This is how traffic to the feminism board has increased

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BarrackerBarmer Tue 10-Jul-18 14:33:37

You're going to love this.

Number of people entering the MN site via the Feminist Chat topic:
June 2016: 15,000
June 2018: 177,000

That's a TWELVE-FOLD increase.
And that's just people entering the MN site directly into femchat. Lots of people enter Mumsnet via other routes like active talk, and then navigate to the feminism boards next.

Overall site visits in June 2018 compared to June 2016 showed an increase from 17M to 26M, which is a very healthy increase of 53%. But the impressive twelvefold increase in visitors going directly to feminism shows a significant change in behaviour.

Keep talking, brilliant women of feminist chat.
People are taking notice.

Thanks to @MNHQ for responding to my request. And if others find this stuff interesting, join me in asking MNHQ to share more data like this with us.

(I'd like to know overall visits to femchat as a proportion of site traffic, and see if that has changed too)

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SasBel Tue 10-Jul-18 14:34:53

Wow, just wow!

HotRocker Tue 10-Jul-18 14:38:16

Yes, I wonder why? Excellent! Keep talking all you wonderful women, the word is getting out.

Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Tue 10-Jul-18 14:38:19


I feel I should admit, in the interests of keeping the FWR boards open, that I took my adblocker off for Mumsnet a while back and am now occasionally clicking through to other websites. I bought some stuff yesterday as a direct result of doing that. So if others are doing similar we are probably earning our keep!

WichBitchHarpyTerfThatsMe Tue 10-Jul-18 14:39:06

That's very interesting and heartening Barracker. I wonder what negative slant certain people might want to put on that change in user behaviour? Coming here for evidence of the transphobia? It wouldn't surprise me!

HumphreyCobblers Tue 10-Jul-18 14:40:17

This is great.

I only really go on Feminist Chat now.

LurkingBee Tue 10-Jul-18 14:40:19

I used to come on via AIBU, now I just come straight here.
I'm delighted to see that. Great insight and discussion has brought a lot of us lurkers here. Thanks to the regulars, credit where it is
oi oi


gendercritter Tue 10-Jul-18 14:42:18

That is amazing. Thank you for sharing that.

womanformallyknownaswoman Tue 10-Jul-18 14:43:58


ToeToToe Tue 10-Jul-18 14:44:28

I do love that!

Mumsnet is a hugely feminist space, always has been. It's what attracted me here - many years before this whole thing kicked off.

Bowlofbabelfish Tue 10-Jul-18 14:45:24

Amazing! Thank you and thanks to MNHQ for sharing this.

53rdWay Tue 10-Jul-18 14:47:21

I bet about half of those are the Twitter gender identity enforcement squad, here to monitor us closely for any dangerous feminism wink

YogaDrone Tue 10-Jul-18 14:48:01

That's an incredible uplift. I always come here via Active Conversations but even on there it's noticeable how many are FWR whereas a year ago it was mainly AIBU and _Chat.

I also took my ad blocker off as a result of Justine's "free speech" interview in The Times and have bought stuff as a result of clicking through since then - most recently a rather expensive sofa!

Oldstyle Tue 10-Jul-18 14:48:26

Delighted but not surprised. I'd assumed that Mumsnet was shirefolk discussing expensive pram brands (sincere apologies all round). I'd ignored its existence until I started to read about WPUK and tried to go to one of their meetings but was scared off by the climate of fear created by activists and allies. Then I heard that new rules were being set up to moderate this part of the forum because you were all getting a bit uppity and inclined to say things like 'oi oi' and 'does PhD stand for Pretty Huge Dong' so I came to have a look and have been here ever since. And you are all fab. xxx

KimCheesePickle Tue 10-Jul-18 14:49:06

I've been a longer term lurker who occasionally sticks her head over the parapet when she has something substantive to add, and I remember the days when the feminism board had maybe 2 or 3 new posts per day. Now the whole first page is taken up with new posts everyday pretty much, I can't keep up grin Still learning and still peaking.

Battleax Tue 10-Jul-18 14:50:48


BettyDuMonde Tue 10-Jul-18 14:54:59

Interesting, very interesting!

I wouldn’t be here if there were no FWR boards. I occasionally stray into AIBU via active topics but this is the only part of the site that is unique in catering to my interests - I have tons of chatty, non political parenting groups via Facebook etc and stay in touch with my Bounty forum ‘due in’ cohorts from 2011.

So yes. Mumsnet is GC feminist net for me, and if it stays that way I will happily make a concerted effort to buy from advertisers.

53rdWay Tue 10-Jul-18 14:55:28

folk discussing expensive pram brands

Yeah many do, inc. probably me before I had children. It is I believe one of the reasons Mumsnet has flown under the radar of those who wish to shut us up for so long.

It’s also the reason why many of said people think Mumsnet feminist chat has been ‘radicalised’ by sinister outside forces, because why else would a bunch of wittering mummies start having thoughts about systematic oppression?

TerfsUp Tue 10-Jul-18 14:58:35

Thanks for this, OP.

OunceOfFlounce Tue 10-Jul-18 15:02:24

I think this board is such a valuable resource so I'm really glad to see how many people its reaching.

Justanothernap Tue 10-Jul-18 15:05:47

When I open a new tab in my browser the ‘frequent pages’ option pop us. The mumsnet icon used to take me to ‘active’ now takes me here. I don’t often post often but it’s true to say this corner of mumsnet has been an education for me.

WhereDoWeBeginToCovetClarice Tue 10-Jul-18 15:07:54

That's wonderful.

GardenGeek Tue 10-Jul-18 15:14:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SisyphusWasGenderCritical Tue 10-Jul-18 15:20:55

I only come for the FWR now and come directly. And ok, style and beauty sometimes. And I do like a good bunfight from time to time. Barely look at parenting threads anymore

LangCleg Tue 10-Jul-18 15:46:36

We have reach.

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