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Snuza Hero MD review: does this compact breathing monitor offer peace of mind for new parents?

With the Lullaby Trust's stamp of approval, the Snuza Hero MD is a smart, simple breathing monitor claiming to bring reassurance to new parents. To see for ourselves, we put it through its paces - here's our verdict.

By Poppy O'Neill | Last updated Jan 18, 2024

Price on writing: £100 | Buy now from Argos

How we tested

Our parent-tester Nino tested the Snuza Hero MD with his baby during naps and night times. He scored the monitor and took detailed notes on a number of factors: ease of set-up, stand-out features, peace of mind and value for money.

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Overview of the Snuza Hero MD

Clipping easily onto baby’s nappy, the compact Snuza Hero MD is a medically-certified device endorsed by the Lullaby Trust. It monitors babies’ breathing via their movements, flashing green and giving an optional ‘audible tick’ with each breath. If no breath has been detected for 15 seconds, the Snuza vibrates to rouse the baby. If there’s still no breathing detected after 20 seconds, an alarm sounds to alert the parents. It also has an alarm for a  low breathing rate of fewer than 8 breaths per minute.

Unlike most other baby monitors, it just monitors breathing - there’s no parent unit or app, and no audio or video function. The alarm emits from the device itself, so you’ll need to stay within earshot of your baby for the monitor to work. 

The Snuza Hero MD is designed to offer peace of mind to parents, especially in the first few months of a baby’s life when risk of SIDS is at its highest and parental anxiety can run high. Many parents say having the device improved their sleep, as they could relax in the knowledge that their baby was OK.

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Key specs

Size: 7.3 x 4.3 x 2.9cm | Batteries: CR15270 (included) | Sound alerts: No | Motion alerts: Yes | App control: No


What we like
  • Endorsed by the Lullaby Trust

  • Straightforward to set up

  • Simple functions

  • No wires

  • Small enough not to bother your baby when wearing

  • Gives parents peace of mind

  • No need to charge the battery

  • No need for WiFi or Bluetooth connection

What we don't like
  • Most parents will want to use in tandem with a video or audio monitor

  • Stops being as useful when baby can roll over

  • Great for the newborn stage, less so for older babies

What Mumsnet users say
Goodnewsday ·
I used it once his cord had fell off, so about 10 days until he was a good few months, maybe 4 or 5. In that time we only had one false alarm because it had came loose on the nappy. To me I just thought I couldn’t properly settle into any kind of deep sleep without it. I really liked it ! The only thing that wasn’t great at first was the fact it’s actually quite big on a tiny little baby but it didn’t seem to bother him at all. The light flashes green so before he wore a proper sleeping bag you could see it flashing at all times but he seemed to get used to it. It also saved me needing to constantly risk waking him to feel him breathing.
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Puddlelane123 ·
I used it with mine from about day 5 / 6 when the umbilical cord stump came off as I didnt want it to irritate that. I used it for 12 months plus with two children and found that it greatly helped my anxiety. I liked the feature of being able to hear the audible click with each respiration in the early days, but later on be able to silence it as I got more relaxed. I also liked being able to see the light flashing with each respiration. In months of use I only had a handful of false alarms and on one occasion it genuinely picked up a cessation of breathing that thankfully I was able to respond to instantly. My babies were not remotely bothered by them and I would recommend them. With that said they are movement monitors rather than pulse oximetry, so have limitations and should obviously never be used as substitute for safe sleeping practices. But for added reassurance for an anxious mum like I was - worth every penny.
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StampOnTheGround ·
We used it straight away and it's helped me sleep soundly compared to how I would have without it 😊
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Our verdict

A compact, reassuring breathing monitor at a reasonable price. The Snuza Hero comes reccommended by both Mumsnetters and experts, and we can't help but agree - it's small but mighty when it comes to peace of mind for parents.

How easy is the Snuza Hero MD to set up?

The monitor is a doddle to set up, which is a real plus. Who wants to be fiddling about with tech when you have a baby to deal with? With the Leapfrog LF915HD, the parent and baby units automatically find each other, so once plugged in, it’s very intuitive and straightforward to operate.

Easy to use and clear instructions, calibration took seconds and ready to use.

Once set up, Nino found the Snuza easy to clip onto his daughter’s nappy, and it felt secure once on. Crucially, he found that the device didn’t bother his daughter while she wore it, and she napped as usual.

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What’s the battery life like?

The battery doesn’t need recharging and is designed to last 4-6 months being used on average 8 hours per day. There’s a low battery indicator and if you do need to replace the battery, it takes a CR15270 battery which are available for under £10.

Were there any false alarms?

None - false alarms seem relatively rare for the Snuza, according to Mumsnetters and reviewers across the wider web, especially when compared to breathing monitor mats - some of which seem particularly prone to false alarms.

What’s the Snuza Hero like to use day-to-day?

Nino used the Snuza mainly for naps, and in combination with a camera monitor. He found it reliable and easy to use, giving extra peace of mind while his baby slept. 

While it doesn’t provide the features of a video or audio monitor that allows you to check on your child from another room, the Snuza’s medical certification, focus and simplicity add an extra layer of reassurance for parents.

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Does the Snuza Hero offer good value for money?

At £100, this Snuza is by no means cheap - especially if you also need to shell out for a regular audio or video monitor. However, if you’re looking for the reassurance of a breathing monitor, it’s probably the best value one out there. 

Compared to the Owlet Smart Sock, which keeps tabs on baby’s oxygen level and heart rate, the Snuza is much less high-tech. However with models costing from £240, the Owlet comes with a hefty price tag. Similarly, premium monitors with sensor mats like the Cubo ai and Nanit Pro retail for £250+. 

Then there’s the Tommee Tippee Dreamee. With an RRP of £170 it’s still more expensive than the Snuza, but comes with a video monitor and parental unit, as well as a sensor mat. However, when we tested out the Dreamee, we found the sensor mat to be really sensitive and prone to false alarms. 

All in all, we think the peace of mind the Snuza can bring new parents is worth its weight in gold, which more than justifies the £100 price tag.

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