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It will never happen - resource thread.

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MipMipMip Mon 27-Aug-18 18:24:28

I'm hoping Rowantrees will be a contributor on here! This is basically a thread to keep together stories of all the things that we have been told will never happen. Please put what the item is about as well as a link for clarity.


MipMipMip Mon 27-Aug-18 18:26:50

Study on voyeurism increase after Target store (America) allowed gender identity to be used for changing rooms.

Ereshkigal Mon 27-Aug-18 18:28:38

Men won't ever falsely take this opportunity to gain from trans rights legislation and policy:

Men pretend to be women to seek elected positions in Mexico

MipMipMip Mon 27-Aug-18 18:29:52

Transwoman with male genatalia claims discrimination after salon refuses to give Brazilian wax as no one trained for male body.

MipMipMip Mon 27-Aug-18 18:32:57

To be clear this is to be used as a resource as we are frequently told when we raise safeguarding fears that something would never happen and predatory men would not take advantage. This thread is to be used to as an easy way to give relevant examples where it has happened.

This thread is anti safeguarding relaxations, not anti trans.

heresyandwitchcraft Mon 27-Aug-18 18:35:19

This entire thread about prisons:

Stickerladiesoftheworldunite Mon 27-Aug-18 18:35:24

Thanks for setting this up. This will prove a valuable resource in our evidence-based arguments surrounding self ID.

MipMipMip Mon 27-Aug-18 18:35:26

Women's refuge that requires group showers welcomed transwoman who then sexually harassed other users.

MipMipMip Mon 27-Aug-18 18:39:05

Prision governors warn predatory male offenders are claiming to be trans on the hope of moving to the female estate.

MipMipMip Mon 27-Aug-18 18:41:05

Transwoman prisoner with msle genitalia housed in female estate assaulted several vulnerable women.

HavingALittleBabyToolshed Mon 27-Aug-18 18:43:50

Lots here

MIdgebabe Mon 27-Aug-18 18:44:46

Men would never pretend to be a woman simply to gain priveldged access to women or children. It is completely different commitment to being a priest.

MipMipMip Mon 27-Aug-18 19:18:33

Abused women told to leave women only shelter for domestic abuse after objecting to transwoman with male genitalia.

XXcstatic Sun 02-Sep-18 15:32:09


ErrolTheDragon Sun 02-Sep-18 16:20:59

Unisex changing rooms nothing to worry about.

* Trans campaigners have dismissed concerns about women’s safety in gender-neutral spaces, with one prominent trans activist, Paris Lees, saying that “making bathrooms more trans-friendly hasn’t led to any problems”.*

R0wantrees Sun 02-Sep-18 16:32:09

Homeless shelter for women in California, court case pending:
Shelter forced women to shower with person who identified as a transgender woman and sexually harassed them, lawsuit says
"FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A prominent Fresno charity, homeless women, and the transgender community all say they're experiencing a nightmare come true.

Nine women homeless women signed on to a lawsuit against Naomi's House and its parent company, the Poverello House, saying the last place they could go to feel safe is now dangerous because they're forced to shower with a transgender woman.

The Naomi House bills itself as a gentle haven of healing and a safe haven for single, homeless women, but a new lawsuit says it put a lot of women in harm's way in a very vulnerable spot -- the shower.

It says the shelter requires them to shower in groups, and it opened its doors to a person who identified themself as a transgender woman who made lewd and sexually inappropriate comments, and leered at them while they were naked.

"This is the biggest fear they bring up, that you're going to have people who may not even be transgender in bathrooms and settings where people are naked and their privacy rights are being violated," said Peter Kapetan, who filed the lawsuit on behalf of the women.

Poverello House administrators tell Action News federal law says they have to treat a person identifying as a woman as a woman -- and there's no way to test whether it's true." (continues)


R0wantrees Sun 02-Sep-18 16:39:27

Francis Crook (Howard Reform League)
Prison reformer Frances Crook said that she was worried that ‘some men with a history of extreme violence and sexual violence against women have found a new way of exercising aggression towards women’

Ms Crook, executive director of the Howard League for Penal Reform, added: ‘These men are not transitioning because they like women and want to be a woman, but in order to exert a new kind of control and dominance over women, a sort of infiltration.

‘Moreover, the process is inherently discriminatory. A woman identifying as a man could not be transferred to a man’s jail because placing a person with female attributes into a prison to live with 1,000 men, all using communal showers and living areas, would put them in serious danger.’

R0wantrees Sun 02-Sep-18 16:45:41

Canadian Women's Refuge Toronto:

Anchorage Shelter

MipMipMip Mon 03-Sep-18 14:05:50

Tara Hudson, a violent transwoman with no GRC (so legally male) and apparently still with male genitalia sue ministry of justice for putting her in male prision in accordance with the law.

MipMipMip Mon 03-Sep-18 14:07:56

Transwoman sexually assaults 10 year old girl in private home (usa).

MipMipMip Mon 03-Sep-18 14:13:07

Majority of sex assaults against women take place in unisex changing areas.

MipMipMip Mon 03-Sep-18 14:15:39

Reported as woman - actually trans

Transwoman pretends to be teenage girl online to get young males yo explode themselves.

MipMipMip Mon 03-Sep-18 14:17:49

Reported as woman- actually trans

Group of Trans women assault and seriously injured man on underground.

MipMipMip Mon 03-Sep-18 14:20:09

Transwoman charged with sexual assault against fellow prisoners in women's prision.

MipMipMip Mon 03-Sep-18 14:22:57

Marie Dean, a transwoman about whom surgery is not known, demands move to women's prision .

An excellent article covering nuances by Sarah Ditum.

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