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Posie live interview with Katharine Deeves from Save Womens Sports Australasia

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DancelikeEmmaGoldman Thu 03-Dec-20 23:53:21

For a comprehensive and, frankly terrifying, look at the Australian situation.

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NotYourCisterinAus Fri 04-Dec-20 02:19:30

Hadn't heard about Victoria's proposed legislation. I'm in the ACT and I thought that was bad enough!

(I wonder if concerned Victorians lobbied their Upper House it would have any effect? Both the ACT and Queensland have single house legislatures.)

ChakaDakotaRegina Fri 04-Dec-20 08:30:21

She seems very well informed.
The idea that an employer could be fined that amount for simply being aware that someone was critical is terrifying. Worth a listen.

Winesalot Fri 04-Dec-20 15:43:43

The potential changes regarding domestic violence are very concerning. Simply by not affirming your partner/ex-partner's transition.

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