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eufy X9 Pro robotic vacuum and mop review: is eufy’s new robot vac-mop hybrid its best yet?

Mumsnetters, this is not a drill - eufy has released a brand new robot vacuum and mop! But does the new bot pack a punch? We put the eufy X9 Pro through its paces to find out.

By Laura Cooke | Last updated Aug 3, 2023


Price on writing: £899 | Buy now from Amazon

Rating: 4.5/5

What we like

  • Strong suction 

  • Very easy to set-up

  • Controlled by easy-to-use app

  • Self-cleaning mops

  • Excellent object detection

  • Superior drop detection

What we don’t like

  • A bit on the noisy side

  • No self-emptying bin

  • Large docking station

  • Pretty pricey

Our verdict

Calling all eufy fans (we know there are a lot of you out there). The maker of some of the best robot vacuums around has come up trumps once again with the eufy X9 Pro robotic vacuum and mop. This hybrid unit has a powerful suction and AI.See™ smart obstacle avoidance, to detect and dodge obstacles with ease. It also managed not to frisbee itself down the stairs, which is obviously a huge plus. As well as being a powerful vacuum cleaner, the X9 Pro mops hard floors effectively and even returns to base to clean and dry its own mops once the task is complete. Which is considerate.

On the downside, the base unit is rather heavy and large (which isn’t surprising as there are two water tanks inside) and the bin isn’t self-emptying. However, in exchange for the overall labour-saving service provided by the X9 Pro, the occasional trip to the bin is no real hardship. 

Key specs

Type of vacuum cleaner: Robot and mop | Weight: 26lbs | Capacity: 0.41 litres / dustbox capacity 410ml | Runtime: 180min (vacuum only), 120min (vacuum and mop) | Charge time: 4-5 hours | Suction: 5,500 Pa | Dimensions: 16.61 x 16.38 x 17.44 inches (auto clean station) | Warranty: 12 months

How we tested

I put the eufy X9 Pro robotic vacuum and mop through its paces at my four-bedroom house in Sussex, home to myself, my husband, two kids and two guinea pigs. The house is a mix of carpeted, laminate and tiled flooring. The X9 Pro was tested on its ability to vacuum up crumbs, hay, porridge oats, sock fluff, hair and various other debris from carpet and hard flooring. The mopping function was tested on tea stains, toothpaste, makeup and other unidentified stains. I used the X9 Pro on the auto, room and zone cleaning settings and tested its ability to avoid obstacles and drops including stairs.

What’s in the box?

  • Robot vacuum

  • Auto-Clean Station (with two removable water tanks inside)

  • Power cord

  • Documents

Does it come with a docking station?

Yes, the X9 Pro does come with a docking station, and quite a hefty one at that, which is hardly surprising as it houses the clean and dirty water tanks. The Auto-Clean Station should be installed on a hard, level surface and in a location that the vac can access easily. The manufacturer recommends removing objects within 1.6ft/0.5m to either side and within 4.9ft/1.5m in front of the Auto-Clean Station. That said, eufy and its docking station have been living happily under my desk for the past few weeks without any issues, just as long as I remember to move myself and my chair out of the way when it careers back home.

How easy is the eufy X9 Pro to set up?


When I first opened up the (very) heavy box, my heart sank when I pulled out a mammoth book of instructions. But actually setting up the X9 Pro was an absolute doddle. Once the Auto-Clean Station was in place, I opened the lid and pulled out the clean water tank to fill it up from the tap. The tank was then replaced, the lid closed and the Auto-Clean Station plugged in. When a blue light appeared at the top of the station, the robot vacuum was popped into the charging dock to power up. And that was it. I’ve set up more complicated spray mops.

How do you control the eufy X9 Pro?


The eufy X9 Pro is controlled by the eufy Clean App, which can be downloaded from the App Store (iOS devices) or Google Play (Android devices). It’s incredibly simple to set up and the app is very easy to navigate. On the first trip around the house, the X9 Pro used iPath™️ Laser Navigation to build accurate maps so that it can navigate the rooms and clean with ease, even in the dark. Once the X9 Pro has a feel for the layout, the app can be used to select a cleaning mode, set the time, schedule cleaning, adjust suction power, view system status, receive notifications and access additional features. It is even possible to change the voice and name of the machine. My eldest named ours Betty (although I have no idea why).

What’s the eufy X9 Pro like to use day-to-day?

As I work from home, I like to send the X9 Pro on its way once I’ve got back from the school run as the robot is less likely to get hassled by the kids (although the child safety lock is a handy feature to have). Anything that eufy is likely to gobble up should be tucked out of the way before cleaning, and there were a couple of near-misses with shoelaces and bag straps. 

Once you have picked a cleaning mode, eufy pootles off to whichever part of the house you send it to. The X9 Pro did a great job at avoiding obstacles and was even able to navigate the forest of chair legs under the dining room table with relative ease. The only obstacle that did phase it was a slight step between the living room and conservatory. It was obviously too low for the sensors to pick up and too high for the machine to travel over, so I did have to go and intervene in what appeared to be some determined humping. Once gently lifted into the conservatory, eufy was able to get right underneath the sofa, which is probably the most low-lying piece of furniture I have. 

On the standard suction, it took the fully-charged X9 Pro a grand total of 52 minutes to vacuum the whole of the downstairs, including the living room, dining room, study, hall, kitchen, utility room and downstairs loo, leaving 21% of battery remaining. Of course the process would have been quicker if I had just whipped out the cordless vacuum, but that defeats the point of having a robot vacuum cleaner in the first place.

How well does the eufy X9 Pro clean carpets?


Thanks to the eufy X9 Pro’s thorough, methodical cleaning, my living room carpet boasts impeccable lines that would make a Wimbledon ground-keeper jealous. The X9 Pro does the business on carpet, with the standard setting enough to pick up most of the dirt and debris, barring a couple of bits of embedded sock fluff. It does a great job of cleaning right up to the edges too.

How well does the eufy X9 Pro deal with hard floors?

The eufy X9 Pro can be used on a higher suction setting to vacuum hard floors effectively. If you choose to deploy the machine’s Twin-Turbo Powered Mop Master system, the bot will change the pressure according to the floor surface, ridding the floor of dirt and tough stains. Once mopping is completed, the mop is automatically raised 12mm to keep the carpets dry while vacuuming.

The mop pads are washed and dried with 40°C air after use so they are ready for the next clean. On the X9 Pro’s first couple of outings on vacuum/mop mode, the robot would high-tail it back to the Auto-Cleaning Station at an alarming frequency to perform this lengthy task, which meant a lot of moving my chair to let the bot get to and from the station. With a bit of exploration of the app, I discovered that you can increase this to 15 minute intervals or opt for mop cleaning on a room-by-room basis.

How well does the eufy X9 Pro cope with pet hair?

Unfortunately I was not able to test the eufy X9 Pro’s ability to vacuum up pet hair. But with an impressive 5,500 Pa of suction, I can’t imagine that pet hair would pose too much of a problem. But I can attest that the X9 Pro is great at picking up the odd bit of stray guinea pig hay (which gets absolutely everywhere.)

How easy is the eufy X9 Pro to clean?


As mentioned above, the eufy X9 Pro is pretty hot on keeping its mop pads clean and dry. When the dirty water tank was full, a notification popped up on my phone and the light on top of the Auto-Cleaning Station turned red. I opened the lid and took the dirty tank out, pouring the mucky water away and cleaning the sludge from the bottom of the tank. Once the clean water tank had been topped up, the X9 Pro was ready to mop once more.

Unfortunately, unlike the Samsung JetBot AI+, the X9 Pro does not have a self-emptying bin. The manufacturer recommends emptying the dust box and cleaning the filter once a week. The rest of the robot, including the sensors, charging pins and brushes, should be given a spruce up once a month.

Is the eufy X9 Pro good value for money?

As you would expect, the eufy X9 Pro is on the pricey side, but it compares favourably to the Samsung JetBot AI+ which would set you back an extra £300 and won’t do the mopping for you. Although if you get in quick (before August 17th), you can take advantage of eufy’s £100 cashback offer, which will further soften the blow to your wallet.

If you are new to the world of robot vacuums and are unsure about splashing out on a top-of-the-range bot, eufy also has a number of cheaper robots that feature in Mumsnet’s best robot vacuums and best robot mops round-ups that you may want to take a look at. But if you are ready to go all-in with hands-free hoovering and mopping, then the eufy X9 Pro certainly ticks all the boxes.

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