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How to stay cool when you're pregnant

pregnant woman cools down in swimming pool

Pregnant and melting in the heat? From outdoor events to stuffy offices and packed public transport, rising temperatures can be a nightmare for anyone – let alone someone carrying a baby. Keep your cool throughout pregnancy with Mumsnetters' been there, done that tips

How to stay cool at night while pregnant

messy unmade bed

“Spray your sheets with water and put them in the freezer. Lovely.”

“A great trick for warm nights is to use a hot water bottle, but fill it with cold water (or pop it in the freezer for a while). Keeps you nice and cold and saves on electricity for fans.”

“The best way to keep cool in bed is to get a large bath towel, soak it in cold water, wring it out and then use it to cover you when you go to bed – bliss.”

“Put on a pair of wet socks, if you don't mind damp sheets. I've also found a wet pillowcase to be quite effective.”

“I've been putting a baby bath filled with cold water and ice cubes next to the bed. Every time I feel a hot flush coming on I simply swing my legs out of bed and plonk my feet in the water for five minutes.”

Keeping cool when you're out and about

woman sweating heat outside

“If you have to go out anywhere, take a packet of wet wipes with you and keep wiping your face and back of your neck.”

“Try Magicool – it is brilliant and helped cool me down.”

“If you have trouble with a sweaty scalp and drippy make-up like I do – try Odaban. You spray or dab a bit on your scalp and hairline when you've dried your hair and it stops your head sweating.”

Coping with work and commuting when you're pregnant

desk fan office work station

“If you work at a computer all day, get a cheap USB-powered desk fan.”

“Water bottles and wet flannels in a freezer bag in the freezer overnight if doing a tube journey the next day.”

“If you have to sit anywhere hot for a long time – like commuting on an un-airconditioned hell train – an ice pack helps a lot! I wrapped one in thin fabric and put it down my back.”

How to stay hydrated during pregnancy

cold water filter

“Fizzy drinks do not quench your thirst – plain water is best.”

“Stuff like watermelon and cucumbers are lovely and cooling, as well as being full of water.”

“Make some Ribena ice cubes.”

“Ice lollies are better than ice cream, particularly if you make your own overnight (less fat and sugar, so not as sickly).”

Lowering your body temperature

hot tea steaming cups

“I have been told to drink warm or hot drinks so that the internal body temperature rises to the outside temperature, making you feel less hot. It works.”

“Take a cool shower and let the water evaporate off you.”

“I always find a really really hot shower works for me. When you get out it's all nice and cool. It may sound mad, but give it a go!”

“Keep your hair wet if you can – I found this really helped to keep me cool and as much as possible, keep it off your shoulders.”

Finding your cooling spots

ice pack on head

“Those kool strips for migraines are good for cooling your head down.”

“Run your wrists under cold water for an instant cool.”

“Try putting an ice pack in the crook between your chin and neck, just under your ear. It's where the blood is closest to the surface of your skin and should cool you quicker.”

“Put socks in cold water, then in the freezer for half an hour, then put them on (or get someone else to if you can't reach).”

“Keep a foot spray in the fridge.”

Staying comfortable throughout pregnancy

pregnant woman wears bikini summer

“My friend lived in a bikini and sarong at home when pregnant. Fab idea in my opinion!”

“You just have to buy large, airy, cotton clothes and try and look bohemian and have a good time.”

“I spent any time I had at home wafting around in this huge nightgown that was more like a circus tent. It was great as it created its own breeze.”

“Sit around the house in wet clothes!”

“Sitting at home entirely as nature made me – very comfortable!”

Keeping your home cool

fan cooling air

“If you have a fan – get a tea towel and wet it, then put it over the grills (make sure it can't get caught). This will circulate cool air with some moisture, which reduces dehydration.”

“Keep curtains and blinds shut during the day.”

“If you have a loft hatch, open it and warm air will go up.”

Avoiding any unnecessary exertion

pregnant woman sleeping on sofa

“Lie down when possible and do as little as possible”

“Walk in a relaxed leisurely manner.”

“Have your shopping home delivered.”

“Don't go anywhere.”

And if all else fails…

“If I start to get hot and bothered I just remember myself freezing in the winter, and tramping round in the same bloody padded coat day after day, and snap right out of it!”