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Gender Critical 'Lurkers'

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BadasIwannaB Thu 28-Jun-18 19:36:07

I’ve been reading the Gender Critical threads on Mumsnet for a few months now and I’m ‘delurking’ to say THANK YOU! To all the intelligent, articulate gender critical feminists here - you are my absolute heroes, and you’re really giving me hope!

I’ve thought for a long time that many aspects of the supposedly right-on rhetoric about gender is deeply misogynist, and I was unsettled and annoyed at how much pressure there is on women not to challenge it, and how much supposed ‘feminists’ enforce that pressure. But for a long time I felt like I must be the only person who thought this, because I wasn’t seeing anyone speaking out, and on the v few occasions where I mentioned any of this to friends, it didn’t go down well. So it’s been hugely inspiring and reassuring to see that there’s this growing community here standing up for women against the bullshit. I’ve literally been reading the discussions here every day for the last few months, and it cheers me up so much! I’ve become such a fan of so many of you: LangCleg, Datun, Bowlofbabelfish, Ereshkigal, Angry Attack Kittens, I could go on and on…

So I started wondering, how many people like me are there reading these threads and cheering silently from the sidelines? I’m hoping there are lots of us. I think it’s easy to think we’re a tiny minority because of all the fear surrounding joining the discussion, but maybe if we all delurked we’d see that that’s not the case.

So any other lurkers wanna delurk?

PetraDelphiki Thu 28-Jun-18 19:37:20

I’ll join you! Thank you to all the intelligent brave women sticking up for us!

EndoplasmicReticulum Thu 28-Jun-18 19:41:36

Hello. I would like to say I particularly enjoy the science threads.

OunceOfFlounce Thu 28-Jun-18 19:43:35

I'm pretty much a lurker and feel lucky to be able to keep learning and being inspired.


TodaysUserName Thu 28-Jun-18 19:46:18

I largely just lurk.

I am lurkacus thread?

OvaHere Thu 28-Jun-18 19:47:29

I am lurkacus thread?

Datun Thu 28-Jun-18 19:51:45


Thank you for that.

From what I understand, and also from what mumsnet have said, for everyone who posts there are 10 people lurking. So if a thread has 1000 posts...

Even taking into account multiple comments from the same poster.

Mumsnet has 12 million unique users per month.

It's absolutely fantastic when they delurk to say hi I'm here.

I promise you, everyone who posts was a lurker once.

DJLippy Thu 28-Jun-18 19:52:10

If anyone wants to look at some historic threads that may have gone down in the timeline check out this thread, it's got some of the threads that I found really useful in my de-lurking

If you have any threads that you found useful please feel free to add...

noCISinSister Thu 28-Jun-18 19:52:10

I am definitely Lurkacus that! I have spent the last 2+ years learning so much on these threads, and now follow so many inspirational people on twitter, who were recommended on here, as a result.

Bingpot Thu 28-Jun-18 19:52:54

I am a lurker too. Hello! I've been reading with great interest and while I've always though I was a liberal feminist, it turns out that trans issues place me right in the radical camp.

My huge concern is that women now have to go underground to discuss these matters without heavy and ridiculous censorship and I don't know how to be a part of it.

Fishywishyhead Thu 28-Jun-18 19:53:37

Delurking to say thank you

DontBuyANewMumAnyLUSHProduce Thu 28-Jun-18 19:55:14

I am Lurkacus too! The only reason I lurk is that by the time I've read the thread, everything I'd say has been said. (But much more eloquently!)

FairfaxAikman Thu 28-Jun-18 19:56:40

I lurk because others are so much more articulate than I am.

Thanks guys!

TodaysUserName Thu 28-Jun-18 19:57:30


Great user name grin

RaininSummer Thu 28-Jun-18 19:58:42

Brilliant. Time to delurk if you can.

wiccamum Thu 28-Jun-18 20:00:14

Lurker here too, also because others are so much more articulate than I am 😔
Also, like pp I have been trying to have these conversations with colleagues and friends, and have been surprised that some of my feelings have gone down like a lead balloon!!

Humphriescushion Thu 28-Jun-18 20:00:35

Me too. Same as fairfax. Wish i was braver and more articulate. But with you all.

beldaran Thu 28-Jun-18 20:00:48

Another lurker delurking to add my thanks.

As a mum of a physically disabled, non verbal DD I am keen to understand what is happening but don't feel articulate enough to join in the discussion at present. I also lurk on twitter, following a few GC members but don't feel comfortable with putting myself out there just yet.

notafeeling Thu 28-Jun-18 20:02:14

I am lurkakus 😀

VoleClock Thu 28-Jun-18 20:04:11

I mostly lurk but i have learned so much in the last few months. Thanks to all those posters named upthread and the many others who have contributed here.

DramaAlpaca Thu 28-Jun-18 20:06:00

I'm a regular poster but only ever lurk in this section.

It's fascinating & I've learned a lot. Thank you.

iismum Thu 28-Jun-18 20:06:13

I occasionally contribute to threads but am much more of a lurker. I feel I need to step up now in solidarity with these amazing women who've been educating us for so long and are now have a really hard time with the new guidelines.

RogerAllamsFangirl Thu 28-Jun-18 20:13:14

Bar the odd contribution, I am Lurkacus (and so's my wife)

Lysistrataknowsherstuff Thu 28-Jun-18 20:15:29

Lurking is very much my comfort zone.

ISaySteadyOn Thu 28-Jun-18 20:17:31

I am trying to step up and unlurk but as pp have said, other posters usually say what I want to say better than I.

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