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How to use pool noodles to babyproof your home

The humble pool noodle is so much more than just a swimming aid. Mumsnetters share their tips on how to use this popular pool toy to help babyproof your home.

By Laura Cooke | Last updated Apr 11, 2024

Once your little one starts to get on the move, you really do need to have eyes in the back of your head. Or at the very least, a sturdy stair gate, and the best child safety locks that you can lay your hands on.

When the time comes to start babyproofing your home, it may also be worth investing in a couple of pool noodles. Yes, you read that correctly - pool noodles.

As well as being a fun toy for splashing around in the paddling pool with, the humble pool noodle can be repurposed in clever ways to provide extra padding and protection throughout your home.

Here are several ways that you can use pool noodles to babyproof your home.

Cushion sharp edges and corners

Protect your little one from sharp corners with this easy DIY solution. Just cut the pool noodles to size, slip them over pointed corners, and watch as potential hazards are transformed into baby-friendly zones.

This also works well on the coffee table edges and the hearth of a fireplace, as Mumsnet user beautifullymad recommends: “Pool noodles or black foam pipe lagging slit lengthways and cut at 45-degrees angles to the corners and glued on. You can get it off again later.”

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Door stopper

“Foam door guards [....] A cut pool noodle will do the job too.” Recommended by Mumsnet user Bobbiepin

Doors can be hazardous, especially when they suddenly slam shut. Attach a section of pool noodle to the edge of the door to act as a cushioned door stopper. This not only prevents painful pinched fingers but also reduces the impact noise, reducing the chance of disturbing sleeping little ones.

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DIY bed guard

“Didn't even bother with a bed guard... Popped a pool noodle under the fitted sheet and a couple of pillows on the floor for the first couple of nights. No big deal!” Tried and tested by Mumsnetter SweepTheHalls

“Both of mine were in proper beds by age 1. With a bed guard on initially and then a pool noodle.” Tried and tested by Mumsnet user CoastalWave

Mumsnetters swear by the old pool-noodle-under-a-fitted-sheet hack as a low-cost way to prevent toddlers from rolling out of bed. However if you have a young child or a particularly wriggly tot, you may want to invest in something a bit more substantial.

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Cover for radiator pipes

Radiator pipes are at the perfect height for little ones to grab onto, which could result in burns. In order to avoid a trip to A&E, a pool noodle cut to size can be wrapped around the pipe, providing insulation and preventing little hands from getting burnt.

The key to successful babyproofing is to stay one step ahead of your little explorer. For the full low-down on when and how to babyproof your home, check out How to babyproof your home: Mumsnet's ultimate guide.

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