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eufy Mach V1 Ultra review: is this high-tech gadget the answer to all your floor care needs?

Is it a mop? Is it a vacuum cleaner? Well, it’s both, actually. Mumsnet put this high-tech floorcare gadget through its paces.

By Laura Cooke | Last updated Nov 22, 2023

eufy Mach V1 Ultra review

Price on writing: £649 | Buy now from Amazon

Overall rating: 4/5

Key specs

Type: Cordless vacuum and steam mop | Weight: 5.7kg | Capacity: Clean water tank 820ml, Dirty water tank 720ml | Charge time: 4 hours | Runtime: Up to 82 mins in smart and suction mode, 15 mins in steam mode | Dimensions: (H)117.8 x (W)27.8 x (D)25.4cm | Warranty: One year


  • Holds charge for a long time

  • Can vacuum and mop - even at the same time

  • Charging base keeps wet floorhead off newly cleaned floors

  • Accurate battery power display


  • Heavy

  • Expensive

  • No attachments included

Our verdict

While all the focus has been on Dyson’s upcoming cordless vacuum cleaner/mop hybrid, this summer the maker of some of the best robot vacuum cleaners and best robot mops around released its own version. And it’s pretty good.

The eufy Mach V1 Ultra is a clever machine that can relieve carpets of dust and dirt and give hard floors a good clean too. It has an impressive run time (up to 82 minutes) compared to other cordless vacuums and a handy app lets you know when your vac/mop is in need of some maintenance so you can keep it in tip-top shape and performing at its very best.

It’s true that the Mach V1 Ultra is on the heavy side and certainly isn’t built for stairs, but if you are looking for a quality all-rounder for your carpets and hard floors, then the Mach V1 Ultra certainly ticks a lot of boxes.

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What’s in the box?

  • Mach V1 Ultra

  • Additional roller brush

  • Additional filter

  • Cleaning solution

  • Charging dock

  • Cleaning tool

  • Descaling solution x4

Does it come with a docking station?

Yes, the eufy Mach V1 Ultra does come with a docking station. The charging dock is great for keeping the damp floorhead off your newly cleaned floors. It just lays down flat and the vac/mop simply slots into place for easy charging. I did find the power cord on the charging dock to be a bit on the short side, which is something to consider when purchasing. 

How does it feel to hold?


The thing that struck me when setting up the Mach V1 Ultra was how heavy it felt (which I guess is no surprise as there is a tank full of water in there). However, my six-year-old daughter and 69-year-old father were both able to push the Mach V1 Ultra around without too much trouble. Sticking to the manufacturer's recommendation to keep the main body of the vacuum at a 35-40° angle to the ground and follow the vacuum's forward traction made the process much easier.

What’s the eufy Mach V1 Ultra like to set up?


After the initial four-hour charge, there are quite a few steps involved in setting up the Mach V1 Ultra, which wasn’t too much of a surprise for such a cutting-edge piece of tech. A gentle step on the foot pedal allowed the handle bar to be pushed backward until there was a clicking sound. Pressing and holding the power button for one second caused the LCD display screen to light up and a helpful animation guided me through the basics.

Putting clean water and floor cleaner into their respective tanks was simple. The tanks came away from the vacuum with ease and the appropriate amount of liquid was added before they were both clicked back into place.


To get the best out of your machine, you will need to download the eufy Clean app which, among other things, will allow you to activate the Mach V1 Ultra’s self-cleaning mode. The app also helpfully alerts you when the machine is in need of some maintenance. The app is very easy to download and navigate, even for the technophobes among us.

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What’s the eufy Mach V1 Ultra like to use day-to-day?

The all-singing, all-dancing eufy Mac V1 Ultra can wash, mop, vacuum, steam and sterilize, successfully removing 99.99% of germs, including E Coli, black mould, ringworm and athlete’s foot fungus. As it’s an all-in-one cleaner, it is capable of cleaning wet and dry messes, which proved really handy when I used too much water on the laminate kitchen floor. The Mach V1 Ultra was able to suck everything back up so no harm was done.

The Mach V1 Ultra's smart mode is suitable for daily mopping and hard floor washing, and is turned on by default. Steam mode is recommended for cleaning on all sealed hard floors, including sealed hardwood, marble, tile, and stone floors. The third mode, suction, is ideal for carpet cleaning and vacuuming up dry or liquid waste on the floor. For extra cleaning power when using the mop, just flick the switch and the Mach V1 Ultra will mix the cleaner and water using super fancy Tesla Valve Mixing.

I really liked the LCD screen which was full of helpful prompts. If you have read my review of the Tower VL100 Optimum you will know how much I love an accurate battery indicator on a vacuum cleaner. The Mach V1 Ultra’s illuminated screen shows the percentage of battery remaining, which is much better than the standard three-light battery indicator system that you find on other vacuums. It also holds its charge for an impressively long time so unless you live in Buckingham Palace, there should be no need to recharge halfway through cleaning your floors. 

The Mach V1 Ultra operates at 65 decibels, which is about as loud as a normal conversation, so it’s not particularly noisy, however it was sometimes difficult to hear the vacuum’s electronic voice, even on the highest volume.


One thing I didn’t like about the eufy Mach V1 Ultra is that the vacuumed dust and crumbs and dirty mop water end up mixed together in the same tank, creating some sort of filth soup. To avoid this, I would suggest emptying frequently to stop things getting too grimy.

How well does the eufy Mach V1 Ultra clean carpets? 

I was impressed with the amount of dust and dirt the eufy Mach V1 Ultra was able to lift from the carpet, including long hair, with none getting tangled around the rollers. Which, in a house of three women and girls, is a big plus.

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How well does the eufy Mach V1 Ultra clean hard floors?


The eufy Mach V1 Ultra performed well on hard floors, shifting an impressive amount of grime from tiled, vinyl and laminate flooring. This included tea stains and baked bean splodges, plus more ground in stains, like old curry sauce and Play Doh. It performed well both with and without the fancy cleaner mix.

How does the eufy Mach V1 Ultra cope with pet hair? 

The eufy Mach V1 Ultra picked up pet hair from hard floors easily. It also made light work of pet hair on carpet, even the more stubborn, embedded hairs. Unfortunately it wasn't able to quite shift the embedded pet hair from a deep rug, even on the highest setting. However, I discovered afterward that the Mach V1 Ultra is not suitable for cleaning high-pile carpets, so that goes some way to explaining that.

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How effective is the eufy Mach V1 Ultra at vacuuming stairs?

Due to its size, weight and lack of attachments, the Eufy Mach V1 Ultra is not particularly suited to vacuuming the stairs. You’ll probably need to keep your best handheld vacuum cleaner on standby for this particular part of your floor care routine.

Does the eufy Mach V1 Ultra offer value for money?


At the time of writing (October 17th, 2023), the eufy Mach V1 Ultra was selling for £649 on Amazon, with other retailers selling at £749. It’s true that it is a lot of money, but it compares favourably with the similar Dyson V15s Detect Submarine wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Although the Dyson hasn’t been released in the UK yet, it’s currently on sale for $949.99 in the US (around £780). 

If you like the idea of a wet and dry vacuum cleaner but not the hefty price tag, then you may want to check out the Tineco Floor One S5 Steam Smart Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Steam Mop which, at £469, feels a bit kinder on the wallet. However, some Amazon reviewers have pointed out that if there are any issues with the product, the Tineco customer service team is not always easy to get hold of, whereas eufy has a good reputation among Mumsnetters for helping them out when needed, which many would argue is worth the extra money alone.

Or if pushing an all-in-one vacuum and mop around sounds like far too much work, why not splash out on a labour-saving robot vacuum/mop hybrid? Several months on from my review, I am still in love with my eufy Clean X9 Pro, and I know others who maintain it’s the best £899 they have ever spent.

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How we tested

Reviewer Laura Cooke lives in a four bedroom house with her husband and two kids, aged four and six. The house is a mixture of carpeted, tiled and laminate floors. The Eufy Mach V1 Ultra was also tested on rugs, including deep rugs. It was tested on its ability to vacuum up dust, dried mud, long hair, sock fluff and the odd bit of guinea pig hay. It was tested on its ability to mop up food stains, including tomato sauce, tea and Play Doh.

Laura also tested the eufy Mach V1 Ultra at her sister-in-law’s house, home to cats Terry, Dobby and the beautiful long-haired Cosmo. Laura tested the vacuum on a mixture of carpet, rugs and laminate flooring.

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