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eufy Clean X8 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mop review: is there anything this hybrid robot can't do?

It vacuums, it mops, it makes a colourful map of your home... we pitted the multi-talented, multitasking Eufy X8 Pro against pet hair, hard floors and carpet. Here's how it fared.

By Poppy O'Neill | Last updated Feb 8, 2024

eufy Clean X8 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mop

Price on writing: £429 | Buy now from Amazon

What we like
  • Uses mapping to ensure a thorough clean

  • Hybrid vacuum and mop

  • Trusted brand, highly recommended by Mumsnet users

  • Ability to set a cleaning schedule

  • Sturdy wheels can handle uneven floors

  • No-go zones stop it from going under furniture

  • Self-empties

What we don't like
  • Mop needs to be manually fitted and removed, not as seamless as I first thought

  • Gets bunched up on thinner rugs

  • Slightly confusing app instructions

  • No remote control

Key specs

Type of vacuum cleaner: Robot and mop | Weight: 9kg | Capacity: 400ml dust box, 250ml water tank | Runtime: 180min (vacuum only), 120min (vacuum and mop) | Charge time: 4-5 hours | Suction: 4,000 Pa | Dimensions: 35L x 38.4W x 45.8H

How we tested

Mumsnet editor Poppy tested the Eufy X8 Pro downstairs in her 3-bedroom home. With four pets and two children, there's always plenty of crumbs, dust, hair and paw prints that need hoovering or mopping up, and Poppy tested the robot vacuum cleaner on a variety of hardwood, tile, lino and carpet floors over a 2-week period.

With previous experience of one of the best budget robot vacuum cleaners, the Eufy 11S, Poppy compared the two robots, taking detailed notes on the Eufy X8's performance, ease of use and effectiveness. If you're wondering if she names her robot vacuum cleaners, she does - the 11S is called Guffy, and the X8 is Guffy XL.

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What's in the box?

The robot vacuum cleaner comes with everything you need to set up and get cleaning:

  • Robot cleaner

  • Charging and emptying station

  • Mop attachment

  • Power cord

  • Cleaning brush and detangling tool

How easy is the Eufy X8 Pro to set up and start using?

The charging station and robot are very straightforward - simply find a suitable place for the charging station, plug it in and "park" the robot so it can charge up.

The charging station needs to be put against a wall with plenty of space on either side, so the robot can easily find its way back when it needs to empty its dust box or charge up.

I found the app a little confusing to pair with the robot, but I do tend to find setting up tech quite stressful. After some mild swearing, I got the app paired with the robot and we were ready to go.

Before the X8's first clean, the robot needs to take a tour of your home, making a colourful map of your floorplan on the app. Once it's created this map, you can see where it is and what it's up to, as well as setting no-go and no-mop zones so it doesn't try to mop a carpet, or get lost under the sideboard.

The charging station does speak to you, and I'm happy to report that the voice is easy to switch off in settings>voice settings on the app. You'll get a push notification if the Eufy X8 gets into any form of peril (like a clogged dust box, if it leaves the ground or gets stuck somewhere), but it's otherwise bleep- and announcement-free once you've turned the voice volume down to zero.

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How do you control the Eufy X8 Pro?

Unlike the cheaper, app-less Eufy 11S I've had for a couple of years, the Eufy X8 Pro doesn't come with a remote control. There's a "go home" button on the robot itself, as well as buttons for power on/off and spot cleaning. Otherwise, the robot is controlled via the Eufy Clean app.

You can pair other compatible Eufy devices on the app, so if you have a Eufy doorbell or security camera, you'll be able to control them all from the same place as your robot.

On the app, you can edit the floorplan map, set up zones and send your robot to clean a specific room. The mode I used most was auto, which sends the robot all around the house, vacuuming as it goes.

You can also use the app to trigger detangling the vacuum or emptying the dust box. The robot has LiDAR navigation to help it avoid obstacles, but I would have appreciated the ability to steer the robot myself with a remote control at certain points - the X8 did wander under the TV stand at one point, setting off the original 11S Guffy, who was quietly enjoying his retirement at the time.

I later discovered the manual controls hidden away in settings on the app - good to know for future emergencies, but a remote would have still been handier and quicker to grab.

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What's the Eufy X8 Pro like to use day-to-day?

The robot is very robust and has big, tank-like wheels for navigating different floor types and small obstacles. Compared to the 11S, which was completely bamboozled by thresholds between rooms and would trip and drop a pile of dust if it tried to navigate even the slightest incline, the X8 is impressively all-terrain.

The one surface it did get foxed by was a thinner rug - as you can see in the photo above, the rug got bunched up in the robot's wheels, making it unable to clean effectively. My other, more substantial rugs weren't an issue at all, so it wasn't a big deal to pick up the thinner rugs, give them a shake and put them out of the way while Guffy XL cleared up.

As we have dogs and rugs, a small amount of prep is needed for the Eufy X8 Pro to be able to get on with its job around my house. I put the dining chairs up, roll up the thinner rugs and pick up any dog toys lying around before setting the robot loose. Because of this, I didn't set up an automatic cleaning schedule for the robot, in case I forgot to prep or didn't have time.

For those of a tidier and more organised disposition, you can set cleaning schedules by time, day and room.

With all hard floors downstairs, I was excited to test out the mop function on the Eufy X8. Ever the optimist, I had imagined the mop function would be fully automated, so I admit I was a little disappointed that the mop attachment needs to be manually fitted and removed after a mopping session.

Once I'd filled the water tank and fitted the mop attachment, the robot did a great job mopping. I was impressed by the clean, although tough messes will probably still warrant a once-over with a floor mop.

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How well does the Eufy X8 Pro clean carpets?

I was impressed by the robot's hoovering abilities on carpet: it made light work of pet hair, crumbs and a chewed up stick our puppy had left on the sitting room floor. With Twin-Turbine 2× 4000Pa suction, it can certainly hold its own on even the messiest carpets.

It's important to make sure any wires are safely out of the robot's way, and picking up any chair legs will help the robot do as thorough job as it can. While there is a spot clean function, I find myself using my trusty Dyson rather than going to the trouble of picking up the Eufy to hoover up small messes.

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How well does the Eufy X8 Pro vacuum and mop hard floors?

On hard floors, the Eufy X8 is impressive. Downstairs my house has a mix of parquet, chunky terracotta tiles and lino, with big wooden doorsills at each threshold. My old Eufy 11S could not cope with anything less smooth than a baby's bottom, so I was very pleased to see the X8 making light work of all types of hard floor.

In order to mop, you need to make sure the water tank is full and the mop attachment is fitted - you can check both on the app. A word to the wise - you do definitely need to remove the mop attachment and give the cloth a rinse after each mopping session. I didn't realise and when I came to use the robot a couple of days later, it was really quite smelly.

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Is the Eufy X8 Pro good value for money?

As a time- and effort-saver for keeping on top of housework, it's a revelation. With my Eufy 11S robot vacuum cleaner, I always had to make a little fence out of boxes so it didn't get stuck, tangled or fall down the stairs. No such issue with the X8, as it has smart navigation for spotting and navigating around drops and obstacles.

With an RRP of £599, it's certainly not cheap - for context, a top-of-the-range Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner will set you back around the same amount of money. But compared to lower-priced robot vacuum cleaners and robot mops, its smart features and self-emptying station really do save you time, and what could be more valuable than that?

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