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Alice Roberts - what the hell?

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GenderApostate19 Wed 19-Jun-19 19:40:15

I can’t tell you how utterly disappointed I feel by her comments about Sex and reproduction not being binary. She knows the truth, what the hell is she doing? I’m even more upset by her than by Sarah Champion, she’s a Scientist ffs.

GCAcademic Wed 19-Jun-19 19:43:42

Career, innit? Got to make sure you keep your mug on the telly.

endofthelinefinally Wed 19-Jun-19 19:45:53

Very disappointing.

Apollo440 Wed 19-Jun-19 19:49:36


ZuttZeVootEeeVro Wed 19-Jun-19 19:50:49

Career, innit? Got to make sure you keep your mug on the telly.


If she believes it she would be able to explain it in an easy to understand way. But it all seems to be is 'it's complicated'

OrchidInTheSun Wed 19-Jun-19 19:58:37

Alice Roberts is an idiot. But I don't believe she rally thinks biological differences are cultural, I believe she's a woman who wants to keep her jobs.

OrchidInTheSun Wed 19-Jun-19 19:59:26

Really, not rally. Although I suppose if you're super rp, there's not much difference

EndoplasmicReticulum Wed 19-Jun-19 20:00:42

I am disappointed. I thought her book "the incredible unlikeliness of being" was really good. I'd be interested to read her research on spergs and speggs.

littlecabbage Wed 19-Jun-19 20:06:22

Where/when has she said this?

Melroses Wed 19-Jun-19 20:08:16

You can read the first page of her book on Amazon. confused

HandsOffMyRights Wed 19-Jun-19 20:13:02

She's in the middle of a couple of Twitter debates and has completely lost the plot:

Prof Alice Roberts (*@theAliceRoberts*) Tweeted:
Here’s @HPS_Vanessa on the elusive notion of binary sex - “there has never been scientific (or philosophical or sociological) consensus that there are simply 2 human sexes, that they are easily (and objectively) distinguished, and that there is no overlap”

EndoplasmicReticulum Wed 19-Jun-19 20:14:22

I have the book on my bookshelf.

Link to twitter thread:

HandsOffMyRights Wed 19-Jun-19 20:14:51

Prof Alice Roberts (*@theAliceRoberts*) Tweeted:
@lecanardnoir @NHM_London It really doesn’t. And the crucial point for me is that people are trying to use science (which actually does not provide the neat answers they want it to) to oppress a certain group of humans. And even if the science was as clear cut as they think it is, why use it as a weapon?

HermioneWeasley Wed 19-Jun-19 20:15:40

I can’t believe what a disappointment she is. As a biologist and respected humanist, she’s still not brave enough to state well established scientific fact. I’ve lost all respect for her

HandsOffMyRights Wed 19-Jun-19 20:16:49

Prof Alice Roberts (*@theAliceRoberts*) Tweeted:
@Celestite66 @NHM_London You’re using a phrase which is offensive and misplaced. Have some respect.

EndoplasmicReticulum Wed 19-Jun-19 20:17:26

I'm not as sad about Prof Roberts as I am about the Natural History Museum though.

GenderApostate19 Wed 19-Jun-19 20:17:44

She’s also busy blocking people who are asking awkward questions on twitter - the article she quoted has since been clarified by the author who stated that there are definitely only two Sexes.
She thinks denying reality is being ‘kind and compassionate’ .

Sarahjconnor Wed 19-Jun-19 20:27:45

There needs to be more understanding of how easy it is for wealthy women to be 'kind and compassionate'. They don't use public toilets or find themselves locked on a mental health ward or in prison. They can afford to be kind and compassionate.
Alice Roberts is like Catherine Denenuve who condemned 'me too' as a bit of harmless flirting she could say no to. I bet she could, she is rich, famous and powerful.
It is an outrageous lack of empathy.
They can be 'understanding' because they can afford to be and they disgust me.

MrsOnions Wed 19-Jun-19 20:31:57

Fucksake, I really liked her!

Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Wed 19-Jun-19 20:32:18

On Twitter. She does say that nobody is arguing against sexual dimorphism, but there's an awful lot of 'Shouldn't we all be nice to each other?' going on.

HerFemaleness Wed 19-Jun-19 20:32:50

''How I feel in myself has no bearing on what someone feels. If someone who looks like a man and has XY chromosomes tells me he feels female - I cannot tell her she is ‘wrong’. Would you?''

How Alice feels in herself has no bearing on anyone else. But if a man feels like a female then apparently this does have a bearing on every single woman on the planet.

Get away with your misogyny, Alice. A man does not get to define who I am based on his feelings.

AnyFucker Wed 19-Jun-19 20:35:04

Christ, another one. How embarassing for her.

Goosefoot Wed 19-Jun-19 20:38:09

Wow, those natural history tweets are interesting, to say the least. What is really odd is that they are talking about animals in terms of "diversity".

EndoplasmicReticulum Wed 19-Jun-19 20:40:19

They're anthropomorphising all over the place. (Did I spell that right?).
I imagine that the NHM twitter is not twitted by a scientist.

GCAcademic Wed 19-Jun-19 20:42:03

This is what happens when people stop believing in religion. They have to find some other bollocks to believe in instead. It seems to be a human compulsion. Even academics, some of them scientists, aren’t immune.

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