Publish Parental Leave

Publish Parental leave campaign

We're calling for large employers to publish their parental leave policies for all to see.

Parental leave policies could easily be added to gender pay gap reporting. It's a small, cost-free change that could be a powerful incentive for employers to develop better policies – as well as a great way of celebrating those who do. In our survey, 91% of respondents supported the proposal.

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Results of our survey

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Eight out of 10 are reluctant to ask potential employers about pay and leave for new parents, fearing it would make a job offer less likely. We're calling on the government to add parental leave policies to gender pay gap reports.


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We want Mumsnet users to ask their bosses/ management whether they publish their parental leave policies for all to see – and if they don’t, we’d like you to ask whether they’d consider it

Our analysis of the FTSE 100

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Our analysis of FTSE 100 companies has found that just 23 publish details about their maternity, paternity, shared parental or adoption pay and leave

#PublishParentalLeave updates

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We wrote to all the FTSE 100 companies who don't currently publish their parental leave policies. We will be posting our updates here.