Update: identifying as non-binary for work award

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Somerville1234 Wed 03-Apr-19 02:02:30

Can't find the old thread... but anyway, there's an award/opportunity at work, only for people who are LGBT+++. I don't remember all the categories but they included genderqueer, genderfluid and genderfree. Also K, which I'm reliably informed stands for kink lifestyle. I don't understand why someone would need a special thing at work for getting off on weeing and whips (?? I don't watch porn, I don't have a clue), but maybe I'm just old fashioned. Anyway, old fashioned or not, I'm gender free because I don't believe in gender. And I wanted the professional opportunity. (Forgive me for the vagueness - being careful because of doxxing.) And you lot were encouraging...

I ended up applying - which didn't involve saying how I met the criteria, just ticking that I did. And then I was perpexedly approached by my woke boss.
(WB "Erm... so you realise that this is for LGBT+++ employees, Somer?"
S "Yes."
WB "Erm...it was my understanding you're a straight woman...?"
S "I'm genderfree and-"
WB: "Really?" <peers at my normal 40 yr old working woman attire>
S "Yes, and I think I need to remind you that the staff handbook recommends that no-one should assume anybody elses's gender."
WB: "Oh, terribly sorry about that.")

I then had a lovely meeting with HR where they were very keen to update my pronouns on the system. I told them that being gender free I require the box beside gender to be left empty, but that I can accept female pronouns because that's my biological sex. They were happy with this novel idea smile and to learn more about the difference between sex and gender. They young HR person didn't know they're not synonyms but he learns something new every day apparently.

And now... I've heard I'm shortlisted for the next round!
It's been announced to the whole company, and I've had a few bemused looks but no direct transphobia, I'm happy to report. smile
My longsuffering DH (works in same field) has been teased a bit for my gender identity but he's happy to suffer for the sake of my fight for equality. smile

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Manderleyagain Wed 03-Apr-19 02:08:27

I remember the thread. Omg!

GirlDownUnder Wed 03-Apr-19 02:09:42

thanks brave and stunning!

Good luck on the next round.


Somerville1234 Wed 03-Apr-19 02:22:31


Oh, and I forgot to update that woke boss got me an appointment with HR in one day, whereas when he needed me on an urgent work trip, but they first needed to facilitate me expressing breast milk, it took 3 days and a lot of nagging and stress. It was so good to learn my company's devotion to essential issues of equality... and for woke boss to witness that too...

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sackrifice Wed 03-Apr-19 02:56:01

It's like magic isn't it?

Fridasrage Wed 03-Apr-19 03:01:47

Oh christ.

colehawlins Wed 03-Apr-19 03:02:59

* I told them that being gender free I require the box beside gender to be left empty, but that I can accept female pronouns because that's my biological sex. They were happy with this novel idea*


colehawlins Wed 03-Apr-19 03:05:06

I'm assuming it's not determined by a public vote? Which is a shame smile

aidelmaidel Wed 03-Apr-19 03:05:09

That's terribly brave and stunning of you. I'm laughing my socks off. Hope you win.

stealthsquirrelnutkin Wed 03-Apr-19 03:10:18

So heartening to hear that your gender and pronouns are being treated with proper respect and you are still in the running for the opportunity.

BitOfFun Wed 03-Apr-19 03:33:31

Marvellous- I salute you grin

Hullabalooo Wed 03-Apr-19 03:40:54

Really impressed with this!

darceybussell Wed 03-Apr-19 04:02:22

No fucking way! This is brilliant 😂

darceybussell Wed 03-Apr-19 04:03:22

No fucking way! This is brilliant 😂

AgentProvocateur Wed 03-Apr-19 04:18:37

Brilliant! Hope you win grin

BorsetshireBlew Wed 03-Apr-19 04:29:02

You are brilliant!

CallMeWoman Wed 03-Apr-19 05:01:52

Stunning and brave. Best of luck!

OVAgroundWOMBlingfree Wed 03-Apr-19 06:14:39

So stunning, so brave.

EmpressLesbianInChair Wed 03-Apr-19 06:17:09

grin Genderfree.... I need to remember that one!

Jessgalinda Wed 03-Apr-19 06:22:34

Just read this out to DP while I get ready for work. He thinks we both should declare we are gender free.

He knows my company and it will help with my application for promotion.

I might give it a go.

Well done OP!

seeingdots Wed 03-Apr-19 06:27:00

This is brilliant. I really hope you win!'

BlodwynBludd Wed 03-Apr-19 06:30:04

I hope you win. So brave! And of course stunning.

StealthPolarBear Wed 03-Apr-19 06:32:19

Good luck op! If I can still call you op...

StephsCaddy Wed 03-Apr-19 06:44:29


axil Wed 03-Apr-19 06:45:21

OP I missed your first thread, but this is brilliant! I'm chortling away to myself in bed!

Definitely brave and stunning!

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