an obvious choice for our best overall bathroom cleaner. Easy to use and effective, with minimal effort required, Method is a great all-rounder to tackle the majority of cleaning requirements. 

How we chose our recommendations 

Picking the perfect bathroom cleaner can be a pretty daunting task, with a large number of products targeting different areas of your bathroom. 

To ensure we were confident with our recommendations, we thoroughly investigated online reviews, cleaner recommendations and tried and tested experiences on retailer sites such as Amazon, Boots, and leading supermarkets. Mumsnetters love a good cleaning chat, so there were lots of recommendations on the forums on the bathroom cleaners that our trusted users own and would thoroughly recommend. 

We researched the pros and cons of each bathroom cleaner in terms of efficiency, performance, ease of use and its environmental impact. We also looked out for any products which were poorly rated or reviewed as ineffective in customer feedback.  

Finally, we weighed up which products were most suited to each area of your bathroom or cleaning challenge to bring you our definitive list of recommendations. 

Why you should trust us

We work hard to provide unbiased, independent advice you can trust. We do sometimes earn revenue through affiliate (click-to-buy) links in our articles. This helps us fund more helpful articles like this one.