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Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Electric Steam Steriliser Review

If your budget is tight, but you need a reliable steriliser that will stand up to frequent use the Tommee Tippee Electric Steriliser is just what you're looking for

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Everything about the Tommee Tippee seems designed to make life easier without drawing attention to itself. It comes already assembled in the box, so it can be plugged in and set going immediately. The design is incredibly simple – just one on/off switch, which lights up when there’s a cycle running – but even so, the instructions are clear, including photographs. The website is equally helpful, repeating the instructions and including extra informational videos. The sterilising cycle, at just five minutes’ long, is one of the shortest on the market.

Tommee Tippee steriliser

It’s an elegant little beast, too: sleek and compact, with a tiny footprint on the counter, but made from surprisingly tough BPA-free plastics. That small size comes with a price, of course: having been designed for wide, short Tommee Tippee bottles, you won’t fit the tallest bottles inside without removing the accessories shelf (this, however, is easy to do).

This steriliser is fab if you don't have a lot of room - It's so slim. It's also super simple to use.

Tongs are provided for safety, and items inside will remain sterile for 24 hours. It’s also at the lower end of the range for energy usage, so no need to worry about increasing bills.

As with all electric steam sterilisers, there’s a risk of limescale build-up, but the instructions include a descaling mixture that can keep the heating element in good condition.

Tommee Tippee steriliser

It may not be the biggest or the flashiest, but the Tommee Tippee is a good-looking, very decent performer that won’t take up much space in the kitchen – and for £54.99, it’s very much worth its cost.

The Specs

BPA-free materials.
Included: steriliser, tongs, Tommee Tippee pacifier
RRP: £54.99

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