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Lily Madigan tweets

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TwistedStitch Sun 07-Oct-18 13:05:55

Not sure if this has already been posted. Lily Madigan, the women's officer, saying that a group of women they disagree with can go fuck themselves. Labour are a fucking joke.

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TwistedStitch Sun 07-Oct-18 13:07:24

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MoseShrute Sun 07-Oct-18 13:08:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

C0untDucku1a Sun 07-Oct-18 13:10:47

Ill add it to the email to my female mp too.

IStandWithPosie Sun 07-Oct-18 13:11:54

Why are the Labour Party ignoring someone who represents them speaking like that and swearing at people? It baffles me. If this was another LP representative I have no doubt they would be removed from their position.

TerfedOff Sun 07-Oct-18 13:12:17

Only labour can do anything about this person. I will email my labour MP and bring it to his attention. I'm going to email him again to invite him to the meeting on Tuesday anyway so I'll just add it in.

ScipioAfricanus Sun 07-Oct-18 13:12:53

Ugh. What a disgusting thing to say.

NopeNi Sun 07-Oct-18 13:13:01

Lily's just a troll who gets off on attention.

Not had much lately, hence this.

AnyFucker Sun 07-Oct-18 13:15:20

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

ChrysanthemumsAreMums Sun 07-Oct-18 13:16:12

Oh, is they back from their LA odyssey with Cara Delevigne and some sequins?

<yawns> <hides thread>

kesstrel Sun 07-Oct-18 13:20:09

It's appalling. Not just the disregard for women's concerns, but the inappropriateness in a Labour official. But I've given up hoping for better from them.

ThinkIveFoundYourMarbles Sun 07-Oct-18 13:21:11

If my name and position were well known locally and I tweeted something like this, I would be very heavily disciplined by my workplace.

TwistedStitch Sun 07-Oct-18 13:21:24

Why on earth has MoseShrute been deleted??

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ToeToToe Sun 07-Oct-18 13:22:19

I like the look of the first reply too wink

"A disgrace to the Labour movement." Hear hear.

TwistedStitch Sun 07-Oct-18 13:23:15

If you click the link in the second post you can read the responses to the tweet. I forgot to put it in the OP.

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McTufty Sun 07-Oct-18 13:25:26

Whatever one’s views on the trans issue, that tweet is unprofessional and disgusting. Telling people you represent to go fuck themselves at all, let alone in so many words, is astonishing behaviour.

And if you’re going to be a women’s officer you have to take on board the views of and represent all women, not just those you agree with.

MaisyPops Sun 07-Oct-18 13:25:33

I think that's true of most people to be fair.

Somehow LM managed to build a name for themselves moving from human who liked tweeting about how a female sport event for women was mean and discriminatory towards men only to reinvent themselves claiming to be a woman who is amusingly fixated on being rude and aggressive to women.

I cancelled my labour party membership because of the party's inability to get a handle on idiots like LM.

AnyFucker Sun 07-Oct-18 13:26:24


ToeToToe Sun 07-Oct-18 13:27:47

Thank you OP. First reply in full:

"Young <redacted> you disgrace the Labour movement with your misogyny. You offer nothing but narcissism, vacuity & spite. The grown-ups who recklessly empowered you are guilty of dereliction of duty."


@johnmcdonnellMP @jeremycorbyn @tom_watson @HarrietHarman @YvetteCooperMP

I feel that first response covers everything I feel about this tweet. Well said.

FermatsTheorem Sun 07-Oct-18 13:27:54

Time to resurrect the "TERF translator", which was a suggestion in here a while back: every time you see a tweet saying "TERF" replace it with the phrase "woman/women who say things I don't agree with", read the tweet aloud, and see how it reads. It's a very revealing exercise and really brings home the extent to which "TERF" functions as a replacement for "witch".

LizzieSiddal Sun 07-Oct-18 13:29:33

That tweet is disgraceful.
They seem to go through a “phase” like this every so often, delete offending tweets then carry on as if nothing had happened.

I do wonder what they’ll have to say before they have to face any kind of disciplinary action. Women labour members have been in trouble for saying far less.

PurpleCrowbar Sun 07-Oct-18 13:30:21

One of my social media accounts is not in my full name (well, none of them are).

Some time ago, I posted something along the lines of 'so fucked off with <local company who'd given me poor service>', & my line manager, who is a friend, Had A Quiet Word.

I pointed out that I wasn't readily identifiable to service users, didn't have any of them as SM friends, & was not referencing anything even remotely connected to work - to which the response was '...& that's why this is a conversation, not a disciplinary, but no effing in future, please!'

I promptly defriended & blocked my manager - who was fine about that! - but have been rather more circumspect since, anyway.

LM is tweeting ex officio. Why has LM still got an 'officio'?!

This shouldn't be OK in any professional capacity. Regardless of LM's opinions.

AnyFucker Sun 07-Oct-18 13:30:22

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

AnyFucker Sun 07-Oct-18 13:31:21


NameChangedAgain18 Sun 07-Oct-18 13:31:24

As an academic, I feel desperately sorry for the lecturers who are going to have to teach this individual.

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