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Mumsnet users say society refuses to acknowledge the sexual desires and needs of women

“Society still assumes sex is something for women to do to please men."

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Feb 1, 2023

Mumsnet sex survey with Ann Summers

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A survey of more than 1000 Mumsnet users conducted with Ann Summers shows that 77% of women believe society thinks mothers are less interested in sex than women without children, and that 68% feel society refuses to acknowledge the sexual desires and needs of women.

Respondents also took issue with media depictions of sex.  93% believe there’s a gap between the way sex is presented in the media versus reality, and 84% agree that the media tends to depict sex as an activity for the young, slim and attractive only.

The survey also revealed the importance of sex for Mumsnet users. 79% of those surveyed said that good sex correlates with a more satisfying relationship all around, and two thirds (65%) think it’s one of the most important parts of a romantic relationship. 

Justine Roberts, founder and CEO of Mumsnet, said:

“Mumsnet has always been a place where women can share opinions, knowledge and advice on anything and everything, including sex, and it will be no surprise to Mumsnet users that the majority of mums consider good sex a key factor in a happy relationship. 

“But the occasional furore that results from the idea that mums are talking about sex - let alone having it - illustrates neatly the concerns that women have shared in this survey.  Too many sections of society are stuck in a stereotypical view of motherhood that pigeonholes mums as only interested in housework and childcare - and this can lead to a situation where women are made to feel ashamed or embarrassed about their sexual needs.  At Mumsnet, we’re happy to counter these stereotypes by providing a forum where women can talk frankly and openly about their sex lives”.  

About Ann Summers

Standing for female empowerment and sexual wellness, Ann Summers has been putting women at the heart of their conversations for over 50 years. Making its mark on the Great British high-street since 1972 and trailblazing ever since. With Jacqueline Gold CBE at the helm, they now have over 80 stores (and growing), and a flourishing network of over 5,000 direct selling party ambassadors establishing and expanding their own business. Not forgetting, they sell over 2 million Rampant Rabbits ® every year.

About the Pleasure Positivity Project

Going from strength to strength, 2019 saw the Pleasure Positivity Project come to fruition. The project was created to break down taboos surrounding sexuality, close the orgasm gap and to educate their followers. Creating yet another safe space for women to discuss all things sexual wellness, empowerment and even have a healthy debate over the comfiest lingerie sets, Fann Summers was created in 2022 and is home to over 8,000 loyal community members who are serious about the pursuit of pleasure.

It’s safe to say Ann Summers is a staple of the British high-street and isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Head to your nearest store or shop 24/7 here.